Massively viral Facebook groups that were already extremely polarized and paranoid went into full-on meltdown on Tuesday night.

Ryan Broderick • 16 hours ago

Letting Facebook shares lead your political movement makes for a weird experience on the ground. Imagine Occupy Wall Street combined with SantaCon, with every genre of internet conspiracy theorist out in full force.

Ryan Broderick • 2 days ago

Protesters set off fireworks, chased away reporters, and smashed storefronts while others hurled objects at police, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.

Ryan Broderick • 4 days ago

The Yellow Vests movement is what happens when you point Facebook's traffic hose at France's small towns. The question now is: How do you turn it off?

Ryan Broderick • 7 days ago

"It's a changing world. Anything goes. This absurd future may not be the one you want, but nothing is out of the question anymore," said Zoe Nawar.

Ryan Broderick • 13 days ago


Katie Notopoulos • 12 hours ago

Steve Bannon keeps getting invitations to journalism conferences, but interviewing him before an audience doesn't seem like the best way to thoughtfully break down his spin.

Ryan Broderick • 28 days ago

The release of Lauren Southern’s video has huge implications for the safety and security of both the refugees at Moria camp and the volunteers working there.

Rose Troup Buchanan • 29 days ago

Bolsonaro defeated leftist candidate Fernando Haddad with 56% of the vote Sunday night.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

On Sunday, far-right evangelical Jair Bolsonaro was elected president of Brazil. The era of being surprised at this kind of politics is over. Now we have to live with what we've done.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

A group of twentysomethings leveraged their huge YouTube audiences and actually won seats in Brazil's federal and state elections. What happens next is anyone's guess.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

The timing of Facebook's announcement throws into question how serious the company is about actually fighting misinformation in Brazil's election.

Ryan Broderick • One month ago

"What we do know is that people trust the information they see in a WhatsApp group and are more likely to read every message that comes into the platform."

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

Bolsonaro has been called one of the most dangerous politicians in the world — and at the end of the month, he may become the next president of Brazil.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

Supporters are also posting photos of their guns next to voting machines, which is...also not great.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

The security expert told the woman in an email that he'd been trying to use a PayPal receipt to get her personal information, to help protect “her digital footprint”.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

A handful of articles from websites with connections to Russia's infamous troll factory have been shared thousands of times on /r/The_Donald.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

Look, you clicked on this article, OK? You knew what you were getting into.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

Not all heroes wear capes.

Ryan Broderick • 2 months ago

The extremely controversial copyright could have profound ramifications for how the internet works — and, yes, maybe make memes illegal.

Ryan Broderick • 3 months ago