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18 Swedish Men Who Are So Breathtaking You Actually Won't Be Able To Breathe

Things are just hotter up North.

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But most importantly, it's a country that has given the world an incredible treasure: the gift of gorgeous men.


And just about everything about him.

2. Andreas Wilson, whose deadly stare is guaranteed to give you a lady-krona*.

*It's like the Swedish dollar. Trust me, it's funny.

4. And Henrik Lundkvist, goaltender of my heart. MOTHER PUCKER.

He needs to show me his gold medals, ASAP.


5. Sweden also gave the world Benjamin Eidem, along with his golden locks and his warm smile that'll make your heart race faster than a speeding Volvo.

Here he is, in his stunning summer glory. Seriously, everything is hotter up north!

7. Speaking of charisma: Here is Fares Fares. He is hot and knows how to play the lens like no one else.


8. Then there's actor Alexander Karim, who has us all moaning the Swedish national anthem, "Du Gamla, Du Fria."

11. Unless you're more into the Eurovision? Here as well, Sweden has a lot to offer.

12. Seriously, what is this country where even the writers are hot af?? I'd love to see if Jonas Hassen Khemiri's pen is really mightier than his sword, if ya know what I mean...


16. There is Bill, as hot as a lakeside sauna in the middle of January.