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19 Reasons You Should Definitely Take Mindy Kaling's Fashion Advice

Queen Kaling slays on and off the red carpet, all day erryday.

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Earlier today, Gossip Girl tweeted a link to a very mean-spirited post, prompting the following response from Mindy herself:

Kelly Kapoor said it best:

Here's 19 times Mindy's style slayed, definitive proof that you should absolutely take Mindy's fashion advice.


1. When she was InStyle's cover girl because she's literally a style queen.

2. When she was pretty in pink.

3. When she rocked this perfect pattern.

4. When she was a spring goddess in this flowy dress.

5. When she SLAYED Cannes in this colourful number.

6. When this yellow jacket was literally all your life goals.

7. When she rocked red like it was nobody's business.

8. When she was wore the very definition of "fun florals".

9. When she brought spring to rainy Dallas.

10. When she was mysterious in black.

11. When she was pretty in pastels.

12. When her dressed-down style was everything.

13. When she was a queen in purple, the colour of royalty.

14. When she glitzed it up in sequins and it was everything.

15. When she was the epitome of elegance at Vanity Fair's Oscar party.

16. When she was a '70s goddess.

17. When she was an adorable snow bunny in this monochrome ensemble.

18. When her accessories gave you life.

19. And when she held the key to your heart in this chic dress.

In conclusion, Mindy's style is straight up flaw-free.