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    21 Ways Jim And Pam Ruined All Other Relationships For You

    ~*Jam 4eva*~

    1. Because they showed you that your S.O. should be able to make you laugh wholeheartedly.

    2. Because they proved that you never stop crushing.


    3. Because they didn't need to say anything to be perfectly in sync.

    4. Because they knew that childish pranks weren't just for children.

    5. And that making the first move pays off.

    6. Because they showed us that the it's the little things that make all the difference.

    7. And that you should never question if you are enough.

    8. Because they showed us that sometimes you just know.

    9. Because they never took themselves – or their relationship – too seriously.

    10. Because they showed us there is no better feeling than being on the same page with your S.O.

    11. Because they proved that dorky is sexy.

    12. And they showed us that you can fall in love during small, seemingly inconsequential moments.

    13. Because they proved that you shouldn't have to try to impress the person you're with.

    14. Because they showed you that relationships should be fun.


    15. And that it's OK to get nervous around a person you really like.


    16. Because they showed us that letting the other person be right is part of any healthy relationship.

    17. Because they showed us that patience pays off.


    18. Because they showed us what a real kiss looks like.


    19. Because they proved you should be able to be silly around the person you love.


    20. Because they taught you that things can go right, even when they go wrong.

    21. And because they made you believe in soul mates again.

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