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26 Poses Every Single Person Will Immediately Recognize

And pose.

1. The "Shower's Too Hot" Pose:

2. The "Comin' Through" Pose:

3. The "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" Pose:

4. The "Spoon Waterfall" Pose:

5. The "We're Almost There" Pose:

6. The "Oops, Same Light" Pose:

7. The "I'M RICH" Pose:

8. The "Wet Floor" Pose:

9. The "Greasy Cooking" Pose:

10. The "I Did That?" Pose:

11. The "Not My Fault" Pose:

12. The "All the Time in the World" Pose:

13. The "Water's Still Cold" Pose:

14. The "I'm Free" Pose:

15. The "Insta-Scare" Pose:

16. The "I Just Dropped Something" Pose:

17. The "SHUT THE DOOR" Pose:

18. The "Not Just Pee" Pose:

19. The "ooOOooOOo a Neck Kiss" Pose:

20. The "Food's Still Cold" Pose:

21. The "WAIT THIS EXIT" Pose:

22. The "What Has My Life Come To" Pose:

23. The "Cold Side" Pose:

24. The "I Smell Food" Pose:

25. The "IT FLIES" Pose:

26. And the "BE YOURSELF" Pose: