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This Is The Most Fool-Proof Trick For People Who Suck At DIY Manicures

Can't paint without getting polish all over your cuticles? No problem.

People of the world who suck at DIY manicures, here is your solution: pre-glued nails.

You'll use the same tools you've always used for a manicure.

Here's what to do: On a sheet of paper, lay out about 10 inches of double-sided tape. Then go through the box and find pre-glued nails that match the size of each of your natural nails.

And here's why fake nails are incredible: You paint them before they go on your real nails, so you don't have to worry about polish on your cuticles or painting with your non-dominant hand.

Once you're done painting, let the nails dry for about 20 minutes.

Using a cotton ball and some nail polish remover, clean any polish or debris off of your natural nails.

Take the nails off of the tape one at a time and press them onto your natural nail with the glue-side down, line-side facing out.

If the polish wasn't totally dry when you pressed the nail to your finger, don't panic! You can fix any smudges with extra polish now.

On the right is a photo of what will be happening underneath your nail. The glue on the nail will adhere to your nail and expand over the nail bed once you press it to your finger.

If you added extra polish, give it about 15–20 minutes to dry. Then use nail clippers to trim the nails to the length you want.

Use a nail file to clean up any uneven edges.


These will adhere to your real nails for about one full day, which is clutch for special occasions like weddings.

Nail Artist: Miss Pop Nails

Patricia Inspire Nails were provided to BuzzFeed Life free of charge.