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25 Things That Will Always Bother '00s Kids

Is it chicken, or is it fish?

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most confusing thing that ever happened in the '00s. Here are the nostalgic results.

1. The coolness of Juicy Couture velvet tracksuits.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Submitted by Nikki Hansen, Facebook

2. Kelly texting on an Excel spreadsheet in the "Dilemma" music video.

Submitted by William Richards, Facebook

3. Marissa Cooper dying in a car accident when she survived so much worse.

Fox / Via

Submitted by Spencer Althouse, Facebook

4. Never knowing who really let the dogs out.

Submitted by sshannon

5. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake breaking up instead of staying together forever.

E! / Via

Submitted by claudiac21

6. And the equally ridiculous Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams disbandment.

New Line Cinema / Via

Submitted by Shannon Morgan, Facebook

7. Ruben Studdard not being as famous as Clay Aiken.

Fox / Via

Submitted by Vickie Elliott Davie, Facebook

8. Tyra Banks' surprising and uncomfortable rant on America's Next Top Model.

UPN / Via

Submitted by juliaw4e4968423

9. Justin Timberlake's ramen noodle hair.

10. LC staying behind for love and not going to Paris on The Hills.

MTV / Via

Submitted by BabsOC

11. The Nokia phones being totally indestructible, while iPhones get ruined from a drip of water.

Submitted by Erikat021 and emileem3

12. How Oprah literally bought every person in her audience a car.

ABC / Via

Submitted by Linda Sharon, Facebook

13. Ashlee Simpson's bizarre dance jig after getting caught lip-synching on SNL.


Submitted by Leah MacCarthy

14. The mysterious man with the antlers in the "Sugar, We're Goin Down" music video. / Via

Submitted by Michael Blackmon, Facebook

15. Raven ditching The Cheetah Girls before they went to Bollywood.

Disney Channel / Via

Submitted by Chevy Kitts, Facebook

16. Dancing around to "Thong Song" and forgetting you're actually singing about underwear. / Via

Submitted by Shauna Reeds, Facebook

17. Ryan Ross abandoning the greatness that is Panic! at the Disco.

MTV / Via

Submitted by folieadeux

18. Every Making the Band group mysteriously never staying together.

MTV / Via

Submitted by Lmoe

19. The ridiculous pranks celebrities fell for on Punk'd.


Submitted by Charlie Coughlin, Facebook

20. Crimped hair being the go-to hairstyle. / Via

Submitted by Kendall Marie, Facebook

21. Why a genius show like Firefly was canceled.

Fox / Via

Submitted by Ben Stevenson, Facebook

22. Wondering if Alicia Keys and Usher actually dated when they were young.

Submitted by Jon-Michael Poff, Facebook

23. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton's strange relationship.

Entertainment Tonight / Via

Submitted by Regina Sherman, Facebook

24. Wondering how on earth Jessica Simpson confused fish for chicken.

MTV / Via

Submitted by samanthai4

25. And the words to the "Work It" chorus by Missy Elliott.

Submitted by Genna Hicks, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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