"New Zealand Is Unbreakable": Christchurch Victims Honoured At Memorial

"Thank you for your tears. Thank you for your haka. Thank you for your flowers. Thank you for your love and compassion," Imam Gamal Fouda told the huge crowd.

Richard James • 4 days ago

Jacinda Ardern Vows Never To Say Alleged Christchurch Gunman’s Name

Ardern urged people to instead “speak the names of those who were lost”.

Richard James • 6 days ago

A Silver Fern Was Projected Onto The Sydney Opera House In Support Of Christchurch

The New Zealand symbol lit up the iconic landmark as Christchurch continues to mourn the 50 people killed in Friday's attacks.

Richard James • 9 days ago

Sky News Australia Was Removed From The Air In New Zealand Due To Christchurch Footage

New Zealand police have asked for the disturbing footage not to be shared.

Richard James • 10 days ago

Christchurch Updates: New Zealand Has Banned Viewing And Sharing Of Mosque Attack Video

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has signalled a reform to the country’s gun laws in the wake of the mass shootings in Christchurch.

Richard James • 11 days ago

A Phone Shielded This Man From An Alleged Bow And Arrow Attack

The arrow pierced the phone, causing it to strike the man on the chin, police say.

Richard James • 11 days ago

A Politician Told His Colleagues To "Shut Up" And It Was Actually The Most Mature Thing Anyone Said Or Did

A guy who is not the deputy prime minister announced he was the elected deputy prime minister and then it all kicked off.

Richard James • 12 days ago

Barnaby Joyce Just Got Dragged By His Boss

Joyce has sparked tensions within his own party with a push for more government support for coal power.

Richard James • 14 days ago

The Man Whose Leadership Is Under Threat From Barnaby Joyce Said He Knows What A "Successful Marriage" Takes

Michael McCormack was responding to Joyce's claim that the party was "not married" to its coalition partners and should be pushing for more coal-fired power.

Richard James • 14 days ago

Preethi Reddy’s Family Have Released A Statement Expressing Their Grief After Her Body Was Found In A Suitcase

"Prior to this unthinkable event, she had been the happiest I’d ever seen her," Preethi Reddy's sister said.

Richard James • 18 days ago

A Boss Complained That Millennials Won't Work For Free In A Muffin Store And Now It's A Whole Thing

A classic tale of muffins, millennials and “misunderstanding”.

Richard James • 29 days ago
Richard James • One month ago

LNP Leader Tim Nicholls Resigns After Conceding Defeat In Queensland Election

“At the party room on Tuesday I will not seek to continue as LNP leader. It is time for a new generation of LNP leaders.”

Richard James • One year ago

The Deadly Melbourne Siege Was A Terrorist Attack, Prime Minister Says

The gunman called a TV station and claimed he was acting on behalf of ISIS.

Richard James • One year ago

Manchester United Pay Tribute To Bombing Victims After Europa League Victory

"It was a very difficult week for a lot of us, and for the city of Manchester, and we tried to win for all the people who have suffered. This trophy is for them.”

Richard James • One year ago
Richard James • 2 years ago

Man, 86, Remanded In Custody Over Care Home Shooting

Ronald King appeared in court on Thursday accused of murdering his wife. He has been remanded in custody until his next court hearing in March.

Richard James • 3 years ago

Elderly Woman Rescued From Rubble After Entire House Collapses In Explosion

The woman was trapped for two hours after the property was flattened.

Richard James • 3 years ago
Richard James • 3 years ago

David Cameron Defends Flood Defence Spending And Denies "North-South Divide"

The prime minister said the government would look into its spending and try to work out where more needed to be done.

Richard James • 3 years ago