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    19 Times Lorelai Gilmore Nailed This Whole Parenting Thing

    "If you're going to throw your life away, he'd better have a motorcycle."

    1. When she was able to put all judgment aside to be there when Rory needed her.

    2. When she offered this sound advice about dealing with a breakup.

    3. When her protective motherly instinct was on point.

    4. When she knew exactly how to break the tension of a serious situation.

    5. When she was such a cool mom, Rory had no reason to be embarrassed of her.

    6. When she wasn't afraid to raise Rory alone, even when it got lonely.

    7. When she wasn't afraid to make fun of her kid.

    8. When she passed on important life lessons to Rory.

    9. When she wasn't just Rory's mom, but also her best friend.

    10. When she taught Rory what weekends are really for.

    11. When she knew boundaries were unnecessary.

    12. When she called it like she saw it without sugarcoating anything.

    13. When she was a terrible influence — but in a "cool mom" way.

    14. When she never failed to provide a healthy, well-balanced meal.

    15. When she knew just because she was a mom, it didn't mean she wasn't allowed to be scared.

    16. When she acted like a true disciplinarian.

    17. When she gave this inspirational advice:

    18. When she knew the importance of loyalty.

    19. And when she never failed to be there for Rory, every step of the way.