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May 24, 2014

37 McDonald's Foods You Probably Haven't Tried

Mcdonald's is verrry multicultural.

New Kanye West Song Released, Because He Wasn't Busy Enough This Weekend

God Level was featured in an Adidas ad for the World Cup.

10 Dumbest States In The United States

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- When writing an article ranking the "smartest" and "dumbest" states in the Union it is important to explain your methodology. This list is based on the level of education a certain percentage of the residents of each state… Read Also: The 10 Smartest States in America Read Also: The 10 Drunkest States in America

Best Outdoor Bars Patios Beer Gardens Rooftops In Chicago

There're really only two ways to take advantage of t-shirt weather: 1) by drinking outdoors, and 2) by... wearing a t-shirt. Helping with the former, here's a 'hood-by-'hood guide to every drinking spot in Chicago (109 total) worth knowing about,…

This Couple Just Had The Ultimate Geek Wedding

And we can't believe we weren't invited.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Married

Bound to fall in love Uh-huh, honey

9 Facts That Will Change The Way You Look At Celebrities

JLaw is WAY more badass than you thought.

Turkish Film "Winter Sleep" Wins Palme d'Or At Cannes Film Festival

Other winners include American Bennett Miller for best director for his wresting drama Foxcatcher, Julianne Moore for best actress in David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars, and Timothy Spall for best actor as British painter J.M.W. Turner in Mike Leigh's biopic Mr. Turner.

Ukraine's Presidential Election Is The Least Of Its Worries

"I can't even tell you how things are — in two hours it'll be completely different."

Selena Gomez's Instagram May Have Gone Too Far

Selena Gomez's latest Instagram post features a sari, but not how you'd think.

Meet The Sexual Assault Survivor Who Goes After Abusers

Lisa Gary endured sexual abuse as a child at the hands of her grandparents. She became an addict; then a lawyer. Now, she's specializing in abuse cases.

Momma Bear and Three Precocious Cubs

Three rambunctious Black Bear cubs just a few months old find everything in their new world fascinating and irresistible. One learns how to climb up, but comes down the hard way!

Un photographe saisit les moments de solitude des super-héros

De grands pouvoirs impliquent une grande solitude.

Kimye Rehearsal Dinner: Kim Looks Great, Kanye Says Kanye Things

The Kimye rehearsal dinner was equal parts beautiful and Kanye-esque.

Travel Etiquette - 16 Surefire Ways To Infuriate A Hotel's Staff

If you insist on checking out at 4pm, don’t go all Russell Crowe when you’re charged for another night.

Haikus Based On Nancy Grace Hashtags

Mothers #MojitoMom pushed #SerialKillerMom to a sick #DanceMomBrawl Mothers II #BathtubMom scrubs down #MomInTrunk, while #MouthyMom shrieks #WhoKilledDaddy Antichrist #BoxesOfBabies Inside the old #HouseOfSnakes Hark! The #SoundsOfDeath A Fun Night #PotheadPrincess meets #PervyGranny, #KillerNun: Ends in #DwarfSexSting Boobs What #CleavageComplaint? Oh, this #BreastMilkXRay shows Too much #BreastAndBeer T-Pain’s Lament Pricey #StripperBill #PotToBlame — high, took her to #BurgerKingBaby  Sexting Gone Wrong You want #PervyPics? Here’s a #CreepySelfie of a #ButtToDieFor Tween Rumors Heard #OneDirection Got into a #SchoolBusBrawl Niall was #LeftToDie Honest Mistake Wrongly #BilledForSex When I just took #WillSmith out for #KillerPancakes Nancy Watch Nancy Grace and You’ll want…

How To Not Get Your Body Ready For Bikini Season

Guidelines to follow if you've given up on attempting to achieve the body of a supermodel.

69 cosas que todo fanático de "Game Of Thrones" piensa cada domingo

¿Qué acaba de pasar? ¡! Advertencia: ¡Avances del próximo capítulo a la vista!

Four Dead In Shooting At The Brussels Jewish Museum, Suspect Still At Large

The Brussels Fire Department and Prime Minister of Belgium have confirmed reports of gunfire at the Jewish Museum, where at least four are dead. A man was detained on Saturday, but is now considered a witness. Police are still searching for the suspect.

Everything We Know So Far About The Kimye Wedding Extravaganza

The first thing we know: They’re not very good at keeping the wedding a secret.

10 Burning Questions About "X-Men: Days Of Future Past," Answered

Producer-screenwriter Simon Kinberg explains why Wolverine was sent back and not Kitty Pryde; how Prof. X came back to life; and what this all means for the future of the X-Men. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS!

A Stunt Coordinator Has Combined Parkour With Hopscotch

Skipping? Hopping? Move over, Grandma.

Kristen Stewart Has Found Her Best Role Yet

As the personal assistant to a star in the Cannes film Clouds of Sils Maria, the actress formerly known as Bella Swan plays off her own image.

37 Hottest People Of Walmart

Saving money has never been so sexy.

The Most Fab Or Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted – here are the results.

"Mass Murder" In California, 7 Killed By "Disturbed" Man

Police say 22-year-old Elliot Rodger stabbed three men, then went on a shooting rampage that killed three more near the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara. The incident also left 13 people injured.

21 Ways To Demonstrate Your Passionate Love For Beer


20 Lyrics That Feel Like Your 20s

It's difficult being in your 20s, but at least someone else knows what you're going through.

29 One Piece Swimsuits That Aren't For Your Mom

A good one piece can be just as flirty as a bikini.

The Definitive Ranking Of Veggie Burgers

Summer's here. Break out the veggie burgers. Just not the gross ones.

23 Easy Tricks For A Healthier Barbecue

Eating grilled shrimp isn't exactly a sacrifice, you know?

19 Foolproof Ways To Make A Small Space Feel So Much Bigger

Make your tiny pad feel like a palace.

Nikita Cat is Playing with RC Helicopter - part 1

Nikita cat still acts like a crazy kitten. She's very energetic and she likes to play with RC helicopters and mouse toys, jump and run everywhere. She's also making a funny noises and meows :)

Miley Caught J-Law Doing What On AmehKristine's Blog

OMG...this is actually kind-of funny. Celebs are put up on pedestals by fans and admiring peers, but in all reality, they're people just like you and I who make bad decisions sometimes! At a recent visit to Late Night With Seth Meyers, Jennifer Lawrence spilled on the time she spewed chunks

A Man Photobombed A Local News Anchor By Drinking Out Of A Vase

Maybe it wasn't a photobomb. Maybe service was just that slow.

These Fabulous Swimsuits Are Designed Specifically For Breast Cancer Survivors

And they're modelled by some seriously glam women.


Are you cursed with an unattractive navel?

In Defense Of Holding On To Nude Photos Of Exes

It's the last point that's the crux of this debate, of course. By limiting the ruling solely to intimate or erotic photos, rather than all photos from the relationship, the court clearly communicated that it was taking a stand against the practice…

Músicas Que Citam Beyoncé

Em "Yoncé" ("Beyoncé", 2013), Queen Bey pergunta: "E por que você acha que meu nome tá na ponta de toda língua?" Quem é beyhive sabe! Excluindo as próprias músicas e as do esposo Jay Z, vamos ver quem citou Bey! Leggo!

New Boy Scouts President Says He Would Have Allowed Gay Adults

Robert Gates said Friday that he was "prepared to go further than the decision that was made" last year to exclude gay scoutmasters.

Michael Fassbender Is The King Of Attractiveness

I'd take him over Tatum any day, though that'd be a happy dilemma

Lana Del Rey Performed At Kimye's Rehearsal Dinner

It took place at the Palace of Versailles.

Why Your Beer Doesn't Taste Right: The Most Common Off-flavors Explained

Beer isn't supposed to taste like boiled cabbage.

9 Dirty California Beaches You Should Avoid This Summer

Planning a trip to a California beach this summer? Why not take a swim in raw sewage instead.

9 Videos You Absolutely Can't Miss This Week

Featuring celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves, an epic Michael Jackson impression and the cutest baby goat you ever did see.

Crossfit Gets Even More Crazy With Fully Nude Workout Sessions (NSFW)

Update: The Nude Crossfit sessions seem to have been a part of an elaborate April Fools' Day scheme. Read more here.

Your Mental Sorbet: Tony Figueroa on the Love Connection

Here is another "Mental Sorbet" that we could use to momentarily forget about those things that leave a bad taste in our mouths.

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