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Jussie Smollett Is Officially Not Coming Back To "Empire" After Chicago Scandal

Empire's cocreator has seemingly closed the door on Smollett forever.

Kate Aurthur • 15 days ago

A New “Star Wars” Movie Based On “Knights Of The Old Republic” Is In The Works

BuzzFeed News has exclusively learned that Laeta Kalogridis is writing the KOTOR screenplay.

Kate Aurthur • 27 days ago
Kate Aurthur • One month ago

The Set Photographer For "Game Of Thrones" Talks About Which Photos Are Her Favorites And Why

"I think if you transported me from those days of the pilot to a day in the middle of Season 8 — I mean, they're just two completely different jobs."

Kate Aurthur • One month ago

Here Are The New Network Shows For Next Season

The broadcast networks presented their new shows for the 2019–20 season. Maybe a few of these will be good!

Kate Aurthur • One month ago

There Are "No Plans" For Jussie Smollett To Return To Fox's "Empire"

After Smollett's legal problems, his character will be written out of the show.

Kate Aurthur • One month ago

The Ratings For Sunday's "Game Of Thrones" Were Huge

The audience of 17.8 million for "The Long Night" marked a series high.

Kate Aurthur • One month ago

John Singleton, Director Of "Boyz N The Hood," Has Died

The filmmaker was first black person ever to be nominated for the Best Director Oscar.

Kate Aurthur • One month ago
Kate Aurthur • 2 months ago

Here Are The Network TV Shows That Have Been Renewed, Canceled, Or Are Still Awaiting Their Fate

Nearly all the renewals and cancellations for broadcast networks have been decided. Check out the final-ish landscape!

Kate Aurthur • 2 months ago

How “Killing Eve” Became The Perfect Show For These Wild Times

Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, and the team behind BBC America’s stylish spy comedy talk about “the most fucked-up relationship on television” and what’s in store for Season 2.

Kate Aurthur • 2 months ago
Kate Aurthur • 3 months ago

The Hallmark Channel Has Dropped Mainstay Actor Lori Loughlin After She Was Charged In The College Admissions Scandal

The decision comes after the actor was charged in connection with the massive college admissions fraud case.

Kate Aurthur • 3 months ago

Dylan McKay Was The Perfect Teen Idol For The ’90s

Beverly Hills, 90210 became a cultural phenomenon because an entire generation of young audiences watched it together.

Kate Aurthur • 3 months ago

"Beverly Hills, 90210" Heartthrob Luke Perry Has Died At 52

"I'm going to be linked with him until I die, but that's actually just fine. I created Dylan McKay. He's mine."

Jason Wells • 3 months ago

A New Version Of "Beverly Hills, 90210" Is Coming To Fox With Most Of The Original Cast

Original cast members will play themselves getting together to revive the ’90s hit.

Kate Aurthur • 3 months ago

Jussie Smollett Has Been Suspended From "Empire"

The producers issued a statement on Friday, one day after Smollett was arrested for filing a false police report.

Kate Aurthur • 3 months ago

Fox Is Standing By Jussie Smollett Amid Reports That He Staged Chicago Attack

A source close to Fox also confirmed that the network believes the attack on Smollett "really happened," and he remains a "key player" on Empire.

Kate Aurthur • 4 months ago

A "Breaking Bad" Movie Starring Aaron Paul Is On Its Way

When we last saw Jesse Pinkman in the 2013 series finale, he was sobbing with joy after escaping a group of white supremacists.

David Mack • 4 months ago

“The L Word” Is Officially Coming Back

Showtime has ordered an eight-episode revival of the groundbreaking LGBT series to premiere later this year.

Kate Aurthur • 4 months ago