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May 16, 2014

Cooking Up The Delicious Food In Jon Favreau's "Chef"

For his culinary dramedy, expanding nationwide this weekend, Favreau turned to celebrated chef Roy Choi to create dishes so tasty you would want to eat them off the screen. "I really tried to tell a story with the food," said Choi.

Has Gothamist Changed New York?

Publisher Jake Dobkin says his blog has made New York more "cool and liberal." Others aren't so sure if that's true — or a good thing.

5 Movies That Are Now Broadway Musicals

Adapting a motion picture for Broadway isn't a new trend, but this season, there are several notable musicals based on classic films. Here's how they compare to the source material.

The Ultimate DVR Guide To The 2014-2015 Season

Now that the networks have announced their new schedules for next season, fans will see some of their favorites battle one other. Figure out how to prioritize with this handy daily guide.

Feelings I Can't Hold On To Anymore

Somewhere along the way my emotional release "personal projects" became a whole collection of art, books, and stationery... and a career.

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