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What Happens When Clueless Guys Design Their Girlfriends' "Ideal" Makeup

"She's very pale..."

We had three semi-clueless guys design a perfect look for their girlfriends' makeup. Beauty guru and makeup artist Kandee Johnson followed their lead and brought their dreams to life. Let's just say, they all had a unique style.

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Thinking about what she could potentially end up looking like, Ying was not afraid to let Steven know how nervous she was.

And Allison could tell how anxious Dan was.

Chris really felt like he was starting from square one...

...So, naturally he was inspired by The Mummy and wanted to go for an Ancient Egyptian look.

Meanwhile, Dan was looking to give Allison a nice tan...

...While Steven was looking for a lighter look.

Let the makeovers begin!

Maycie as a 21st century Egyptian queen:

Allison with some "Jersey flair":

And Ying as a modern Snow White:

So, what did the guys think? Every dude had the same OMG reaction:

For the most part, they loved it!

Keep in mind, the ladies had no idea what they looked like. It was time for a reveal of their own.

They were pretty shocked to say the least.

Despite their valiant efforts, the guys took a few pointers from Kandee and emphasized they loved their girlfriend's for them, not for their makeup (or lack thereof).

Take it from Kandee herself: