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21 Things That Happened When I Went To A Cat Convention

I attended the inaugural CatCon LA this weekend, and this is what REALLY went down.

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1. I hadn't even stepped foot in the convention center, but I was already picking up some serious feline vibes.

Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

CatCon LA was advertised as "Like Comic-Con...but for cat people." After attending this event, I think Comic-Con needs to be touted as "Like CatCon...but for nerds."

3. As were the bathrooms.

Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

I forgot to take a picture, but I think there was kitty litter in the men's room to freshen it up. I might have been mistaken...but if I wasn't, *maybe* that's a step too far. Hey, at least they didn't make us go in a litter box.

4. Of course, I saw some furbulous outfits.

Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

There were more cat shirts than you could shake a whisker at, cat leggings, cat dresses, and cat sweaters. If I had to venture a guess, there must have been some cat underwear too...BUT I CAN'T SAY FOR SURE.


8. I realized this was THE place to be in L.A. for the weekend.

Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

A crew from Ellen was on site (the anchor guy had a fabulous pink cat sweater on) and Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, was also there taping. Luckily, he was the only canine in attendance.



Jack McBrayer (Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock) was there with Triumph, who was "disguised" as a cat. LOL. Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) was also there on Saturday. Stars! They're just like us, in that they love cats too.

10. Of course, I browsed through the INSANE cat-themed items for sale.

Like all this fancy cat porcelain? Including a statue of the Mother Mary and Baby Jesus, both in feline form. It was a little weird, TBH! But at least I learned I like my Baby Jesus in human form.

11. And I examined lots of cat art.

Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

Some of it was reallllllllllly creepy. Like, nightmare inducing. I guess taste really is subjective, especially when it comes to feline-themed art.

12. I hung out with your favorite Facebook Messenger cat, Pusheen!

Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

Or at least a Pusheen store. I am really regretting not buying anything, especially that Pusheen doll that was nearly as big as me.


13. You could get your nails done at a Caticure Bar, or have your Caticature drawn up by an artist (I didn't do either).

There were crazy lines for these, but great portmanteaus, guys.

16. And I saw gourmet/organic cat treats, because this event was in L.A., after all.

Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

I think you were able to taste-test the cat food pictured, but I didn't because I didn't trust my stomach to handle that.


18. Probably the funniest thing I noticed in all of CatCon was "cat marijuana."

Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

Actually, I think it was just really nice catnip? But hey, this is California, so smoke 'em if you got 'em, even if you are a cat.

19. I realized there were actually VERY few real cats at CatCon.

It probably would have been a nightmare if there were — the place was loud and crowded, the exact opposite of the type of place you'd want to take a cat. The entire event was more a celebration of cat culture than actual cats...but there WAS a cordoned-off area for rescue cats, and a really long line to get in.

20. But when there WERE real cats, I had to fight my way through the crowd to see them.

Sam Stryker / BuzzFeed

There was a MASSIVE crowd to see internet-famous cat Lil Bub (Bub is like Kardashian-famous in the feline world), who lit'rally was just chillin' like a villain on a table in a huge booth TOTALLY devoted to her. I'm not sure how Bub wasn't freaking out, but I guess she's just used to the fame by now.

21. And if you're lucky like me, you might...MIGHT...just snag a selfie with a celebricat.