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This Guy Proposed To His High School Sweetheart On Her Last Day Of Chemo


Lucas D'Onofrio, 24, proposed to 21-year-ol Tamara Bruzzo in her hospital room after her last day of chemotherapy, and it was absolutely beautiful.

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After being rushed to the hospital the day before Valentine's Day, Tamara "was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma on my birthday, February 24th, 2015," Lucas said in an email to BuzzFeed. She then had to go through six 96-hour-long infusion sessions.

After watching her go through all of the sessions, he knew he had to propose to her when it was all over. "I wanted it to be a symbol or closing the chapter of cancer in her life and opening a new chapter with our lives together," Lucas said.

After creating a bouquet of 100 roses by hand, printing out 60 photos of Tamara, buying 100 flameless candles, and getting 60 balloons, he was ready for the big moment.

"I called the nurses to see if they could help me out and keep it a secret because I was going to propose to her. All the nurses LOVE Tamara so they were more than happy to help," Lucas said.

Tamara had decorated her hospital room for a party for the moment she walked out of her chemotherapy session, but Lucas and his family completely brought those decorations to a whole new level, while someone distracted her outside.

"In those 20 minutes everyone in her room, about 30 of us, all frantically removed the Hollywood decorations and put in the balloons, set up the candles on the floor and put a pathway of red petals that led up to where I would be," Lucas said.

The moment arrived. "She came all the way to me holding her IV machine where I was standing with the bouquet of roses and that's when I proceeded to say something nice, romantic, and cheesy, as I choked and tried to hold back a tear or two," Lucas said.

Lucas planned for fireworks to go off outside the minute she said yes, and everything went as planned.

"We are sure this is her last chemo, her mass went down in size by 70% after her second chemo session," Lucas said.

Courtesy of Lucas D'Onofrio / Via


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