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Cancel All Your Plans: Infinity Quizzes Are Here

The Future of Quizzing Has Arrived!

Hold onto your hats ladies and gentle-quizzers because BuzzFeed is about to blow your mind with our latest creation: Infinity Quizzes!

Here’s how it works: you put in your answers to each of our questions, and using the magic of AI and BuzzFeed’s Quiz engine, a few seconds later you get a unique result based on your answers!

The first batch of quizzes in this new format is powered by cutting-edge technology of OpenAI's publicly available API which will give you a totally personalized answer every single time you take one. No two answers are the same!

It might seem like the (rapidly developing) future of AI is either threatening or boring, but we believe AI is a powerful tool that truly enhances human creativity. It’s like having a really smart coworker that you can bounce ideas off of and collaborate with who is always available and never eats at their desk. Human creativity is always at the center of our work, and our quizzes, but with the magic of AI we can now create things that were never possible before, like infinite results personalized just for you.

It probably goes without saying, but don’t input any government secrets, social security numbers, or anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable putting out into the public or giving to a Large Language Model like OpenAI into these quizzes.

And here’s more info about OpenAI’s privacy policies if you want to get really in the weeds.

With our first Infinity Quiz drop you can make your own romcom, generate a breakup text, create a cinematic universe for your friends and go on a date with your celebrity crush. Plus, there’s a secret bonus quiz available now to our BuzzFeed+ community in the BuzzFeed iOS App…if that CULTivates your curiosity, download or head to the BuzzFeed app today to find it.

And we’re ALSO launching an original quiz sponsored by our friends at Scotts Miracle Gro to help you find your soulmate (hint: it's a plant).

We know this might sound kind of hyperbolic, but this really is the biggest thing to happen to BuzzFeed Quizzes since…well, maybe ever! So, whether you're a current quiz-binger, an occasional quiz-taker or new to the game, BuzzFeed's Infinity Quizzes are here to give you infinite results for infinite fun.

At this point it feels like trying to describe a joke, you really need to see it for yourself to ~get it~...check them all out here!