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May 5, 2014

Penis Vs. Vagina: The Ultimate Debate

Whose genitals are best?

Las Vegas Police Officers Tell Girls That Premarital Sex Leads To Death

During a "Choose Purity" event put on by police officers, young children were shown graphic examples of abuse and death. The depictions were apparently supposed to scare the kids away from having sex.

Top Singapore Official Attacks Goldman Sachs Over LGBT Student Event

Backing LGBT rights is "not without a price," Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein said two years ago.

New Erotic Art Exhibit Makes You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone (NSFW)

Open mouths, bare asses, and colorful genitals covered the two-story space in a collection of 25 of the most compelling contemporary erotic artists. The exhibit's curator, Savannah Spirit claims that the pop up show's purpose is about reawakening…

Celebrities Boycott Beverly Hills Hotel Owned By Sharia-Imposing Sultan

As the sultan of Brunei begins imposing death by stoning for homosexuality and adultery, celebrities push back against the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel and other properties in the sultan's chain.

For Some, There Simply Is No Taco Without A Bell Leads The Daily Links

Plus the Tetris diet, one major first-impression mistake you could be making, and Dennis Rodman chats about his adventures in North Korea.

Definitive Proof That Prom Is Stupid

Guess what you could buy for the same price as “A Tropical Night To Remember Under The Stars”?

The Megaman-Inspired Game That We Need And Deserve

Take one part Mega Man X and one part roguelike goodness. Add multiplayer. Stir generously.

My Insta-Recap: #ExtremeBeautyTour Pink Lipstick Makeup Tips & More Photo

Hey guys, this week has been a big week for me with the start of my #ExtremeBeautyTour! If you don't already, follow my IG HERE to keep up with what's been going on in my Instagram world! Take a look through the gallery and tell me what some of YOUR beauty

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Wants To Impeach State's AG For Refusal To Defend Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane announced July 11, 2013, she would not defend the state's ban on legal marriage for same-sex couples in court. Her decision is an impeachable offense, according to a Republican lawmaker pushing to remove her from office.

The Different Levels Of Senioritis, As Told By Animals

These are the different levels of senioritis felt by animal high school seniors. Everyone starts with them...

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

How Hard Is Climbing Everest, Really?

It is both easier and more dangerous than you think.

What It's Like Inside The Mind Of An Anxious Person

If I look like I'm keeping it together, it's because I'm an amazing actor.

The Famous Veggies That Should Star In Every Garden

With so many delicious veggies out there, how does one choose which to include in their garden? The most fabulous, famous and colorful of course!

Here's A Cringeworthy Video Of What MSNBC Thinks Cinco De Mayo Is About

Sombreros, maracas, and tequila, oh my. Bask in the awkwardness.

The Trouble With Gwen Stacy In "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

Emma Stone's character had a date with comic book destiny in the Spider-Man sequel. Here's why it stung.

Anastacia From Beginnings To Resurrection

As Anastacia releases her latest album "Resurrection", let's have a brief look at the roller-coaster ride that is her career.

8 Tips For Overcoming An Existential Meltdown On The Morning Of Your 28th Birthday

Good morning, happy birthday, your twenties are slipping through your fingers!

29 Unwritten Rules Of Instagram That Everyone Should Follow

Whatever you do, DON'T choose Toaster.

The Complete "YAAAAAAS GAGA!" Compilation Video

Just when I thought I was over "YAAAAS GAGA" this happened.

Zac Efron's Hair Is Too Damn High

I love you Zac, but your hair looks better pushed back.

How NYU Are You?

How violet is your soul?

11 People Who Are Watching "Cosmos" Wrong

I guess Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't for everyone. From the anonymous secret sharing app, Whisper.

Convicted Killer "Party Monster" Michael Alig Released From Prison

Michael Alig, the most notorious New York nightclub promoter of the 1990s, was released from jail today after serving more than 17 years for manslaughter.

Resulta que Katy Perry ha estado tomando tips de moda de "Archie"

En realidad, esto no puede ser una coincidencia H/T HitFix.

22 People Who Need Their Spelling Privileges Revoked

Hey, if you're running Aarons at the supermarket later, can you pick me up some Synonym Toast Crunch?

An Accurate, Wordless Comic About Growing Older

Illustrated truths about how aging changes your mind by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Sara Bareilles Is So Totally Hired To Plan Our Future Proposals.

Sara Bareilles helps two lucky couples have the proposal moments of their dreams...and we are so totally jealous!

The 33 Most '90s Moments On "Dawson's Creek"

Not including that Paula Cole song from the credits.

27 Lessons "30 Rock" Taught You About Friendship

Those ice cream saps will rue the day they ever tangled with the Best Friends Gang.

25 Reasons Why Summer Is The Enemy

I think there's sunscreen in my mouth?

I Have Discovered The Most Magnificent Place In The World

Come along now. My secret is yours to share.

13 Grocery Store Items That Look Different In The UK

These products are almost the same on both sides of the Atlantic, but only the ones on the right have really sexy accents.

A Definitive Ranking Of The Greatest Soccer Ads Of All Time

Soccer ads are better than all other ads. And here's the best XI.

This Dog Is Monday

You are this dog.

Por que não vemos a hora de assistir à nova novela das 7 da Globo

"Geração Brasil" (ou G3r4ção Br4s1l) tem o Murilo Benício em um papel tipo Steve Jobs e o Lázaro Ramos de guru maluco. E isso é só o começo.

Uzo Aduba Looks Crazy Radiant On The Red Carpet

Orange Is the New Black star Uzo Aduba debuts a super-glamorous look at The White House Correspondents' dinner.

17 personas que están demasiado obsesionadas con la mayonesa

Definitivamente puedes tener demasiado de una cosa buena.

21 Reasons Cows Are Actually Awesome

Bonafide bovines ahead.

13 E-Cigs You Wouldn't Mind Being

What a life an e-cigarette has. If you are one of Leonardo DiCaprio's e-cigs that is.

In Congo's Biggest Rape Trial, Only Two Convictions

One soldier convicted of rape could serve a life sentence. Thirteen of the accused were acquitted of all charges; the remainder will serve varying sentences for crimes like pillaging and robbery.

Mais personagens de “Game Of Thrones” desenhados como “Os Simpsons”

Todo mundo fica bem mais legal em amarelo! O artista Adrien Noterdaem continua sua incrível série de desenhos.

"Spinning 3-D Pornhub Comments" Is Your New Favorite Tumblr

It goes without saying, this post contains NSFW language.

17 Razones por las que siempre recordaremos a Roberto Gomez Bolaños

Que en paz descanse el pequeño gigante que nos enseñó a soñar.

15 Charts That Perfectly Illustrate How To Properly Pet Animals

Learn how to interact with animals and you'll have more furry friends than you know what to do with.

16 Dogs Who Want You To Rethink That Cinco De Mayo Sombrero

Pick up that marg but step away from the sombrero.

17 regras para tirar uma boa foto

Não estrague sua própria selfie.

First Impressions Matter & This Habit Could Be Ruining Yours

A new study suggests that uptalking makes women seem less trustworthy, especially during the first impression.

This Edit Of "Full House" As A Horror Film Is Absolutely Brilliant

Let's face it, Danny Tanner was always a creep.

15 Texts Babies Wish They Could Send

Thankfully their little thumbs aren't actually capable of this.

Short And Cute

A short and cute little closeup of Oscar. Perfect bank holiday viewing!

Test Your Grammar With One Direction And Friends

Are these song lyrics grammatically correct? Find out with this sequel to the first quiz!

11 Adorable Animals To Get You Through Finals Week

The cuteness will sooth your sleep-deprived eyes.

Monty Python's Flying Circus - The Lumberjack Song Mashup GIF

It's Michael Palin's birthday today. A look back at him singing with Canadians and Austrians.

27 Things Vegetarians Get Really Good At

For everyone who celebrates Take Your Box of Veggie Burgers to the BBQ Day.

How Serious Is The Relationship Between You And Your Couch?

My couch went to Jared and now we are getting married.

How The "Trigger Warning" Took Over The Internet

The phrase evolved from clinical psychiatry, moved from LiveJournal fan fiction to Tumblr to mainstream media, and eventually ended up on college syllabi. Here's the story of how it happened.

Which "Firefly" Character Are You?

All results are shiny.

This Dad's Pictures With His 3-Year-Old Show Just How Hilarious It Is To Be A Father

Dave Engledow is still creating the amazing photo series featuring the hijinks of him and his daughter, Alice Bee.

29 Wins That Only British People Will Understand

A look at the very minor things that make the British happy. Via /r/BritishSuccess

The 12 Cute Things From Japan That Every Girl Should Own

From Hello Kitty everything to doll clothing-inspired street fashion, everyone knows that Japan is the headquarters for everything kawaii (cute). Here are twelve small things that girls around the world should add to their lives to run with what Japanese girls already know (*^_~*) :

These Are The 21 Best Tequila Bars In America

Let's just say Pee-wee Herman would definitely dance on these bar tables.

22 celebridades que no se parecen en nada

Aquí aparecen 11 parejas de famosos que realmente lucen muy diferentes.

Why It's Hard To Board A Bus In Nairobi Today If You Look Like A Somali

A day after two deadly attacks on public buses, riders begin profiling each other.

The 45 Social Media Burns, Ranked

How to dis your frenemy on the web, from most passive/least aggressive --> least passive/most aggressive.

16 New And Returning TV Shows Worth Watching This Summer

Lee Pace in an '80s computer-programming drama, a Victorian horror mash-up, sex researchers, Jack Bauer, Louie, and female prisoners? Check, check, check, check, check, and check.

How "Orphan Black" Pulled Off That Perfectly Disastrous Musical

Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson reveals the odd origins of Blood Ties: The Musical and where Alison's downward spiral leads next.

7 Quick Dinners To Make This Week

Life is good when you have delicious things to eat.

Black Milk Clothing Illustrates How Not To Use Social Media

Sometimes brands that hit it big forget where their success came from in the first place - but their followers certainly don't. Popular online clothing retailer Black Milk Clothing learned this the hard way this weekend. Update: The company has since issued an apology.

25 Things To Remind Your Kids Of When They're Older

They're going to appreciate you, whether they like it or not.

A Mini "The OC" Reunion Happened And We Weren't Invited

The Atwood brothers look surprisingly happy to see each other.

This Guy Filmed Himself Doing The "Napoleon Dynamite" Dance For 100 Days Straight Because GOSH!

Sweet skillz. I bet he's been chatting online with hot babes all day.

How Much Of A Diva Are You?

Are you the female version of a hustler?

24 Signs Your Addiction To "Hearthstone" Has Become A Problem

Hi, my name is Josh... and I'm addicted to a card game you play online.

11 Isolated Vocal Tracks That Prove Pop Stars Actually Sing With Their Souls

The next time somebody tells you that pop music is all lies, send them this as proof. Pity the fool who has to mop up all the REAL left on the studio floor.

20 Fantastic Subscription Boxes Everyone Needs Right Now

Whether you’re giving a gift or simply indulging for yourself, these subscription boxes are sure to please. And the best part? You don’t have to leave your house to buy them.

Watch Rick Grimes Battle Walter White For Basic Cable Rap Supremacy

"I've seen Walter Jr. handle walkers better than you."

Leader Of Movement To Find Nigeria's Kidnapped School Girls Is Arrested

Naomi Mutu Nyadar was detained after leaving an all-night meeting with Nigeria's first lady. Nearly 300 girls have been missing since last month.

The Man Who Was Never Sent To Prison Because Of A Clerical Error Has Been Set Free

A judge in Missouri has ordered the state to release Cornealious "Mike" Anderson, who was convicted of robbery in 2000 but never sent to prison, and who had been in custody since July 2013.

30 Rad Home Goods You Didn't Know You Could Buy On Amazon

It's basically your new Ikea, except you don't have to get off your butt.

A Rihanna Meet And Greet Vs. An Avril Lavigne Meet And Greet

Bow down to the queen of meet and greets: RIHANNA.

A Group Of Friends Started A Twitter Campaign To Get A Girl A Bionic Arm

And the video will probably make you tear up.

Hear Beyoncé Collaborator Boots' Debut Mixtape, "WinterSpringSummerFall"

And, "for the first and last time," hear his story, in his words.

What The Ladies Of "Orange Is The New Black" Look Like Outside The Clink

From orange jumpsuits to red carpets, these OITNB actresses really know how to clean up.

Game of Thrones S4E5 : le recap en GIFs et en images

Littlefinger est le plus gros enculé des sept royaumes.

The New Marxism Comes To Computer Games

Forget Thomas Piketty. Play To Build a Better Mousetrap.

How Your Cat Sees The Bathroom

Basically it's one big jungle gym.

Quantos álbuns brasileiros dos anos 90 você reconhece pela capa?

Os discos mais marcantes da década esperam por você neste quiz.

Is This The Best Exfoliator EVER?

Like results? Then you'll love Skin Inc's Pure Revival Peel.

17 reglas para tomar una buena foto

No arruines tus "selfies".

Look At My Dog. I Mean... Just... Just Look At Him.

Quite possibly the best JC Penny photo shoot in the history of JC Penny AND photo shoots.

21 cangurus que estão tendo um dia bem pior que o seu

Você acha que está tendo um dia ruim? Pare e pense um pouco nesses caras.

Attorney General Signals Criminal Prosecutions Against Large Banks

"A company's size will never be a shield for prosecution or penalty," said Attorney General Eric Holder.

19 cosas que quieres hacer con el príncipe Harry ahora que está soltero

CHICOS, no me refiero a eso. De acuerdo, sí es algo como eso.

What Hipster Guys Actually Need

If you aren't wanting to be ironic, anti-anti-cool, or the most esoteric person on your block, do not click on these. Do. Not.

Kelly Osbourne Gets A Faux Hawk

The Fashion Police star chopped it all off.

Tennessee State Senator Compares Obamacare To Nazi Germany

Update: Republican Stacey Campfield said he regrets that "some people miss the point of his post."

20 Ways You Know You Found The One

It's just that simple to know.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Reportedly Married (On Paper, At Least)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have reportedly received their marriage license ahead of their May 24 wedding.

The 24 Worst Kinds Of People In The World

OK, fine, some people are all right. But there's a lot to hate about most of them.

The Fictional Country Quiz

Can you match the fake nation with the work of fiction it was featured in?

30 tatuajes perfectos para los amantes de las letras

Donde las palabras fallan, la tinta habla.

This Is The Best State For Retirement? Seriously?

New research turns best states for retirement ranking on its head. Florida doesn't even make the top ten.

Donald Sterling's Ex-Girlfriend Continues To Dress Like A Robot Alien

You can get the look yourself on eBay for about $13.

What's Your Favorite Song To Sing In The Shower?

Admit it, we're all pop stars in the shower.

UKIP Cancelled Their Freepost Address After People Sent Them Blood And Faeces

Also bricks, plus one copy of Dostoevsky's The Idiot with Nigel Farage's face pasted onto the cover.

25 Puntastic Cozy Mystery Titles

The murders are mild, the plots PG, and the titles often witty, alliterate—and puntastic. Meet the cozy mystery. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Berkley Prime Crime, enjoy this all-star line up of some of their favorite cozy titles (in no particular order). Don't forget to tell us YOUR favorites.

Amazon And Twitter Team Up With #AmazonCart

Customers can add items to their shopping cart without leaving Twitter.

Victoria's Secret's "Sexy" Sports Bra Isn't Selling

The gym "is a fashion club now," says Victoria's Secret's CEO. Maybe not.

10 Easy DIY Projects To Make For Mother's Day

She brought you into this world, and she can take you out — so make her something nice, why don't ya?

A Year After "Lean In," The New Mantra Is "Breathe In"

In the public discourse about women and career, the prevailing new wisdom says not "lean in," but instead "chill out."

9 James Grahams I Am Not

I am constantly confused with a lot of other James Grahams, especially on twitter. For the record, I am not these people.

Detained Al Jazeera Journalist Wrote This Inspirational Letter From Prison In Egypt

"What we do is a noble job that carries great responsibility — we were truly enlightening the world with our reporting."

Oregon State Fires Michelle Obama's Brother As Basketball Coach

Craig Robinson lost more than he won. UPDATE: Now with updates from OSU athletic director's press conference.

These Adorable Pictures Will Make You Want To Adopt A Baby Wombat

Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats are MUCH cuter than their name suggests.

Le tour du monde en 15 magnifiques illustrations

Réservez vos billets d'avions.

The Internet Has Opinions About Morrisons Advertising On The Angel Of The North

Want to spark debate online? Project a giant baguette onto a national monument.

Tommy Tucker: La ardilla más linda y a la moda de la década de 1940

¡De verdad, esta pequeña criatura parece salida de una película de Disney!

The LGBT Refugees Who Are Seeking Asylum In the World’s Most Notoriously Anti-Gay Country

If they’re seeking sanctuary in Uganda, just imagine what they must be running from.

Target CEO Resigns In Wake Of Massive Customer Data Breach

Gregg Steinhafel will be replaced on an interim basis by CFO John Mulligan. Target's mid-December data breach was the biggest retail hack in U.S. history. Update: Steinhafel will likely receive $11 million in severance payments.

12 Popsicle-Themed DIY Projects To Welcome Warm Weather

Once you will stop at nothing until everything in sight is popsicle-shaped.

This Restaurant Will Parachute Sandwiches To Your Location

And it doesn't even have to be an emergency.

Los 8 beneficios de cenar solo

Todos nosotros podemos aprender de este diminuto hámster. Vía Tastefully Offensive.

19 Dogs Who Are So Over Everything

"Oh, woofever." —these dogs

21 kangourous qui passent une journée pire que la vôtre

La vie est dure pour les kangourous.

Watch This Guy Channel Napoleon Dynamite While Dancing To The Same Song 100 Days In A Row

Youtuber Project One Life danced to Jamiroquai's 'Canned Heat' every day in his room, then created this awesome time lapse video.

10 Things You Can Buy Instead Of A Private Forum With Joe Hockey

Australian treasurer Joe Hockey is offering private access to business and industry representatives in return for upwards of tens of thousand of dollars.

Realistic Diet Advice For The Lazy And Life-Loving

Weight-loss without all that hard work-y kind of stuff.

21 Geeky Projects Fit For A Superhero

After a day of fighting crime, fight boredom with one of these creative crafts.

Zayn Is Your Favorite Member Of One Direction... Even If You Don't Think He Is

Every One Direction fan has a favorite, but deep down, every fan has some serious love for Zayn.

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