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19 Times Charlize Theron Just Did Not Care What Anyone Thought

The hero we all need.

1. When she shared her love of food.

2. When she was honest about being lazy.

3. When she said this and everyone went YAAASS!

4. When she tried to convince Nicholas Hoult to strip.

5. When she called out sexism in the film industry.

6. When she had this to say about people who claim to not gain any weight.

7. When she gave this perfect response to a reporter asking what she does between filming.

8. When she genuinely didn't care what others thought of her.

9. When she just did not give a fuck.

10. When she was really into ham. Because ham.

11. When she had this to say about going bald for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road.

12. When she told us how she likes her men.

13. When she didn't want to give away any spoilers.

14. When she was all about the sugar.

15. When she told us how she spends her days on set and gave us all serious #workgoals.

16. When she straight-up told Viola Davis how amazing she looked.

17. When she showed us how to walk like a BOSS.

18. When she had nothing but frying on the mind.

19. And finally, when she jokingly said what we all really think of her.