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This Intelligent Oven Is The Future Of Baking

It cooks for you and makes you GIFs too!

Thought smart kitchens only existed on TV? Nope.

Nickelodeon / Via

Meet June, a smart oven that knows what you’re cooking and tells you how to cook it.


I met with CEO Matt Van Horn, cofounder of Zimride (now Lyft), and CTO Nikhil Bhogal (Apple, Motorola) in their San Francisco headquarters, to experience June for myself.

“We found ourselves cooking late at night and [came] up with the idea for June," said Van Horn said. "We know cooking’s hard, and we wanted to make it easier.”

The June oven uses a built-in camera to detect what’s inside and offers cooking suggestions based on its contents.

Tiffany Kim / BuzzFeed / June

June recognizes different foods and offers suggestions on its built-in display. It can tell you exactly what temperature you should bake your food at and for how long. And at 1.0 cubic feet, it can fit a 12-inch pizza or a medium turkey.

How, you ask? Through image recognition. Inside of June is a heat-resistant camera that analyzes what you're cooking.

But it isn’t perfect. June can't detect sloppy homemade recipes just yet — just the basics: some meats (like tilapia), breads (like frozen pizza), vegetables (like brussel sprouts), and, of course, chocolate chip cookies.

For more complex cooking tasks like turkey, June contains a steel probe that knows when your food reaches a specific core temperature, so it's never overcooked.

Tiffany Kim / BuzzFeed / June

Yay, poultry!

You can also watch your food remotely as it cooks.

Tiffany Kim / BuzzFeed / June

June’s built-in camera is connected to your smartphone (via WiFi), meaning you can drool over your food from the living room, as its taking shape.

You can even time-lapse the entire process through the June app, taking #foodporn to a whole new level.

It also tells you when your food’s done, so you can Netflix without interruption.


Because it connects to WiFi, June tracks your food’s progress and can send you a notification when your food has finished cooking, so you don't have to keep checking the oven.

The June app also gives you suggested recipes based on what ingredients you already have.

Tiffany Kim / BuzzFeed / June

It was made in collaboration with award-winning chef Michael Mina.

Using carbon fiber heating elements, the oven heats up to temperature within seconds, eliminating the need for pre-heating.


Impatient people, unite!

June’s also portable, compact, and pet/baby-friendly.

Courtesy of Matt Van Horn

No matter how hot the oven gets on the inside, the steel exterior is cool to the touch, making it safe for households with pets and babies. Thanks to LED lighting and constant, steam-deflecting ventilation, your food is always visible from June’s all-glass window.

TBH, I had a really hard time trying not to stare at our cookies for the entire 12 minutes and 6 seconds they were baking. And neither did the June house dog, Lexi.

The June smart oven can be pre-ordered online starting today for $1,495, and will be shipped this Fall to a select few and Spring 2016 for everyone else.

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