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You'll Need To Lie Down After Seeing Tom Hardy Pose With His Stunt Double

Someone quickly pass me the water.

By now you should have seen Mad Max: Fury Road.

Kennedy Miller Productions

It stars Tom Hardy so if you've not then what is wrong with you?

Kennedy Miller Productions

We've now discovered the man who worked as his stunt double during the film. And he is TOO damn perfect.

Meet Jacob Tomuri.

Mr. #TomHardy & Mr. @jacob_tomuri #MadMaxFuryRoad @MadMaxMovie

Who is his stunt double. Which means double the perfection.

.@jacob_tomuri, NZ stuntman, doubles Tom Hardy in blockbuster #MadMaxFuryRoad @RoadshowFilms

And double the beard.

Here he is on set with Charlize Theron's double Dayna Hard, in character as Imperator Furiosa.

There is 'Hard' and then there is 'Dayna Hard' @Daynastunts is one of the toughest stunt performers on the planet! 🌏

And here he is alongside Nicholas Hoult (Nux).

This is him in action.

And life will never be the same again.

Tom Hardy times two = perfection.

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