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What Do You Do When Your Best Tips Come From Creepy Dudes?

Maybe I wasn’t a bad feminist — maybe I was just too broke to risk losing a job.

Kirsten King • One year ago

Here's 25 Of The Craziest Stories From November

I've aged 30 years in the past month.

Kirsten King • One year ago

16 Things That Happened In October That Will Make You Say "WTF"

People getting pulled over dressed like Shrek, pooping in washing machines, and hippos photobombing engagement pictures. 2017 is weird.

Kirsten King • One year ago

What It Means When Women Say "Me Too"

Sexual harassment and assault isn't just a one-off occurrence for most women — it's what we've been taught to expect.

Kirsten King • One year ago

17 Things That Are Too Damn Real If You Have Anxiety

"Me: What could possibly go wrong today? Anxiety: I'm so glad you asked."

Kirsten King • One year ago
Ryan Bergara • One year ago

This Kentucky Bar Is Apparently A Portal To Hell

And we mean more than like, a normal dive bar.

Ryan Bergara • 2 years ago
Steven Lim • 2 years ago

15 Petty Things All Couples Low-Key Do

Oh you wanted me to wait to watch Game Of Thrones? WHOOPS.

Kevin McShane • 2 years ago
Steven Lim • 2 years ago
Ryan Bergara • 2 years ago

This Video Shows What It's Actually Like Finding Out You Have An STD

"I don't get how this happened... we were so safe."

Ali Vingiano • 2 years ago
Steven Lim • 2 years ago
Chantel Houston • 2 years ago
Ryan Bergara • 2 years ago

Just An FYI, The "Friend Zone" Isn't A Thing

Spoiler alert: If you have a friend who won't sleep with you, you just have a friend.

Amanda Holland • 2 years ago

These Women Re-Created Fitness Covers And They Came To Slay

"Beauty comes in all forms and sizes."

Michelle Khare • 2 years ago

A New App Just Launched To Make Online Dating More Inclusive For People With Disabilities

"I decided to call it Glimmer because, to me, the word has always signified hope," said the app creator.

Kirsten King • 2 years ago

Snaps Long-Distance Sisters Send Each Other

A thousand miles doesn’t seem quite as far when you’re only a snap away.

Shila Farahani • 2 years ago
Kane Diep • 2 years ago