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Chris Bowen on Tuesday: I'm In. Chris Bowen on Wednesday: I'm Out

Anthony Albanese is currently the only contestant in the race to replace Bill Shorten as opposition leader.

Richard James • 14 hours ago

Here's All The Fallout From Australia's Unexpected Election Result

Scott Morrison had a go, and now he's getting another go.

Richard James • 2 days ago

"I Have Always Believed In Miracles": Morrison Celebrates As Shorten Steps Down

The Coalition defied the opinion polls and will return to government for a third term.

Richard James • 4 days ago

54 WTF Moments From Australia's Election Campaign

Fantastic. Great move. Well done EVERYONE.

Richard James • 5 days ago

Winx Has Been The 2019 Election's Best And Worst Analogy

An election dominated by a single animal.

Richard James • 5 days ago
Richard James • 5 days ago

Australia's Past And Present Leaders Pay Tribute To Bob Hawke

"As a teenager Bob inspired me, as a Prime Minister he guided me. I will miss him."

Richard James • 5 days ago

The Election Is Just About Here And Everybody Is Getting Real Nervous

Prime minister Scott Morrison called the Greens "a very dangerous fringe party".

Richard James • 6 days ago

Hello World, Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Australia’s Election

The country that got a new prime minister only nine months ago is heading back to the polls.

Richard James • 6 days ago

Tony Abbott Declares Labor Has A Better Climate Change Policy Than The Coalition

We've got just three sleeps until the election, but there's still plenty going on.

Richard James • 7 days ago

Paul Keating Calls For Voters To "Drive A Political Stake" Through Peter Dutton's "Dark Political Heart"

The former Labor prime minister delivered the scathing attack on the home affairs minister as the election campaign became more hectic and intense, less than a week from polling day.

Richard James • 8 days ago

Bill Shorten Receives Rockstar Welcome While Twitter Gets Confused Over PM's “Promise Of Australia”

Look, Scott Morrison had a go. Or he got a go. Wait, is he getting a go? Is it a fair go for those who keep their promises?

Richard James • 9 days ago

Just 19 Absurd Things That Happened This Week On The Election Campaign

The election is next week and things are getting serious. Except, they also aren't.

Richard James • 12 days ago

Australian Politicians Are Now Trying To Explain Memes. Please Can We Just Have The Election Already

If the endless slog of an election campaign wasn't hard enough, politicians now have to compete with a new royal baby and impossible sporting comebacks for our attention.

Richard James • 13 days ago

Bill Shorten Gives Emotional Press Conference After Newspaper Story About His Mother

The Labor leader called the Daily Telegraph's story about his mother "a new low".

Richard James • 14 days ago

Here’s Everything We Know So Far About Far-Right Activist Neil Erikson’s Alleged Meetings With The Liberal Party

Far-right activist Neil Erikson refers to himself as “the biggest troll in Australia”. He recently set his sights on the Liberal party.

Richard James • 15 days ago
Richard James • 15 days ago

Kevin Rudd And Julia Gillard Were The Divorced Parents At Labor's Campaign Launch And This Isn't Awkward At All

*rocking back and forth* It's OK, the election is next week, It's OK, the election is next week...

Richard James • 16 days ago

Just 29 Absurd Things That Happened This Week On The Election Campaign

Well done everyone, but especially well done Angus.

Richard James • 19 days ago

Just 11 Pictures Of Scott Morrison Having A Go To Get A Go

The prime minister is a firm believer in having a go. And getting a go.

Richard James • 19 days ago