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Best of Video 2015

Best of Video 2015

The 28 Most WTF, LOL, And OMG Viral Videos Of 2015

From "Thanks Obama" and Pizza Rat to Whine About It and The Try Guys, 2015 was a wild year!

12 Recipes That Made Your Life Complete In 2015

Warning: Massive hunger pains are very likely to occur.

The 17 Best Things Matt Bellassai Whined About In 2015

"We're all just trying to turn hard work into chicken nuggets."

30 Questions We Still Ask Our Moms

MOM?!? How do I be an adult?

What I Wish Someone Told Me About Having Sex

"I thought I knew everything there was to know about having safe sex..."

When You're Single AF

Yes, I'm single. Yes, on purpose.

Here’s The Before-And-After From When We Got Lip Injections For The First Time

Our opinions on lip injections have ~definitely~ changed.

Kittens Meet Puppies For The First Time

Cause who doesn't love baby animals hanging out together!?

Why We Shouldn’t Raise The Minimum Wage

Pay rent or eat? It’s not that hard of a question is it?

Things Everybody Does But Doesn't Talk About, Featuring President Obama

How did we get Obama to use a selfie stick? Oh, because he wants you to go to

Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History

A diverse cast of models shows how the standard of beauty for women has changed dramatically over time.

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