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This Advert About Two Women Getting Ready For Dinner Actually Has A Powerful Message About Equality

A part of Indian culture rarely seen in media.

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Indian clothing company Anouk recently released an advert centered around a conversation between a lesbian couple.

In the advert, the couple are getting ready for a visit from one of the women’s parents.

The video ends with the women preparing to not "hide it anymore."

Homosexual acts are illegal in India. However, recently a marriage advert posted by a mother for her son, seeking a husband, went viral.

Anouk has released a series of videos challenging stereotypes, encouraging women to be bold and beautiful.

In one a single mother is the subject of gossip, in another, a woman rejects a creepy man pestering her at a bar.

People have been using the hashtag #AnoukBoldIsBeautiful to show their support for the campaign.

please look up bold is beautiful by ANOUK it is SO important!!! its one of the first indian ads with a same sex couple

Loved how beautifully the video has weaved in The message is So Heart thralling! #anoukBoldisBeautiful...

Loved how beautifully the video has weaved in the message as well as the brand. Kudos #anoukBoldisBeautiful

Why does a single mother becomes a discussion topic if she can take care of a kid on her own? #anoukBoldisBeautiful

Thankiee @AnoukEthnicWear & @myntra for teaching us to be bold and beautiful via #AnoukBoldisBeautiful

Wonder when desi tv will be adult enough to air something like this. ANOUK - BOLD IS BEAUTIFUL | THE VISIT:

You can watch the video below.

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