17 Times Disney Said "Woah, No" And Totally Changed The Plot From The Original Fairy Tales

    There's a reason people say things are "Disneyfied" when there's a forced happily ever after...

    It's no secret that a lot of Disney's most famous movies are based on fairy tales they didn't originally write.

    Our Disney heroes often ride off into the sunset to live happily ever after — but what exactly has been missed from the picture-perfect tale we see on screen?

    So, here are several things that happened in the original fairytales, stories, and more that didn't make it into the Disney movies:

    1. First, the story The Little Mermaid is based on, titled Den Lille Havfrue by Hans Christian Andersen, one of the biggest changes is that when the little mermaid is given her legs by the sea witch, it feels like knives are impaling her feet every time she walks. Oh, and if she doesn't win over the prince, she'll turn into sea foam and die.

    An image of Ariel and Eric from Disney's The Little Mermaid

    2. In the original story of Mulan, her parents are totally in on the plan for Mulan to replace her father in the war.

    Mulan's parents looking forlorn in Disney's Mulan

    3. The story Frozen is based on has a lot of similarities, but there's a character called Kai who isn't really replicated in Disney's version

    Anna, Sven the reindeer and Kristoff walking through a frozen forest in Disney's Frozen

    4. Disney's Hercules had Hera as a loving mother, but the OG myth saw Hera on a mission to kill him.

    Disney's Hercules with his bow and arrow

    5. The Evil Queen tried to eat Snow White in the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story.

    The evil queen in Disney's Snow White looking evil and clutching a box with a speared heart icon on it

    6. In Disney's version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Queen only tries to kill Snow once after the huntsman fails, but in the Brothers Grimm version, she attempts it three times.

    7. Also in the original Snow White, the prince didn't awaken Snow White with true love's kiss, he just bought her corpse and carried it with him everywhere he went.

    The prince and the seven dwarves standing around Snow White's coffin

    8. In the original Cinderella story, one of Cinderella's step-sisters cuts off her toes to try and fit into the slipper for the prince.

    9. In the original Sleeping Beauty, the princess is dead, and the king impregnates her corpse.

    Image of Aurora and the prince in Disney's Sleeping Beauty, with Aurora looking alarmed and the prince smug

    10. Also in the original Sleeping Beauty fairytale, the princess's newborns accidentally resurrect their mother when some fairies teach them how to breastfeed wrong, and there's even a storyline where they try to cook and eat the children.

    11. There's a lot more death in the original Hunchback of Notre Dame, but one of the other big differences is that the original book follows a character named Pierre Gringoire, not Quasimodo.

    Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    12. In the original Rapunzel story, after Rapunzel doesn't come to see the prince following her stepmother finding out about them, he leaps from the tower and is blinded by thorns.

    Rapunzel and Flynn in Disney's version

    13. The original story of Aladdin has two genies, and Aladdin is motivated by greed, instead of his love for Jasmine.

    14. In the original story of The Beauty and the Beast, Belle, who is named Beauty, arrives at the Beast's castle and he basically treats her like royalty.

    Disney's Belle and Beast bowing/curtsying to one another at the top of a grand staircase

    15. Also, in Disney's version of Beauty and the Beast, Belle's father’s potentially tragic fate forces Belle back home, but the original sees Beauty get bored of living the high life and she asks to visit her family as she’s so homesick.

    16. Unlike Disney's Pocahontas, Pocahontas likely never had a romance with John Smith, and the marriage she did have was not a case of star-crossed lovers bridging two cultures.

    Disney's Pocahontas and John Smith smiling at one another as she leans over him laying on the ground

    17. And finally, in the original The Princess and the Frog story, the princess tries to kill the frog.

    The frog and Tiana in the Princess and the Frog, looking at the book of the Frog Prince

    Which other Disney films have significant differences from their origin stories? Let me know in the comments!