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31 Mouth-Watering Eats In Boston For Under $10

Warning: This post may induce hunger.

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We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite cheap eats in Boston for under $10. Here are their delicious suggestions:

1. A burrito from Anna's Taqueria.

Where: Multiple locations

Price: A regular burrito is $5.45

Adam Davis


2. Poutine fries (bacon bits optional) from Saus Boston.

Where: 33 Union St., Boston

Price: $6.25 for regular poutine fries (extra for add-ons)

–Natalie Landau via Facebook

3. A specialty grilled cheese from Roxy's Grilled Cheese.

Where: The food truck travels around Boston daily

Price: $5–$7

Krista D'Archi

4. A cannoli from Maria's Pastry.

Where: 46 Cross St., Boston

Price: $3–$4.50



6. A chocolate mousse cup from Bova's Bakery.

Where: 134 Salem St., Boston

Price: $3.50


7. A chicken BBQ sub from Al's Cafe.

Where: Multiple locations

Price: $6.50 for a small, $8.50 for a large


8. Braised shortrib tacos from Lulus.

Where: 421 Cambridge St., Allston, Massachusetts

Price: $9

–Stevie Alexis via Facebook

9. Sticky bun from Flour Bakery + Cafe.

Where: Multiple locations

Price: $3.75

–Lindsey O'Brien via Facebook


10. A maple bacon doughnut from Union Square Donuts.

Where: 20 Bow St., Union Square, Somerville, Massachusetts

Price: $3.50

–Channing Elizabeth via Facebook

11. Hand-pulled noodle from Gene's Flatbread Cafe.

Where: 86 Bedford St., Boston

Price: $6

–Lesley Nguyen via Facebook

12. A bowl of clam chowder from Boston Sail Loft.

Where: 80 Atlantic Ave., Boston

Price: $5.95 for a cup, $6.50 for a bowl

–Hallie Boston via Facebook

13. A Chilean beef sandwich from Chacarero.

Where: 101 Arch St., Boston

Price: About $8

–Ashley Shay via Facebook


14. A bowl of pho from Pho Pasteur.

Where: 682 Washington St., Boston

Price: $7.95–$8.95

–Mandy Xu via Facebook

15. The lunch special* from My Thai Vegan Cafe.

Where: 3 Beach St. (second floor), Chinatown, Boston

Price: *Lunch special includes soup, dumplings, and a main dish for $7.95

–Sydney Butler via Facebook

16. A cup of coffee and a soft-boiled egg, cheddar cheese, and tomato sandwich from Clover Food Truck.

Where: Food truck stops in various locations

Price: About $5

–Lauren Mullett via Facebook


18. A bacon cheeseburger from Tasty Burger.

Where: Multiple locations

Price: $5.85

–Ellie Agler via Facebook

20. A lobster roll from Sullivan's.

Where: 2080 William J. Day Blvd., Castle Island, Massachusetts

Price: $10.95 (worth that extra 95 cents, though)


21. Chicken parm sandwich T. Athony's.

Where: 1016 Commonwealth Ave., Boston

Price: $9.85

–Emma McAdams via Facebook


22. Matzo ball Soup from Zaftigs.

Where: 355 Harvard St., Coolidge Corner, Brookline, Massachusetts

Price: Cup for $3.95, pint for $5.50

–Eleana Gudema via Facebook

23. Spicy chicken shawarma from Garlic n' Lemons.

Where: 33 Harvard Ave., Allston

Price: $10

–Laura Oisleaux via Facebook

25. Coconut bun from Ho Yuen Bakery.

Where: 54 Beach St., Chinatown, Boston

Price: Under $5

–Zhining Fang via Facebook


26. Mini-cookies from The Chipyard.

Where: Fanuiel Hall

Price: $7 per dozen


27. Double awesome sandwich from Mei Mei food truck.

28. Miso-braised pulled pork from Bon Me food truck.

Where: Various locations

Price: $7.50


29. Vegan cake batter ice cream from FoMu.

Where: 481 Cambridge St., Allston

Price: Small $3.75, medium $4.65, large $5.60



31. A crepe from Neighborhoods Cafe.

Where: 96 Peterborough St., Boston

Price: $4.50–$7.80