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25 Times "Grace And Frankie" Was Seriously Relatable

If anybody's gonna sit on Ryan Gosling's face, it's gonna be me!

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1. When the ladies summed up your plans for every Friday night.

2. And your plans for Saturday night, too.

3. When they were the shining example of what you look like when you actually decide to go out.

4. When Frankie was you at social gatherings.

5. And when she summed up how it felt to give your friends advice.


6. When this insight into gaining weight was all too real.

7. When this sounded pretty damn familiar.

8. And this did, too.

9. When this moment was way too real.

10. When your attitude toward alcohol was perfectly articulated.

11. When your attitude toward modern means of communication was understood.

12. When Grace's footage was exactly like that of you contending with your front-facing camera.

13. When this moment reminded you that trying to be social is hard for everyone.

14. And that animals are usually a better choice of creature to hang around with.

15. When, this. Just this.

Netflix / Via

16. When Frankie conveyed your current aesthetic.

Netflix / Via

17. And when Grace described the mood you're in most days.

18. When this moment made you feel better about how horrible you are with keeping plans.

19. When this moment defined how you react when someone volunteers you to help with something.

20. When it gave a glimpse into your mind when you're trying to be relatable.


21. When Frankie was you every time you try to flirt.

22. And this moment perfectly showed what it is like when you're feelin' your look.

23. When this moment accurately described getting a compliment.

24. For women, this experience.

Netflix / Via

25. And most importantly, when it expressed your feelings on Ryan Gosling.

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