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May 14, 2014

19 Reasons Dateline’s Keith Morrison Is Television's Greatest Gift To Mankind

Keith doesn't always host Dateline, but when he does, it's freaking amazing.

Man Joins Tinder As A Dog, Gets Sent Some Pretty Bizarre Messages

Hero, the golden retriever, proved a very popular match.

Veterans Group Will Launch Whistleblower Project After VA Hospital Scandal

A unprecedented new campaign by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America teaches VA employees and veterans how to become the next Edward Snowden.

Oprah Winfrey Network Postpones Michael Sam Documentary

The multi-part show documenting the former Missouri defensive end's journey to make the St. Louis Rams roster has been called off for now.

How Seeing Titanic 16 Times In The Theater Transformed My First Sexual Encounter

I was 14 when Titanic was released. Young enough to have never even gone up to bat with a boy, but old enough to be jamming two stuffed animals between my legs every night. (Pubescence is weird, okay?) Titanic affected me. I saw it 16 times in the…

When Will You Really Get Married?

Are you destined to always be the bridesmaid, and never the bride?

17 Songs That Made You Sob Uncontrollably As A Teen

Get your tissues ready, 'cause THERE ARE ABOUT TO BE SOME MEMORIES UP IN HERE.

Jill Abramson's Firing And The New York Times' Chaotic Future

The abrupt dismissal of the executive editor portends a bumpy road ahead for her successor, Dean Baquet, and the rest of the newsroom.

8 Reasons Ellie Bishop Is Officially The Best Part Of “NCIS”

She's smart, funny, and tough, and she does it all without even having daddy issues. Ziva who?

Wildfires Engulf Southern California, Burn More Than 20,000 Acres

A spate of wildfires charred more than 20,000 acres, as of Friday, in Southern California. The fires forced thousands to evacuate.

17 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories That Will Completely Ruin Your Childhood

Children's television, movies, and video games have always seemed pretty innocent. However, these 17 fan theories will completely ruin that for you.

22 Productos de playa que definítivamente necesitas este verano

¡Adiós! Mudándome a la playa para siempre.

10 Perfect Slams Lily Allen Managed To Slip Into "Sheezus"

What makes an album even better than just being a GD awesome album? When it contains subtle slams left right and centre, that's what. It's not a bad thing, it's entertaining, and some of them are so dead on they're perfect. (I could be extremely wrong on all of these, but, you decide.)

20 Things All Short Guys Know To Be True

At least we're all the same height lying down, amirite?

The Top 21 Ships, And Top 2 OTPs (In Order From Worst To Best)

In order, here are the "okayish" ships to the "AAAAHHHHH SOOO GOOOD" ships. At the end there are the two BEST OTPs. (Mild spoilers)

Flappy Bird Will Return In August

A second act for the maddening and beloved mobile game.

How Many Of These '90s Beauty Products Did You Use?

Lipglass, Manic Panic, body glitter? Anyone?

Couple Claims McDonald's Served Them Cheeseburgers With Pot Inside

“I really haven’t had a lot of investigations where I’ve focused so much on cheeseburgers," an officer said.

Rihanna Donates $25K To LAPD Charity After Breaking Police Chief's Phone During Botched Selfie

The singer gave $25,000 to a fund for fallen officers after accidentally dropping the chief's phone at a Clippers game.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Steak 'N Shake

You know the burgers. Now know the myth.

16 beneficios de ser una persona madrugadora

Soy el sol brillante de mi propia vida.

"Game Change" Authors Head For An Anonymous Source Culture Clash At Bloomberg

The kings of the unnamed source are going to work at a company that prides itself on resisting unattributed "hearsay." What could go wrong?

19 Emojis Recreated In Spectacular Fashion

We have Vine user Ray Ligaya to thank for starting #humanemoji and it's a beautiful thing.

Los 25 peores padres en la historia del universo

Estos son los ejemplos que NO debes seguir.

"Sad Batman" Is Now An Internet Meme

It's the meme that Gotham deserves.

38 Yahoo Questions That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

This is why we can't have nice things!

17 Of The Worst Things Your Roommate Could Do

Not replace the toilet paper.

After Hundreds Of Same-Sex Weddings, Arkansas Officials Still Fighting

About 400 same-sex couples have received marriage licenses since the state's constitutional ban was struck down May 9. State officials, though, are waiting for the state Supreme Court to rule on their request to halt the marriages while appealing the ruling.

21 Charts Only Morrissey Fans Will Find Funny

To celebrate Morrissey's arrival on Twitter, a look at the important and highly informative data visualisations of @troubledmozza.

A New Project Gathers Testimony From The Victims Of Nigeria's Boko Haram

The kidnapping of 300 schoolgirls is just one in a long history of violent attacks in northern Nigeria.

Your Favorite Disney Dames Reimagined & Culture-Bent Photo

The incredible illustrator of art Tumblr, Let There Be Doodles!, has put THE most awesome twist on our favorite Disney dames...reimagining them into more diverse depictions, that are absolutely stunning! These gorgeously transformed ladies really capture a more realistic and totally beautiful representation of all the perfect and different cultures that

The Evolution Of The TARDIS Key!

Sure, sure—the TARDIS is always evolving along with the ever-regenerating Doctor, but what of the TARDIS key? One clever artist plotted out the evolution of the TARDIS key from Doctor Who. And it is delightful.

21 Problemas que toda persona sarcástica entenderá

Sí, ser sarcastico tiene ventajas y desventajas.

Existe uma loja online que vende apenas camisetas com slogans de direita

"Vivemos uma ditadura de esquerda" e "Mais Mises, menos Marx" são algumas das opções de estampas.

Christie On BridgeGate Impact On His Political Career: "None... A Footnote"

Speaking at the Fiscal Summit, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said the George Washington Bridge lane closures would be "a footnote" if he runs for president.

Olivia Munn Dating NFL Star Aaron Rodgers

Olivia Munn has already moved on from her breakup from actor Joel Kinnaman and is now dating NFL star Aaron Rodgers.

This Video Of A Sinking Ship Will Most Likely Give You A Panic Attack

Go grab your survival suit because the next four minutes are going to be nail biting. Oh, I hope you're not afraid of boats.

11 faixas a capella que provam que estas estrelas do pop realmente cantam com suas almas

Na próxima vez em que lhe disserem que música pop é tudo mentira, mande isto para eles como prova. Que dó daqueles que têm que limpar toda aquela VERDADE deixada no chão do estúdio.

Glenn Greenwald Thought Edward Snowden Was An Elderly Man

Speaking with C-SPAN's Washington Journal to promote his new book No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State, Glenn Greenwald said he originally assumed NSA-leaker Edward Snowden was a senior official in the government and in his 70s when they first made contact.

8 Friendship Building Activities You Can Plan Yourself

Friendships develop over time, but if you want to build a bond quicker with someone new, choose some activities that provoke conversation and of course, fun! Get a little wild or go outside of your comfort zone - when you do, your new friends will appreciate how much you have shared with them and it will encourage them to do the same. Stuck for ideas on what to do? Here are 8 tips to get you started, brought to you by ZookCity, a mobile social event planner for connecting with friends in real life:

This Is What Fans Love The Most About Lady Gaga

We asked die-hard NYC Little Monsters what made them line up for Gaga's concert at 4 a.m.

11 Easy Tricks To Simplify Your Makeup Routine

Don't worry, these are things you can ACTUALLY do.

New York Times Top Editor Jill Abramson "Unexpectedly" Ousted

Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. believes a new leader will "improve some aspects of the management of the newsroom." Abramson is replaced by Managing Editor Dean Baquet, who is the first African-American executive editor.

Harry Reid Backs Constitutional Amendment To Limit Koch Brothers' Influence

"If they think Romney was watched closely by me, that's nothing compared to what it's going to be like with the Koch Brothers," Senate Majority leader vows in BuzzFeed interview.

John Green Reveals "The Fault In Our Stars" Could Have Had A Very, Very Different Ending

Instead of all of the tears, you could have had... narco-terrorists! Spoiler alerts, obviously.

24 Increíbles ejemplos del ingenio mexicano

¿Quién dice que no se puede hacer algo de la nada?

The One Vine That Proves Jay Z Is Having The Worst Week Ever

Lebron is Mr. Steal Your Girl. First, LeBron James' Miami Heat bests Jay Z's Brooklyn Nets, then, this insult to injury...

Star Wars Characters As You've Never Thought About Them

What if each character was an album from the year the movie came out?

The 30 Most Perfectly Timed Tumblr Posts

Thank the Internet gods for these.

How Women Should Dress For Their Jobs, According To Stock Photos

Not sure what to wear today? Consult this helpful guide.

15 Recipes Created By Your Favorite Musicians

Now we can all eat like 2 Chainz, Beyoncé, or Lady Gaga.

Anne Hathaway Violates All Rules Of The Road (And Life) In New Hat

Not sure there are actually any laws against wearing this hat in a car, but there should be.

People Are Staging An Internet "Kiss-In" In Support Of Michael Sam

Facebook and Twitter users are changing their profile pictures to photos of same-sex couples kissing to show support for Michael Sam's NFL draft day kiss.

The 14 Best Parts Of Having A Weird Name

You're literally the only person you know with your name.

This Theory About The Drought In "The Lion King" Will Blow Your Mind

Reddit user OstrichMadeofClay has come up with a ridiculous but totally genius theory that involves Mufasa.

11 Weird Cat Habits We May Never Understand

Why do they like staring at blank walls so much?? And other questions from Cat Versus Human.

6 Insane Eating Challenges To Try In The UK

Love food? Hate yourself? These six meals are for you.

23 réalisatrices qui méritent qu'on parle d'elles

Parce que même en 2014, l'univers du cinéma reste essentiellement masculin.

Harry Reid Says He "Can't Vote" For Obama's Controversial Judicial Pick

"Unless I have a better explanation, I can't vote for him," the Senate majority leader said of Michael Boggs.

The BNP Youth Have Made A Video About Britain's "Downfall" And It Is Pretty Disturbing

The far-right party's youth wing has got together to spread their message about the threat to Britain.

7 Dangers Of Taking Cliched Advice Literally

"I had to kiss a few frogs to find Prince Charming." Uh oh. Comics by Amazing Super Powers!

26 Life Moments Instantly Improved With Explosions

This post will self-destruct in 5-seconds. Big ups to Michael Bay.

30 Animal Pictures That Will Make You A Better Person

When, years from now, you are asked by your adoring fans what the moment was that turned your life around, you will answer briefly but cryptically: "It all started with a goofy dog successfully entertaining a baby ..."

As 33 mensagens mais engraçadas enviadas por engano


Bill Clinton Says Talk Of Wife's Health Is "Just The Beginning"

"She works out every week. She is strong. She is doing great."

LGBT Advocates Step Up Opposition To Obama Judicial Pick

The Human Rights Campaign is now formally opposed to Michael Boggs. But it's not clear if they'll hold it against senators who vote for his confirmation as a federal judge.

Journalist "Disappeared" From Egyptian Prison Could Die Within Days

The #SaveAbdullah campaign was launched after Abdullah Elshamy suddenly vanished from his prison cell following a long hunger strike. Update: Al Jazeera releases video of Elshamy from his prison cell.

The 10 Best Polls On MSNBC's "The Ed Show"

"Get your cellphones out, I want to know what you think."

Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack (Viewer Warning: Graphic Scene)

A dog attacks a little boy for no reason, but super cat goes into action and shows the dog who is boss.

20 Bars To Drink In Before You Die

Some are weird, some are wonderful, ALL of them unmissable. Get out there, BarChick style.

Is Colorado Becoming A Pot Exporter?

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Is Colorado becoming an exporter of marijuana? Some reports indicate it is. One federal official says the state is becoming the source for pot in the Midwest.The trend is not new - it has been happening since about 2009. But…

How To DIY A Wood + Wool Bench

Ben Uyeda from HomeMade Modern shows how easy it is to combine knitting and woodworking into your next (or first) furniture DIY.

These Cats Like Vacuum Cleaner

Unlike most cats, these kitties love the vacuum cleaner.

Read The Incredibly Moving Speech Stephen Sutton Gave To 4,000 People Earlier This Year

On January 24 this year, Stephen Sutton addressed the AGM of St James's Place at the O2 Arena. Here is an abridged transcript of his speech.

Lady Gaga Gets A Little Love Squeeze From Boyfriend Taylor Kinney

Looks like the actor was feeling a LIL' BIT frisky outside of Lady G's New York apartment yesterday.

23 Baby Rhinos That Will Make You Impossibly Happy

Unicorns exist, but they're grey and we call them Rhinos. h/t: r/babyrhinogifs

How Stephen Sutton Became An Internet Hero

The 19-year-old, who died in the early hours of this morning, managed to inspire millions with his fundraising efforts and lust for life.

O elenco de “The Nanny” antes e agora

A garota extravagante de Flushing e sua familia envelheceram. Tão. Tão. Bem.

21 crianças que são absolutamente horríveis no esconde-esconde

Queridas crianças: postes são péssimos esconderijos.

Kylie Jenner Got One Of Them Topless Will Smith Kids In Her Bed Too

Still waiting for Jada Pinkett Smith to publicly assert that there’s no pedophile activity in the latest topless photo between one of her kids and some random ho and/or Kardashian. This time it’s Jaden Smith in just his Calvin’s with Kylie Jenner,…

Why "How I Met Your Dad" Won't Be On CBS This Fall

What went wrong with the How I Met Your Mother spin-off? Meanwhile, a source told BuzzFeed that the project may be shopped to another network.

The Number One Thing Couples Fight About

Chances are, this will sound really familiar.

28 moments gênants qui vous hanteront pour toujours

Il y a des choses que l'on n'oublie jamais.

60 fotos que reproducen perfectamente la década del 2000

Todo esto es simplemente ridículo.

This Canadian Restaurant Gives A Discount For Well-Behaved Kids

If only all restaurants adopted this policy.

What Sort Of Paradise Should You Run Away To?

When you eventually rage-quit your job, where are you going to end up?

11 Cartoons From Your Childhood You Would Rather Forget

For every Ducktales, there must be at least one Denver, the Last Dinosaur. Thus it was written, thus it shall be.

Photographer Attempts To Capture LGBT America In 10,000 Portraits

The Self Evident Truths project is traveling across all fifty states to spread one message of inclusivity: "We Are You."

Taylor Kitsch's Hair Wasn't Always So Glorious

Even John Carter went through a "frosted tips" stage.

British Slang As Guessed By An American

Consider this the new British dictionary.

19 Words You Never Knew Existed Until You Had Kids

No one told you having kids meant learning another language.

19 Pictures That Will Make You Fall In Love With Sydney

Belgian photographer falls for Aussie girl. Makes Sydney look beautiful.

What's The Most Adorable Animal GIF On The Internet?

Let's figure this out, once and for all.

Which UK Soap Are You?

Are you a Phil, a Bet, or a Mercedes? Or some unholy combination of the three?

Can You Identify "Simpsons" Episodes From Just One Still?

We've seen classic Simpsons episodes so many times now, so can you guess the episode just by looking at one picture?

This Is A Test, Please Ignore

ignore this please

13 mujeres que cambiarán la manera en la que ves el vello corporal y los estándares de belleza

El fotógrafo británico Ben Hopper está trabajando para redefinir nuestra percepción de belleza.

Monte The Maltese Is The Cutest Puppy You'll Ever Meet

Can you make it through this post without being overwhelmed by how adorable this dog is?

28 People Who Totally Kinda Had A Little Bit Of A Point

"I mean...ah...yeah. I guess you're right?"

Magic Johnson And His The AIDS Are The Real Villain

They’ve yet to invent a better way to deflect negative attention than by denouncing other people for even worse shit. It worked in third grade, it works when you get arrested, it works in the White House when the jobs number suck. It’s loathsome,…

Debbie St. Pierre Looks Fun

One of you trannies on the short list just sent me this picture of Debbie St. Pierre. God, what a great fake porny name. I thought she was entirely fake until… blammo, there she was walking outside a nightclub in Hollywood in a dollar-for-a-peek…

The 10 Oldest Pizzerias In America, From NJ To SF

Old pizza should come out of a 100-year-old oven, not a microwave.

29 de los momentos más siniestros de la historia

El mundo es un lugar oscuro, oscuro.

U.K. Government Willing To Block EU Net Neutrality Deal

The British government wants to keep its ability to block internet content.

How Embarrassingly Corporate Are You?

If you could go ahead and take this quiz, that'd be great.

How Big A Britpop Fan Were You?

Take a trip back to the '90s.

20 GIFs That Prove Cats Rule And Dogs Drool

Every cat has its day, right?

George R.R. Martin Still Uses A DOS Word Processor

"Did you make this computer out of wood? Did you carve it?"

This Penguin Moshing To Death Metal Is Delightful

Be like this penguin today in everything you do.

Teenage Cancer Patient Stephen Sutton Who Raised Over £3 Million For Charity Dies

The 19-year-old was diagnosed with bowel cancer four years ago.

Romanian And Bulgarian Workers Are Actually Leaving The UK

Immigration doom doesn't seem to have happened. But has someone considered the threat from Australians?

Oscar-Winning Director Of “Searching For Sugar Man” Dies Aged 36

The brother of Malik Bendjelloul told a Swedish newspaper that Bendjelloul's death was a suicide.

Ce camp de vacances permet aux enfants d'explorer leur identité sexuelle en toute liberté

La preuve par une série de photos que les enfants contribuent à réinventer les normes du genre.

Top Restaurants With A Spectacular View

As every patron knows, the quality of food can only take a restaurant so far. Chipping paint and flickering lights can leave as bad an aftertaste as a poorly prepared meal. That being said a beautiful view can change a meal into an evening and a date into a dream. According to a survey performed by MillionaireMatch, here are the world’s top four restaurants for romance: Breeze (Bali), Top of the World (Las Vegas), Ithaa Undersea (Maldives) and Strofi (Athens). They meet all requirements of ambiance, service and absolutely amazing dishes that will take your evening to the next level, but what you will remember most about them is the spectacular view.

16 Steps To Walking (see what we did there?)

Gym bunnies listen up - here's why Shanks' Pony is by far the best way to exercise

There's A "Humans Of London" Now And It's Rather Beautiful

London's answer to New York's famous blog is a splendid work in progress.

Prince William Meets Benedict Cumberbatch

We think the future king MAY have fangirled over Sherlock.

Judge Rules That Oscar Pistorius Will Be Sent For Psychiatric Evaluation

"This isn't about a matter of convenience, but if justice has been served."

Les 28 moments les plus sombres de l'Histoire

Le monde est un endroit bien sinistre.

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