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May 2, 2014

Nearly 20 Years After "Rent," Anthony Rapp Is Desperately Seeking Originality With "If/Then"

In the new musical If/Then, Anthony Rapp plays two versions of the same character in alternate realities. It's a complex, unique show, which — as the Rent star laments — is getting increasingly harder to find on Broadway.

18 WTF Moments In Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie's Friendship

A friendship that perfectly sums up the early 2000s.

The Many Results Of Heavy Drinking In 55 Awesome GIFs Leads The Daily Links

Plus the best wines under $20 according to the experts, a new natural cure for sleepless nights, and 10 signs that a guy just isn't ready for marriage.

The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day.

(Or maybe even all month.)

15 Super Dumb Things Even Smart People Sometimes Do

No one is perfect. Sometimes even a genius head can be a real idiot box. Here are some real dumb things even smarty pants sometimes do.

A Splash Of Seawater

The latest viral buzz from

How I Threw Eggs At My Boss And Didn't Get Fired.

It's true, I egged my boss. Actually, I egged, jello-ed, and and antiqued him. Yet I am still gainfully employed. How is this possible? All I had to do was agree to a silly slow mo office bet on a NHL playoff series. Well, that and take my share of foodstuffs to the face.

11 Places All "Game Of Thrones" Fans Need To Visit

Game of Thrones may not be real, but many of the beautiful locations where the series is filmed are. Travel by dragon still not an option, though.

A Super Emotional Selena Gomez Covers Corinne Bailey Rae (Video) On Janae Manigault's Blog

Selena Gomez, the young singer and actress who recently made headlines for deleting every single friend she followed on Instagram, showcases her pure and sultry vocals in these two videos posted April 30. She emotionally covers singer/songwriter…

Ackman's Herbalife Campaign Now Has A Movie

With the nutritional supplement under investigation by multiple regulators and law enforcement agencies, Ackman presses his case with a film featuring former Herbalife distributors.

Things Wrestlers Do That'd Be Creepy If You Did Them

Could you maybe turn the intensity down a notch?

20 Surprising Facts About Masturbation To Brighten Your Day

Happy National Masturbation Month! May is the month we all lay down to celebrate the fine art of wanking, jerking off, rubbing one out, twirling the pearl, onanism, self-loving, going solo, spanking the monkey, fapping, self-servicing — pick your…

How Many Of These '90s Girl Toys Did You Own?

Oh, how we yearn for the days of Dream Phone.

21 Animales suaves y esponjosos que te ayudarán a relajarte después de un largo día

A veces todo lo que necesitas es repirar hondo y mirar algo lindo.

The Look That Men Find Most Attractive

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by this new research.

17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

James Franco showed off his art, Beyoncé got snacks and more!

How To Check And See If Twitter Is Dead

The terrifying, beating heart of your Twitter feed.

Coors Is Making A Beer For Latinos With Citrus Flavor Because Latinos Love Flavors

We love flavors, apparently. Don't laugh or shake your head, they have research.


Let's see if you deserve something a little special.

Most Inspiring Craigslist Ad Or Most Depressing?

A search for a wedding dress on Portland’s Craigslist turns up an ad that’s heartbreaking

Bradley Cooper Bulks Up For "American Sniper"

And by "bulks up," we mean maybe gained over 40 pounds of muscle mass.

Why Are Young Women Getting #DivorceTattoos And Posting Them Online?

Being in a heightened emotional state is really not the best time to be making life changing decisions. And I'm not referring to that drunken night where you sent your ex a text that said "Hey, what's up?" and woke up to complete humiliation to an…

How Censors Killed The Weird, Experimental, Progressive Golden Age Of Comics

In the 1940s, comic books were often feminist, diverse, and bold. Then the reactionary Comics Code Authority changed the trajectory of comic book culture for good.

Man On Tall Bike Rolling Through Flash Flood Has Impeccable Timing

This is the most Portland thing to ever Florida.

17 tenues de l'Eurovision complètement ridicules

Tout en subtilité et bon goût.

Second U.S. Case Of Deadly MERS Virus Confirmed In Florida

U.S. officials confirmed on Monday that a second U.S. case of the Middle East Respiratory System (MERS) virus was confirmed in Florida.

#Selfies: All You Need To Know About The Most Popular Thing, Ever

It's a word in the dictionary, and it's embedded pretty deep into American pop culture nowadays. Want to learn about the history of the selfie? Maybe learn some new selfie facts? Do it. But first, let me take a #selfie.

Disney Put Out An EDM Version Of "Let It Go" And It's Pretty Damn Good

Frozen's monster track gets the trance-music treatment courtesy of Armin van Buuren. The video for the track is debuting today on BuzzFeed.

Stunning Nude Photos Show The Realistic Beauty Of A Woman's Body After Childbirth

Photographer Jade Beall recently photographed over 80 new mothers of all ages, body types, and racial backgrounds for her new series titled A Beautiful Body Project. Her own personal struggles with body image grew to an all-time high after she…

A History Of Vocal Reality Show Contestants From Minnesota

As Minnesotans vote and await the outcome of Kat Perkin's journey this season on The Voice, let's take a look back at the history of some infamous former reality show singers from the land of 10,000 lakes.

22 excusas totalmente legítimas para no salir esta noche

Solo en caso que necesites idear una (excusa) rápidamente y de forma convincente.

The 22 Most Perfectly Timed Selfies Ever Taken

"Some people wait a lifetime for a selfie like this." —Kelly Clarkson, probably

Prince Harry Is Single, Shirtless, And Hanging Out By A Pool

Did we mention he's currently in Memphis, Tenn.? IT'S A PARTY IN THE U.S.A.

Why Carl Is The Best Character On Shameless

NSFW because, well, it's Carl.

"I Should Kill You Right Here"

Pro-Russian rebels kidnap more U.S. journalists amid fresh unrest in east Ukraine."Do you know the things America has been doing here?"

Alice Is Making A Post For NYT Show And Tell

This is my post. fdsfds fds.

Jennifer Lawrence Responds To Esquire's Concerns About Her Drinking

Yesterday, Esquire blogger Ned Hepburn penned A Letter To Jennifer Lawrence About Her Drunkenness. Read it, or not. ("You're lucky you're a total stone-cold fox with a face like a million dollars and a better rack than a master carpenter.") It fits… (If it wasn't clear already, this letter was definitely not written by Jennifer Lawrence.) Dear Ned, Can I call…

10 Signs He's Not Ready For Marriage

That ring may be nowhere near his radar.

6 People Who Claim To Have Had Sex With Aliens

VERY close encounters of the third kind.

15 Instagrams de famosos que tal vez te perdiste esta semana

Esta semana Rihanna se encontró con Jennifer Lopez y Pharrell Williams modeló un sombrero nuevo.

13 Times You Disappointed This Corgi Dressed As A Pirate

Go fetch his cannonball immediately.

70 Thoughts I Had At The 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards

It's going down. I'm yelling, "WHERE IS KESHA?"

Here's What Happens When Adults Try To Guess The Ingredients For A Margarita

It's not as easy as one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

Marion Barry Slams HBO Over Use Of White Writers In Biopic

"Some white people really do think they should tell the history of black experiences. Sad paternalists. We can speak for ourselves," Barry wrote in one tweet.

More Than 40 People Killed During Violent Clashes In Ukraine's Odessa

Updated: At least 40 people werekilled, most caught in a building fire, as Ukrainian government supporters battled with pro-Russians in the port city of Odessa.

A Ton Of Random Facts About People And Their Cars

People do some weird things to their cars. Some people are in a romantic relationship with their cars, and some people give their cars names. What's really weird is how much money we sink into them on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Here is everything you need to know about "People and Their Cars."

How To Sit Properly

Humans and Chairs: A love story.

How Popular In D.C. Are You, Really?

So baby gimme that toot toot. Lemme give you that beep beep.

Stormtroopers Doing Everyday Things

Artists Brian Michael and Joel Erkkinen used the force and Autodesk Maya to place these stormtroopers into everyday situations.

10 Covers That Are More Successful Than The Original

Pharrell Williams has revealed that Cee Lo Green actually recorded "Happy" first, but the "powers that be" vetoed it, so everyone's favourite hat-wearing chap went on to re-record it himself and has so far sold over 1.3m copies in the UK. Pretty awks for Cee Lo. Here's 10 other covers that were more successful than the original.

13 Photographers On Their Favorite Same-Sex Weddings

We asked photographers from the book The New Art Of Capturing Love to share some moments and lessons learned while photographing a couple's big day.

12 mascotas superhéroes para salvar tu día

Resulta que todo el poder está en la capa. ¿Quién lo sabía?

This Teenager's Self-Portraits Perfectly Capture 100 Years Of Fashion

From the 1920s all the way through the 2010s, Annalisa Hartlaub recreated mainstream and counterculture photographs for a class project. The results are incredible.

This Harry Potter–Star Wars Mash-Up Is A Work Of Unadulterated Genius

When a YouTube video clocks up 5 million views in a couple of days, you can assume it's pretty good.

11 Reasons To Visit The Great City Of Louisville

Come for the Kentucky Derby. Stay for all the other awesome stuff!

Here's Some Fun Facts About Hong Kong You Probably Don't Know

You'll never believe who won the 1958 Hong Kong Cha Cha Championship.

20 Adorable, Chic Flower Gifts For Mom That Won't Die

Because your mom deserves a gift that lasts longer than she was in labor with your ungrateful behind.

17 Rules For Taking A Good Photo

Don't stink up your own selfie.

10 Reasons Why You Should Love Jessie Mueller

our Broadway generation's version of Judy Garland

21 Ways To Have WAY More Fun With Masturbation

What are you doing tonight? This.

21 People You Want To Avoid At All Costs

Some folk are best avoided. Via Twitter's YouHadOneJob.

The "Poison Pill" Defense Has Its Day In Court

Shareholder rights plans, commonly called "poison pills" because they limit the amount of stock an investor is able to acquire, are increasingly being used by companies against activist investors. But hedge fund manager Dan Loeb is mounting a court challenge to its relevancy in his battle against auction house Sotheby's.

23 Reasons Fox News' "Outnumbered" Is The Only Cable News Show To Watch At 12 P.M.

The cable news version of The View is everything the world was hoping it would be.

7 Things That Happen When You Have Brunch With Jennifer Lopez

Last week, J.Lo hosted a private listening party for her upcoming album at an oceanside restaurant in Malibu, Calif. Here's what BuzzFeed saw and heard.

The Racially Charged "Belle" Brings New Life To The Staid Costume Drama

The new film stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the mixed-race daughter of a British aristocrat trying to find a place in 18th-century society. It's not your average Jane Austen–style drama.

15 profils Tinder qui vendent du rêve

On ne peut pas toujours tomber sur des beaux gosses.

The Truth Behind This "Shocking" Asian Beauty Trend

A new trend from Chinese social media service Weibo is causing a ruckus on the Internet.

How Everyone Feels At School Reunions

Your classmates: "Oh, I started at Citibank just out of kindergarten!"

23 gatos que están atravesando una etapa

A veces simplemente tienes que probar cosas nuevas.

15 Picures Proving That Chickenguy And Moonmoon Are Besties.

Lego Chickenguy and Moonmoon his pup are Besties, and everything is awesome.

14 films pour remplacer vos vidéos porno

Pour vos nuits solitaires.

More Than 2,100 Reported Dead In Afghan Landslide

Officials said they have given up on finding any survivors.

16 One Direction Souvenirs You Can Buy In London, Ranked

I went to London and found out that there are so many things you can put the faces of One Direction on. Presented from worst to best.

Twitter Is Testing A Tool That Will Let You Mute People You Follow

So you can finally ignore all your colleagues you feel obligated to follow.

9 "This American Life" Episodes Brits Really Need To Hear

The American public radio programme is finally making a debut on British radio this Sunday. But with only a limited 13-week run on Radio 4 Extra, which of the more than 500 episodes should you consider listening to after the series is over?

10 Celebrity #TBT Of Met Balls From Previous Years

It's that time of year again: get excited.

Our 9 Favorite Feature Stories This Week: A Cartel Leader's Capture And Fake Hate Crimes

This week for BuzzFeed, an investigation into why a gay teenager perpetrated an elaborate series of fake hate crimes against herself. Read that and these other stories from around BuzzFeed and the web.

37 lecciones de vida que "Friends" nos enseñó

A los jóvenes de los años 90, "Friends" nos enseñó mucho sobre la vida. No estábamos seguros de poder sobrevivir sin ellos, pero afortunadamente, han sido inmortalizados en GIFs.

9 Unwritten Facebook Rules Everyone Needs To Follow

Seriously: GTFO if you Like your own posts.

The 23 Most Hypnotically Pointless Websites Of All Time

If you can find a use for any of these then congratulations. Via

10 Famous Sculptures Made Of Recycled Metals

American citizens throw away about 3 lbs of garbage a day per individual. The amount of waste that we throw out is staggering and the effects on the environment are quite negative. As a part of an effort for a greener society, some artists make a big statement by composing work entirely out of recycled material. Here are 10 of the most famous recycled metal sculptures in the world and their stories:

Mister Rogers Explained To Modern Kids

Won't you be my neighbor? YES. YES I WILL.

27 Important Recipes For People Who Love Campari

Campari isn't for everyone. But those who get it get it.

12 Literary Spots In London That Every Book Lover Needs To Visit

A guide to the best (and mostly free) places to channel some of the city's greatest writers and celebrate their works.

Les 14 positions les plus absurdes du Kamasutra

Classées par niveau de complexité et illustrées par des dessins de grande qualité. NSFW, évidemment.

Most People Who Voted Lib Dem Last Time Regret It

Ed Miliband's hopes of being Prime Minister rest on convincing disaffected Lib Dems to vote for him. But will they stick with Labour?

Here's What Happens When You Try To Eat 12 Donuts From 12 Donut Shops In One Morning

One man's epic journey to prove one donut is never enough.

19-Year-old Takes Granny To Prom

High school senior takes his great-grandmother to prom because she never had a chance to go to hers.

The 17 Stages Of Every Internship Application Process

Either you have already been there or you will be soon. Isn’t it the same for all of us?

21 cosas que no serás capaz de dejar de ver

Haz clic solo si quieres que cambie todo lo que conoces hasta ahora.

A Photographer Discovered A Picture Of Kim Kardashian And A Very Sad Kanye West In A Zip Line Office

Could it be? A photo of Kim and Kanye that has never been on the internet before?

Porn Stars Are Calling For A Boycott Of Samuel L. Jackson’s Films

So that would be a boycott of all the films ever made, then.

20 Dos And Don'ts Of Cinco De Mayo

DO have fun! DON'T be part of a regrettable, racist photo.

Twelve German Libraries That Will Make Bookworms Drool

Bookworms, delight! These twelve libraries are enough reason alone to visit Germany.

Are You Living A Lie?

What are you hiding?

3 Things That Mario And Sonic Never Had To Worry About (And We Don’t Mean Dimensions)

You won’t find this game on PS or Xbox. But millions of girls around the world have to play it.

There Are 237 Reasons To Have Sex

Men and women are clearly more similar than different when looking at the most and least commonly reported reasons for sex. However, for the reasons that appeared in the middle of the list (i.e., things that only motivate people occasionally), a…

19 Animals Celebrating No Pants Day

Ain't no party like a no pants party 'cause a no pants party involves no pants. A doy.

This Awesome Teenager Decided To Take His 89-Year-Old Great-Grandmother To Prom

Austin Dennison's great-grandmother never got to go to her prom, so he decided to do something about it.

DC's First Metro Bar Map Will Direct You To Beer

Start riding, then start drinking!

Le classement ultime de toutes les pizzas Domino's

De la moins bonne à la meilleure.

"Girl Meets World" Will Finally Make Its Debut In June

The highly anticipated Disney Channel original series premieres on Friday, June 27.

18 Things Couples Who Have Been Together Forever Are Tired Of Hearing

Ask me when we're getting married one more time.

30 Perfect Tattoos For Word Nerds

Where words fail, ink speaks.

The Jonah Ryan Guide To Being A Complete Douchebag

Veep's biggest jerk illustrates exactly what not to do.

What Should You Do With Your Next $5?

Instead of that second venti latte, find out which charity or cause could use your hard-earned dollars.

14 Cosas que los muchachos tienen que parar inmediatamente de hacer en Tinder

Esta es la razón por la que eres eliminado. ¿Ha funcionado alguna vez el ser tan "espeluznante"?

16 Perfect Dessert Ideas For Your Grad Party

You've earned the right to eat EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

25 Every Day Things That Show You Are Living The Dream Together

Because time is free, but it's priceless. And you own it, but you can't use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. And once you've lost it, you can never get it back.

Demi Lovato Healing Through Thong Selfies

Demi Lovato has bipolar disorder in no way associated with being thrown into world of high pressure television and institutionalized molestation from a very early age. Barney and her mom and her psychotic delusion named Big Dick Steve can’t hurt her…

9 Unbelievable Works Of Art Created With Just Some Ballpoint Pens

Portuguese artist Samuel Silva is handier with a pen than you will ever be.

Sinkhole Swallows Parked Cars In Baltimore

A block-long sinkhole that opened up in a residential neighborhood in Baltimore, Md. on Wednesday prompted the evacuation of several houses in the area.

Chyler Leigh And Jennifer Esposito To Star In 'Taxi Brooklyn' Series

Actresses Chyler Leigh ("Grey's Anatomy") and Jennifer Esposito ("Blue Bloods") star alongside French actor Jacky Ido in new series "Taxi Brooklyn."

Senators Press House To Take Up Long-term Unemployment Extension

With time running out on a Senate-passed extension on emergency unemployment benefits, the measure's two authors Thursday urged the House to act quickly.

#SadKanye Wonders What James Franco Is Doing

#SadKanye just doesn't get you James.

30 seniors qu'on aimerait bien se taper

Pour tous ceux qui ont des papy issues.

Amazon Reviews Of This Plastic Banana Slicer Are Just The Best

It seems this banana slicer is the best thing on the planet. No longer do you have to use "an old slinky" to slice your bananas.

25 Photos Of Incredibly Hot Guys Drinking Beer

Elvis Di Fazio, a self-proclaimed smutographer, is known for taking sexually amped photos of men and women who find themselves in all kinds of sexually raunchy scenarios. We featured his steamy series on car sex and while patrolling through his…

19 cosas que nunca deberías decirle a tu pareja cuando está embarazada

Nueve meses pueden ser un largo tiempo si tienes una boca grande.

Exclusive: U.S. Navy SEAL Smuggled 10 Kilos Of Cocaine Into Miami

A Navy commando who worked on counter-narcotics missions pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy. He had his wife carry the suitcase of cocaine from the plane — but she left it behind.

35 Albums From The '90s You Bought For Just That One Song

Ah, life before iTunes. If you were lucky you also liked the rest of the album.

The Fashion Intervention: Who Wore WHAT!? At The 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Only the latest and most worthy celebrity fashion trends right off the red carpet.

“It Happens Here”: The Campaign Highlighting Sexual Violence At Oxford University

Since the middle of last year, students at Oxford have been posting their stories about sexual abuse they've suffered to an anonymous Tumblr. The women behind the campaign explain why.

Watch Andrew Garfield Sing The Spider-Man Theme Song On "The Tonight Show"

With help from Jimmy Fallon. Oh, and it's the first time the actor has ever sung in public. #NBD

What's The Difference Between Tex-Mex And REAL Mexican Food?

We enlisted Tex-Mex experts to give us the scoop (not the Fritos kind) on exactly what the cuisine is and how it differs from…

Florida Woman On That Heroic And Relentless Rotisserie Chicken Tip

A Florida woman has revealed that she spent nearly a year eating free rotisserie chickens from area Publix grocery stores by taking advantage of a store policy promising all sales be priced as advertised or taken off the bill. Janet Feldman, a 57-year-old who designs stripper costumes, first demanded the so-called 'Publix promise' after realizing many of the stores birds didn't meet the listed 2-pound minimum weight. A year and 300 free chickens later, the Davie woman portrays herself as a sort of Robin Hood of poultry. Having presumably built up a level of chicken tolerance that one can only…

27 GIFs That Perfectly Describe How Left Wing Australians Feel Right Now

The conservative Liberal government is causing a lot of feelings in the hearts of (lowercase) liberal Australians.

WTF Is This Naked Trippy Video Of Miley Cyrus On Caitlin O'Brien's Blog

Miley Cyrus has grown into a woman and a provocative artist before our eyes. Her latest shocking act is to star in this video by filmmaker Quentin Jones. The video is called Tongue Tied, which is very appropriate for the controversial singer, 21. I'm not really sure what's going on in

Happiness Is A Beach Party With 11 Very Excited Dogs (And 1 Really Chill Cat)

Watch this video if you want to smile today or again in your lifetime.

61 Thoughts Everyone Has While Shopping In General Pants

"Everyone who works here looks like they should be on an early ‘90s MTV commercial."

James Franco (Semi) Nude Selfie

James Franco just posted this to instagram. We're not mad.

US States North Of Canada

What's your best guess without looking: How many US states are at least partially north of the southernmost part of Canada? ...

9 Signs Technology Is Ruining Your Love Life

Can't live with it, can't live without it

How Complete Strangers Can Influence Your Relationship

Just because you’re coupled up doesn’t mean that you won’t still get butterflies when a tall, dark stranger asks for your phone number. But surprisingly, this kind of attention can change the way you feel about your current bond. When people in…

9 Photos That Prove James Franco Needs An Instagram Intervention

Look, James. We gotta talk. Maybe it's just time to spend a little quality time *away* from your iPhone...

Meet Hollywood’s Best Lesbian Character In A Long Time

Yes, it’s Leighton Meester in Life Partners. The actress, her co-star Gillian Jacobs, and director/co-writer Susanna Fogel talk about how they achieved such an accurate, yet incidental, portrayal of a gay twentysomething woman.

Why Would A Gay Teenager Commit Hate Crimes Against Herself?

Ten years ago, a liberal San Francisco suburb was traumatized by a rash of hate crimes against a 17-year-old lesbian. But when it was revealed that the victim herself had staged the attacks, the entire community turned on her and she never spoke about the incidents publicly. Until now.

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