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Gordon Ramsay Called Someone An "Idiot Sandwich" And It Turned Into A Giant Meme

We are all idiot sandwiches.

So, you may have seen this rather brutal GIF doing the rounds in recent days.

Before you worry Ramsay has totally over-stepped the mark, the footage is actually from a skit on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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The clip sees Corden and TV host Julie Chen jokingly battle it out in a fake episode of Hell's Cafeteria.

The video was uploaded to The Late Late Show's YouTube account on 27 April, but in recent days the "idiot sandwich" section has found a life of its own and become a rather large meme.

For example, a lot of people are calling themselves an idiot sandwich.

i am actually an idiot sandwich n these exams have helped me realise that

after studying the entire day I've come to realize that I am indeed an idiot sandwich

Giving permission for people to start referring to me as an "idiot sandwich" https://t.co/eb7gIHtuyt

Some REALLY want to call other people an idiot sandwich.

Omfg that's the new life goal oh lord almighty from the heavens about let me do the idiot sandwich to someone please please please

new insult: you're an idiot sandwich

Idiot sandwich is now my go-to insult for 2015 http://t.co/B30BtGUxqj

For some the insult perfectly sums up how they feel.

While, others are just having a great time recreating the clip.

Woke up to this on my snapchat and it made my day @jwxbby @RyanColvin6 #idiotsandwich

I am @GordonRamsay's idiot sandwich.

We are all idiot sandwiches.