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17 Times The World Wasn't All That Bad

'Cause life can be pretty okay sometimes.

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1. When this little dude celebrated with his new family.

2. And when this kitten met his new dad.

3. When this stranger did a good dollar store deed.

5. And when this baby rang in his adoption with his older sister.

6. When this Amazon employee went the extra mile.

7. When Weird Al heard about a fan in need.

8. When Subway opened its doors to those who needed a meal.

9. When this person found a wallet and did the right thing.

10. This kind person who was just passing by.

11. This star Wendy's employee.

12. This bumper tapper.

13. And these people waiting on line to foster animals after a flood.

14. This generous scarf leaver.

15. This tipper.

16. This kind laundromat owner.

17. And this concerned driver.