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A Low-Level Influencer Allegedly Killed An "E-Girl" And Posted Photos Of Her Body To Instagram

As the suspect was being held at gunpoint by police, he was allegedly updating his Instagram Story with photos of the victim.

Ryan Broderick • 9 hours ago
Ryan Broderick • 3 days ago

Facebook And Instagram Are Showing People Strange AI-Generated Descriptions Of Their Photos

"Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup and indoor."

Ryan Broderick • 12 days ago

TikTok Has A Predator Problem. A Network Of Young Women Is Fighting Back.

Young users on the wildly popular video app have created an ad hoc system of screenshot leaks and callout videos meant to out abusers and predators.

Ryan Broderick • 21 days ago

This History Teacher Had His Educational YouTube Channel Banned For Hosting "Hate Speech"

“I’m a history teacher, not someone who promotes hatred.”

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

YouTube Has Begun Blocking Discriminatory Content Just A Day After Saying It Doesn’t Violate Its Policies

YouTube’s announcement Wednesday follows a viral Twitter thread by Vox journalist Carlos Maza documenting the anti-gay abuse he’s experienced on YouTube for years.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

Forget The Trade War. TikTok Is China’s Most Important Export Right Now.

Silicon Valley may have begun the era of social media, but its future could be in China.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

A Startup Called Liquid Death Just Raised $1.6 Million To Sell Canned “Punk Rock” Water

It’s called Liquid Death, it costs $1.83 a can, and it’s literally just water.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

Pornhub Is "Extremely Interested" In Acquiring Tumblr

Pornhub confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it is interested in acquiring Tumblr after news broke that Verizon is looking to sell the blogging platform.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

Facebook And Instagram Are Banning Far-Right Influencers Like Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopoulos, And Laura Loomer

A Facebook spokesperson said they have "always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless of ideology."

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

What If All Of "Avengers: Infinity War" Was A Time Loop Started By Doctor Strange?

Basically, I think it's possible Doctor Strange was Groundhog Day–ing the whole movie and didn't tell anyone.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

Here’s Everything The Mueller Report Says About How Russian Trolls Used Social Media

The Mueller report clearly describes how Russian trolls reached millions of people on Facebook, were quoted in major newspapers as real Americans, and even organized rallies.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

YouTube's New Fact-Check Tool Flagged Notre Dame Fire Coverage And Attached An Article About 9/11

The widget showing information about the Sept. 11 terror attacks appears to have been triggered by a new feature YouTube is testing to provide "topical context" around videos that might contain misinformation.

Ryan Broderick • 3 months ago

YouTube Disabled Comments On Livestreams Of A Congressional Hearing On White Nationalism Because They Were Too Hateful

Tuesday's hearing was meant to examine the rise of white nationalism and white supremacy and the role social media plays in its spread. Then the comments got hijacked.

Ryan Broderick • 3 months ago

I Just Found Out That People Put Their Socks On Before They Put Their Pants On?

Please, help me settle this argument once and for all. In the morning, when you’re getting dressed, which comes first...pants or socks?

Ryan Broderick • 3 months ago

Facebook Didn’t Notice A Page That Ran Almost 5,000 Ads For A Fake Rebate Scam

Before Facebook took action, the page Solar Energy Today spent $2.4 million on thousands of ads promoting solar energy tax credits that didn’t exist.

Ryan Broderick • 3 months ago

Facebook Will Ban White Nationalist And White Supremacist Content

A Facebook spokesperson said that Wednesday's new policies do not cover Holocaust denial, which will still be allowed on the platform to some extent.

Ryan Broderick • 3 months ago

Apple Has A New Credit Card. Here’s What You Need To Know.

The Apple Card will be built into the Apple Pay wallet app and also come as a physical titanium card. Customers will earn 2% cash back on card purchases made via Apple Pay and 1% on those made on the physical card.

Ryan Broderick • 3 months ago

Apple Debuted New TV, Gaming, Credit Card, And News Services At Today’s Big Event

Hollywood stars Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steven Spielberg, and JJ Abrams showed up at Apple’s event to help announce the tech giant’s new video streaming service.

Nicole Nguyen • 3 months ago

Tech Platforms Obliterated ISIS Online. They Could Use The Same Tools On White Nationalism.

Christchurch could be the moment Silicon Valley decides to finally treat white nationalism the way it's been treating ISIS for years.

Ryan Broderick • 3 months ago