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    19 Celebrities Who Have Shared Unretouched Photos Of Their Stretch Marks Online

    "So sick and tired of the Photoshop."

    1. When Ashley Graham posted this pic of her postpartum body after giving birth to her son, captioned with "same me. few new stories.":

    2. When Lizzo bared it all for the sake of “changing the conversation about beauty standards”:

    3. When Lady Gaga shared this selfie and let her stretch marks take center stage:

    4. When Barbie Ferreira posted this photo of her "lil stripes" and noticed just how cute her body is because of them:

    5. When Halsey shared this snap of their postpartum stretch marks:

    6. When Chrissy Teigen invited her "stretchies" to say hi to her followers:

    7. When Stacey Solomon flaunted her "natural glitter":

    8. When Kourtney Kardashian sported her "little stripes" for this Poosh photoshoot:

    9. When Jameela Jamil shared this pic of her boob stretch marks and called them her "badge of honor":

    10. When Padma Lakshmi posted this thirst trap letting her "stretch" take the lead:

    11. When model Denise Bidot let her "stretch marks, rolls, and cellulite free":

    12. When Bebe Rexha was "so sick and tired of the photoshop" and quoted Kendrick Lamar:

    13. And when Kelly Rowland also let Kendrick's lyrics speak for her unretouched photo:

    14. And, of course, when Karrueche Tran had a little Kendrick Lamar lyric moment of her own:

    15. When Robyn Lawley shared this pic of her "tiger stripes":

    16. When Kylie Jenner posted this snap of her postpartum stretch marks that she calls "a little gift from Stormi":

    17. When model Iskra Lawrence used her stretch marks as her trendiest new accessory:

    18. When beauty influencer Kandee Johnson talked about how beautiful her "thighlights" are:

    19. And finally, when Demi Lovato covered their stretch marks in glitter while celebrating their "body and all of its features":