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18 Beauty And Fashion Inventions From Movies You Wish Existed

Cher's closet, anyone?

1. This downright amazing Chanel insta-eye makeup device from The Fifth Element.

Columbia Pictures

Chicken good. Makeup good.

2. Cher's computerized closet in Clueless.

Paramount Pictures

There have been so many apps and programs that have tried...I want this exact same one from 1995, please.

3. The magic hair color-changing spell from The Craft.

Columbia Pictures

Think of all the money you'd save from never going to the salon.

4. Ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz.


No more subway commutes, no more traffic jams — just sweet, sparkly kicks to get you home in a pinch.

5. Polyjuice potion from Harry Potter.

Warner Brothers

Of course, you'd use it to see what it feels like to be Gisele for a day.

6. A fashion-friendly fairy godmother, like Cinderella's.


Damn. Could she come over every time I need to get dressed?

7. This super neat nail polish changing box from The Fifth Element.

Columbia Pictures


8. Or, this polish-changing pen from Total Recall.

TriStar Pictures

Boop boop boop RED!

9. A haircut from Edward Scissorhands.

20th Century Fox

Not only would it take like two seconds, it'd also be wildly inventive and possibly orgasmic.

10. Glass slippers from Cinderella.


Not that there's anything particularly magical about them — just how cool would it be to have your weight supported by a glass heel?

11. Katniss' fire dress in The Hunger Games.


Think about it — you can change your outfit, in public, at any time.

12. Nimble animals that can execute perfect braids like in Pocahontas.


Fuck Pinterest. Get a raccoon.

13. The Emerald City salon from The Wizard of Oz.


Why yes I would like gingham eyes.

14. Basically all the beauty tricks residents of the Capitol know in The Hunger Games.


They do seemingly impossible things with their makeup, and their hair is a different color everyday. Might look crazy, but it sure would be fun.

15. The invisibility cloak in Harry Potter.

Warner Brothers

I'd show up to work, then put this on so no one would talk to me all day.

16. Wings crafted by the great Leonardo da Vinci in Ever After.

20th Century Fox

I don't think they do anything special, but they sure are pretty. And made by a famous dude.

17. Tinkerbell's fairy dust in Peter Pan.


Let's face it: No body shimmer comes close to this awesomeness.

18. And finally, Marty's blow drying jacket in Back to the Future.

Universal Pictures

Never again would you have to blow dry your own hair. Wishful thinking...

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