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31 Insanely Clever Products Dads Didn’t Know They Needed

So brilliant, you'll get 'em for mom, too.

1. The pizza-slicing Pizza Boss 3000 ($15)

It looks and feels like a miniature circular saw but, really, it's mean, lean slicer.

2. This speaker showerhead ($100)

Take shower karaoke to a whole 'nother level.

3. The able-to-fix-everything Sugru ($22 for an 8-pack)

It's a moldable glue that turns into a flexible, silicone-esque rubber and comes in a variety of colors. Perfect for making handles grippier and cables stronger!

4. This in-bottle beer chiller ($30)

Takes 45 minutes to freeze and keeps beer cold with every sip.

5. This fire fishing pole ($23)

Make the ~perfect~ s'more.

6. The magically slim Bellroy wallet ($80)

It employs a special pull-tab system that lays cards and cash flat.

This is how slim it is vs. a traditional wallet. Very intriguing.

7. This cocktail multitool ($40)

This little thang is packed with ten essential bar tools: a muddler, knife, stirrer, corkscrew, strainer, zester, bottle opener, reamer, channel knife, and jigger.

8. This germ-killing robot vacuum ($150)

Named by Tom's Guide as the best robot vacuum under $200.

9. The cable monster destroying CableBin ($89)

Anything is game for this organizer: routers, excess power cords, and chargers. Plus your devices can sit right on top so they're never on the floor.

10. The completely waterproof Seaproof bag ($32)

This bag will keep your goods dry — even when submerged underwater.

11. This keyless smart lock that can be unlocked with a phone ($250)

With the August smart lock, you can unlock your door with any iOS and Android smartphone. Temporary access can even be given to other devices (for friends, family, or renters). If your phone battery dies, you can always use a physical key.

12. The camping-friendly Platypreserve wine pack ($30 for 4)

These packs not only prolong the taste of an open bottle of wine — they're also perfect for a backpacking trip because it's collapsible and you can take only as much as you need.

13. This smartphone handset ($30)

Talk hands-free or with a headset designed for audio clarity. The dock charges your phone and props it up for video calls.

14. This potentially life-saving paracord bracelet ($30)

Worn around the wrist, this bracelet contains 15 feet of very strong paracord, that can be used for essentially any purpose, like tying a boat to a dock or creating a makeshift cargo tie for the top of your car. It's designed to unravel in 15 seconds in case of emergency. Not convinced of its strength? Paracord the same type of cable that is used in military parachutes.

15. This pen that's also a phone charger ($40)

Cables and pens are two things that are always borrowed and never returned. You won't ever have to ask for either with this two-in-one.

16. This outlet plate with a USB charger built-in ($38 to preorder)

Charge devices anywhere in your home!

17. This cutting board with a tablet stand ($75)

This cutting station can prop up your iPad, so you can browse Pinterest recipes while you prep.

18. This gardener's tool seat ($30)

This nifty stool keeps gardening tools at hand and takes some pressure off of your knees!

19. This phone case that's also a multitool ($90)

It includes a ruler, wire stripper, screwdrivers, flint fire starter, bottle opener, and more.

20. This waterproof shower notepad ($7 each)

Never let a great idea go to waste.

21. This quick sushi making kit ($35)

All you need is some counter space to start rolling.

22. The sear-perfecting Searzall ($75)

This is an attachment for a blowtorch that can sear a salmon, make grilled cheese, or make smores to perfection without a gas odor.

23. This monitor stand that adds four USB ports ($45)

It creates additional workspace, plus offers easy access to extra USB and audio ports.

24. This non-stick bacon griller ($30)

Bacon + BBQ = only good things! A little trap catches all the grease for even crispier strips.

25. This hat with a built-in light ($15-$30, depending on style)

This hands-free LED light is ideal for night running, camping, home improvement, or just looking for stuff in the basement.

26. This dock for personal items ($59)

The phone slot, pen holder, and watch display will sit nicely on your bedside table.

27. This portable Siracha ($6)

You never know when hunger will strike!

28. These futuristic wireless headphones ($100)

It uses bone-conduction technology to send music through mini vibrations in your cheekbones to your inner ears. They're extremely lightweight.

29. This five minute shower timer ($6)

There's a suction cup on the back, too.

30. These slippers that double as a duster ($20)

The microfiber fingers catch hair, dust, and dirt. Peel the bottom off when you're done cleaning and throw them in the washing machine!

31. And, if you want to make him LOL, get this horse head squirrel feeder ($16)

I mean, honestly.

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