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    14 Imaginative Disney Theories That Range From Super Disturbing To Actually Kind Of Believable

    I'm 100% here for Boo being an interdimensional door-traveller dropping Easter eggs throughout the Disney universe.

    We all love a Disney movie, and the various worlds and universes are packed full of easter eggs and internal references that allow our imaginations to go wild. So, whether it's for a bit of fun or we may actually be on to something, fans will continue to conjure Disney movie theories.

    Whether it's a bit of a reach or not, it's always fun to get imaginative, so check out these wild fan theories about Disney movies:

    1. Finding Nemo

    2. Peter Pan

    3. The Little Mermaid x Peter Pan

    4. Frozen

    5. Encanto

    6. Monsters, Inc. x Brave

    This is where Brave comes in.

    There's also a carving of the Pizza Planet truck.

    7. Moana

    8. Snow White

    9. The Emperor's New Groove

    Here's the poor fly:

    View this video on YouTube

    10. Cars

    11. Wreck-It Ralph

    Calhoun herself even tells us that during the movie – she clearly knows from experience.

    12. Toy Story

    Could they be the same person?

    13. Monsters, Inc.

    Well, here's an image from Partysaurus Rex, a Toy Story short:

    14. Up

    What kind of believable, or pretty dark Disney theories have you heard? Let us know in the comments below!