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The Moment This Baby Koala Sees Her Mum For The First Time Is Too Goddamn Cute

Can't. Even. Deal.

Staff at the Symbio Wildlife Park, south of Sydney, have posted what could be the most adorable video of all time on the park's Facebook page: the moment a baby koala meets her mum for the first time.

Facebook: video.php

The Wildlife Park told BuzzFeed that this yet-to-be-named joey was born approximately 6½ months ago, but is just now getting her first glimpse of the outside world.

Let's be real, though, the cuteness factor is out of control. Look at her looking!

She's even cuter when she tries to kiss mum.

OMFG, she just yawned and we *died*.

And then she goes ahead and winks and it's everything.

Naaaawwwwww, please stay small forever.

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