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The Witnesses At Today’s Impeachment Hearing Weren’t Trying To Evade Republicans’ Questions. They Couldn’t Understand Them.

The hearings might lead to President Donald Trump’s impeachment. But they won’t make us agree with — or understand — each other.

Ryan Broderick 9 hours ago

A Top Diplomat Revealed His Staff Overheard Trump Asking About The Very Thing He Might Be Impeached For

Two key figures in the impeachment inquiry gave live, on-camera testimony about Trump’s alleged quid pro quo request to Ukraine.

Tasneem Nashrulla 23 hours ago

Trump's Allies Have Been Attacking The Person They Say Is The Whistleblower Since 2017

He's been accused of being “pro-Ukraine and anti-Russia.”

Ryan Broderick 7 days ago

How A Viral Article On Facebook Convinced Trump's Inner Circle They Had Found Their Very Own Ukrainian "Whistleblower"

Andriy Telizhenko has propelled himself from a minor functionary at the Ukrainian Embassy to a bespoke purveyor of conspiracy theories to Republican senators, Russian media, and Rudy Giuliani.

Ryan Broderick 9 days ago

TikTok Users Are Finally Posting About Hong Kong, But Only To See If They'll Get Censored

BuzzFeed News found no evidence that TikTok blocks pro–Hong Kong democracy videos — or that many American teens were interested in the protests.

Ryan Broderick 20 days ago

Trolls Built A Trap Out Of Tulsi Gabbard’s Campaign — And Hillary Clinton Fell For It

When the former secretary of state accused a candidate barely polling at 2% of being a Russian asset, she showed she had learned nothing from the last election.

Ryan Broderick 21 days ago

Rudy Giuliani: “I Don't Worry About Propaganda"

In an interview, the former New York mayor said he doubted online propaganda influenced his actions on Turkey — or anything else.

Ryan Broderick 26 days ago

Turkish Trolls Working For Erdogan Hijacked American Right-Wing Media — And Rudy Giuliani’s Brain

Here's how Turkish trolls infiltrated American conservative media, spread propaganda, and got Giuliani to fall for it.

Ryan Broderick 26 days ago
Ryan Broderick One month ago

Far-Right Halle Shooter Allegedly Posted A Manifesto With Xbox-Like “Achievements” To Anime Message Board Before Livestreaming Attack

As a video of the attack went viral, users began complaining about spoilers as they sought out download mirrors of the rampage.

Ryan Broderick One month ago

Rudy Giuliani Sent Trump On A Wild Goose Chase With A Bunch Of Fake Internet Nonsense

To understand why Trump is so obsessed with Ukraine, you have to understand the nonsense Rudy Giuliani reads on the internet.

Ryan Broderick One month ago

A Gunman Apparently Motivated By Anti-Semitism Livestreamed Himself On Twitch Attacking A Synagogue

Two people were killed in Halle, Germany, by a gunman in an attack prosecutors are now calling an act of far-right violence.

Ryan Broderick One month ago

Donald Trump Is Stuck In A Human Centipede Of Boomer Memes

The president is gorging himself on the conspiracy theories he perpetuated.

Ryan Broderick One month ago

Microsoft Just Announced New Earbuds And Foldable Dual-Screen Tablet

As well as the Surface Laptop 3 and the Surface Pro 7.

Ryan Broderick One month ago

Twitter Is OK With A Pro-Trump Militia's Tweets About A "Full-Blown 'Hot' Civil War"

When is promoting violent extremism not promoting violent extremism? When Twitter says so.

Ryan Broderick One month ago

Here's How Donald Trump Ended Up Referencing A Russian-Promoted 4chan Conspiracy Theory In His Call To The Ukrainian President

From the depths of 4chan, to the president’s mouth, and then back to the depths of 4chan.

Ryan Broderick One month ago

Facebook Confirmed That, Unlike The Rest Of Us, Politicians Don't Get Fact-Checked

“It's just clear to me that they're lurching from crisis to crisis,” said one digital strategist.

Ryan Broderick One month ago

This Website Will Turn Wikipedia Articles Into "Real" Academic Papers

It's called M-Journal, and it will help you convince your professor that you're citing a real academic source.

Ryan Broderick One month ago

YouTube Announced That It Will Be Unverifying Some Creators

It was chaos on Thursday as YouTube tried to announce an update that would remove the verified checkmark from some users.

Ryan Broderick One month ago

Instagram Users Under 18 Will Soon Be Blocked From Seeing Posts Promoting Certain Cosmetic Surgery And Diet Products

A spokesperson for Instagram said that it's about reducing the pressure that people can sometimes feel using social media.

Ryan Broderick One month ago