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    Airlines Reveal What Will Happen If You Try To Bring A Selfie Stick On To Their Planes

    [Insert joke about "motherf***ing selfie sticks on motherf***ing planes" here.]

    Selfie sticks refuse to die. They cannot be stopped.

    John Stillwell / PA

    Even the US president enjoys using one.

    BuzzFeed Video / Via Facebook: video.php

    Anyway, BuzzFeed News recently contacted major UK venues to find out if they allowed the photography aids to be used.

    Rick Findler / PA

    A large number said they had banned them.

    So we decided to take the next logical step and try to find out if we could take our selfie stick on to a plane and use it while in the air.

    Below is what the airlines we contacted had to say about our plans.


    Barry Batchelor / PA

    The British airline said it was fully aware of the public's love of a good selfie.

    “At easyJet we know some passengers do like to take selfies on board and therefore we do allow selfie sticks to be brought into the cabin as part of passengers’ hand luggage as long as their item can pass through airport security checks," a spokesperson said.

    They added that passengers were not permitted to take pictures of any security procedures or members of the crew without their permission.

    "We’d also ask passengers using them to remain courteous to other passengers," they said.

    Verdict: Go for it, you crazy kids.

    British Airways

    Brian Lawless / PA

    BA admitted it did not have a specific policy for selfie sticks but said as long as they complied with other policies they could be brought on board its planes.

    A spokesperson added: "We already have policies in place regarding maximum dimensions for hand baggage, and for the use of electronic devices on board our aircraft.

    "Provided selfie sticks comply with these policies, there is no reason they cannot be brought on board."

    Verdict: Yeah, go for it.

    Virgin Atlantic

    Steve Parsons / PA

    Like BA, Virgin said it did not have a specific policy for selfie sticks (come on guys, hurry up and join us in 2015).

    A spokesperson did say though that cabin crew members could confiscate your stick "if they determine that their use is affecting or could affect safety or security, or impact negatively on the experience of other customers".

    Verdict: Sure, but don't be a dick about it.

    Air France

    Stephane De Sakutin / Getty Images

    So it appears Air France is not a fan of selfie sticks.

    A spokesperson said the sticks had to be placed in a passenger's luggage.

    "Its use is not permitted on board, on the ground, or during the flight," the airline said.

    Verdict: Don't even think about it.

    Singapore Airlines

    Roslan Rahman / Getty Images

    The airline said it did not have any restrictions in place for selfie sticks on its planes.

    Verdict: No current policy, no restrictions – go for it.

    American Airlines

    Scott Olson / Getty Images

    The airline said small camera equipment could be brought on flights as part of the carry-on allowance.

    However, it added that the use of such equipment must not be disruptive to other passengers, the flight crew, or the operation of the flight.

    Verdict: Yes, you can bring it on board, just don't annoy anyone else with it.


    Philippe Huguen / Getty Images

    Ryanair said selfie sticks could be brought on its planes in hand luggage.

    A spokesperson added though: "We do not recommend the use of selfie sticks on board in the interest of customer comfort and safety."

    Verdict: Probably best not.