The Election Is Just About Here And Everybody Is Getting Real Nervous

    Prime minister Scott Morrison called the Greens "a very dangerous fringe party".

    What you need to know:

    - Australia is heading to the polls on Saturday for the 2019 federal election. Here's everything you need to know about the vote

    - Labor remains narrowly ahead in the latest polling

    - The AEC has revealed 3.5 million people have already cast their votes in pre-polling and said counting the early votes might delay the final result

    - A row within the Coalition is continuing in NSW over the tactics employed by senator Jim Molan to try and get re-elected

    - Scott Morrison has said he doesn't think far-right senator Fraser Anning is more dangerous than the Greens

    - The party leaders have delivered their final major speeches of the campaign and are both appearing on ABC's 7.30 this evening.

    Well here we are. There are less than two days of campaigning left before the 2019 election. It's been both mind-numbingly boring and completely unhinged but the finish line is finally in sight. So, for one last time, let's go take a look at what's been going on:

    Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

    The latest polling still has Labor narrowly ahead but we're now at the stage of the campaign where all sides are panicking about whether they've done enough.

    #Essential Poll Federal 2 Party Preferred: L/NP 48.5 (+0.5) ALP 51.5 (-0.5) #auspol

    Reports suggest there are still a large number of undecided voters out there, ready to be swayed by last-minute pitches and scare campaigns.

    Huge undecided vote fuels Labor jitters over minority government. Labor fears no gains in NSW - amid fears Reid will not fall and loss of Lindsay. “Retirees tax” could also see Longman lost to Labor to Libs in Qld

    Almost 3.5 million people have cast their vote early and the Australian Electoral Commission has said the huge number means it may struggle to get a result out in time on Saturday.

    As of COB Wednesday approximately 3.48m people had cast their vote at an early voting centre for the 2019 federal election. Around 460k voted yesterday. #ausvotes #auspol

    And then there's the postal votes.

    @osbornep Approximately 1.47m postal vote applications received with applications closed. 3.48m cast at early voting centres as of COB yesterday (two days of pre-polling remaining at that point).

    On radio this morning, Scott Morrison declared that far-right senator Fraser Anning was not a bigger risk than the Greens.

    Scott Morrison, pressed on preferences, on WSFM: “Fraser Anning, I put last. We put him last. (But) I don’t think he represents a bigger risk than the Greens.” #AusVote19

    The prime minister told Jonesy & Amanda: "Fraser Anning, I put last, we put him last, but I don't think he represents a bigger risk than the Greens.

    "The Greens want to introduce death taxes, the Greens want us to walk away from our security relationship with the United States. I think they are a very dangerous fringe party.

    "They are in the same camp as a lot of those other extreme views but just a different kind of extreme; I think it's very dangerous for Australia's economic interests and our security interests."

    Politico has reported that two Rwandan men accused of murdering tourists in 1999 were resettled in Australia as part of the refugee swap deal with the US. The ABC has reported the men arrived last year.

    ‘That’s Just Insane’: Australia’s Secret Deal to Take In Rwandan Guerrillas

    Morrison was asked about it during his appearance at the National Press Club and said he would not be giving a commentary on allegations that have been made "in open source information".

    Two Rwandans, suspected murderers, have reportedly been brought to Australia @ScottMorrisonMP: I can assure Australians that our govt will always ensure national security considerations are undertaken for anyone who seeks to enter this country. MORE #npc

    He was also asked about the same-sex marriage vote and why he left the chamber.

    Asked why he left the chamber for the #ssm vote after Australians voted in favour of it, Morrison said he didn’t want to “stand in the way of the will of the Australian people” #npc #auspol

    Scott Morrison on same-sex marriage: "I'm pleased it's no longer an issue that divides Australians."

    Malcolm Turnbull's son Alex is in the news once again, this time for robocalls.

    There's been a dramatic late intervention in the federal election campaign from a Turnbull - not the former Prime Minister, who is out of the country, but his son Alex. @jekearsley #AusVotes19 #9News

    The row within the Coalition in NSW over senator Jim Molan's attempt to get re-elected shows no signs of dying down, with former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce declaring the Liberals had "fired the first shot" and the Coalition agreement was a business arrangement, not a marriage.

    Federal election: Former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has warned the coalition between the Liberals and Nationals is at stake as a civil war erupts over Senate voting just days before the election

    Molan is currently in an unwinnable fourth position on the Liberal Senate ticket and so is urging people to vote below the line for him, in an attempt to be re-elected.

    This has upset some in the Liberal camp who think he is taking support away from others on the campaign, and upset the Nationals because they have third spot on the ticket.

    The Clive Palmer adverts continue to dominate the country's newspapers.

    Another day, another complete takeover

    And the memes keep coming.

    #australiavotes2019 #auspol #ausvotes19

    One Nation leader Pauline Hanson went after Palmer during an appearance on Today this morning.

    “He’s not interested in the county. Clive Palmer is only interested in himself.” One Nation senator @PaulineHansonOz on Clive Palmer travelling to Fiji in the final week of the election campaign. #9Today

    She also went after the Today show.

    Pauline Hanson on Today when asked about One Nation's polling: "I've actually come up since the last election, unlike YOUR show Debs, since you've taken over you've actually gone down in your viewership- so should you handover your job? Shall we bring Karl back? #ausvotes #auspol

    One Nation candidate Malcolm Roberts delivered this rather full-on endorsement of his boss.

    The Liberal candidate in Chisholm, Gladys Liu, continued to make headlines, this time over alleged comments from her sister about Labor's candidate.

    Gladys Liu, the Liberal candidate for the marginal Victorian seat of Chisholm, has refused to condemn her sister after she labelled Labor’s candidate a “mental retard and idiot” on the Chinese social media forum WeChat. #ausvotes

    Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has declared Labor is going to tax inspiration and perspiration. Which is quite impressive.

    Josh Frydenberg says Labor will tax your aspiration, tax your inspiration, tax your perspiration. Did he forgot EXPIRATION because - DEATH TAXES?!? (NB: not actual Labor policy) #auspol #ausvotes

    And Labor leader Bill Shorten gave a long interview to The Australian where he spoke of his career, leadership ambitions, his family and how his children had told him not to dab.


    This afternoon he delivered his final major campaign speech in Blacktown and said the election was a chance to be the moment in which Australians took action on climate change.

    .@billshortenmp: Vote Labor because we are the only party with the courage and the principles and the plan to take real action on climate change. MORE: #ausvotes

    Some bookies seem pretty confident the election result is already a forgone conclusion. (Haven't we all learnt how foolish it is to predict election outcomes yet??)

    EARLY PAYOUT! LABOR WIN... We’ve paid out early on Labor to win the Federal Election. #ausvotes19

    The Weekly's look at Morrison's campaign attracted laughter online.

    Meet the PR firm that gave us ScoMo #TheWeekly #auspol

    Labor's Anthony Albanese has released "Hot Albo posters"...

    And Russell Crowe has delivered this sage advice.

    Put a face on your politics. Know who you are voting for and why . Understand the power of your preferences . Be safe out there. Have a grand week.

    Check back tomorrow for the conclusion of this glorious election campaign. If I have to follow it all, you do too!

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