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May 11, 2014

Samsung Has No Choice But To Copy Apple

Those who reviewed the phone applauded the fast processor, bright screen and superb camera. And it's waterproof! According to Forbes, which cited third-party data, the Galaxy S5 was selling much faster in its first week-and-a-half than the S4. Consider this. In the first 11 days of launch, the S5, which comes preloaded with smart remote app Peel, already had 1 million activations. By contrast, it took the Galaxy S4 five additional days to reach the 1 million activation mark. This gave Samsung investors hope that the company would put to rest the fear that the high-end device market is saturated, which seemed likely in its recent earnings results. So it remains to be seen whether Dong-hoon's dismissal is due to any… Is this Samsung acknowledging defeat -- that it has fallen short of the rumored features in Apple's iPhone 6? Well, it's also possible that Samsung is beginning to shift its focus on the heels of Apple's resurgence. In any event, it is clear is that Samsung no longer believe that its strategy of producing "very good -- but not amazing" phones can still work. Samsung has been content to go after the low-end device market. This is an area which Apple, despite pleas from investors and analysts, has ignored. To dominate that market, Samsung has gotten by with using plastic covering and other cheaper materials. That placed the phones at a much lower price. But this also limited Samsung's margins -- and its ability to make money.

Tim Geithner Asked Dinesh D'Souza "How It Felt To Be Such A Dick"

Old Ivy League ties. Geithner's memoir, out tomorrow, reveals the time he crossed paths with the vitriolic Obama critic.

The Real Bond Between A Mother And Son

Some things are better left unsaid. Especially when it's between me and my Mom

Brock Pierce, Associate Of Embattled X-Men Director, Joins The Bitcoin Foundation

Brock Pierce is a pioneering digital currency entrepreneur who has been sued for sexual abuse and fraud, and who lived in a mansion where Bryan Singer allegedly abused an underaged boy. "Completely false," Pierce said, of the lawsuits. "My view is that these people are only trying to get money."

13 fotógrafos en sus bodas favoritas de personas del mismo sexo

Les preguntamos a los fotógrafos del libro "The New Art Of Capturing Love" que compartieran algunos momentos y lecciones aprendidas mientras fotografiaban el gran día de una pareja.

Rare Set Of "Mono Mono" Twins Hold Hands Moments After Birth

"There wasn't a dry eye in the whole OR." Update: The hospital now tells NBC's Today show that the babies grabbed on to each other soon after they were born.

The Guardian Has Really Annoyed A Lot Of People In The North East

National newspaper relies on stereotypes, irks region. Region responds in outrage.

39 Indians You Wish You Knew In Real Life

Desi me rollin', they hatin'.

"Mean Girls" Art History Snapchats Are Grool

Get in loser. We're going to the Art Institute.

29 Things You Learn During Your First Trimester

Twelve (or is it 14?) weeks of secrecy, confusion, and discovery await.

NASA Astronaut Gives UConn Commencement Speech From Space

“I probably have the best job on and off the planet," he said.

Police Try To Stop Bring Back Our Girls Rally In Nigeria's Capital

"All we do, we sit down. On mats." Water cannons vs. protesters in Abuja — and still no sign of the missing girls.

6 Reasons Why Summer Actually Sucks In Southern California

Because by August, those of us that do live here are so over it.

How To Stop Freaking Out

A useful ten step guide to ceasing the freaking.

The Final Season Of "Parenthood" Will Tackle The "Circle Of Life"

Jason Katims, the show's creator, told BuzzFeed he knows how he wants to end the drama, which was renewed — after much drama — for a final 13-episode season. Tissues required!

Wall Collapse In Eastern China Reportedly Kills 18 People

Chinese state media report that heavy rain caused a wall to collapse at a recycling plant in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao on Sunday.

57 Foods Every Man Should Eat Before He Dies

Your quality of life will be greatly increased once you've checked a few of these off.

East Ukraine Just Voted On Autonomy And No One Knows What Comes Next

"We can choose to do whatever we want — we could even join Mars if we wanted.”

Rand Paul To GOP: Our Party's Gone Crazy And We're Offending People

According to the Times, Paul is the only ranking Republican to buck the party line on voter ID legislation. Colin Powell and former RNC chairman Michael Steele have also spoken out against voter ID laws. Topics: Colin Powell, Michael Steele © 2014 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction, republication, redistribution and/or modification of any UPI content is expressly prohibited without UPI's prior written consent. Order reprints Previous StoryKilleen, Texas, police shooting: Two cops shot, two people arrestedNext StoryHundreds of ATV riders in Utah threaten sacred Navajo burial ground to protest federal government Recommended Stories Gay marriage ban overturned in Arkansas May 10 Hundreds of ATV riders in Utah threaten sacred Navajo burial ground to protest federal government May 10 Poll: Support for the Tea Party movement has dropped among Republicans May 08 Rand Paul accuses Dick Cheney of pushing Iraq war for Halliburton Apr 08

Shooting At A Baby's Birthday Party In California Leaves 1 Dead, 6 Hurt

Gunmen opened fire at a baby's birthday party in a Sacramento park, killing one man and injuring six others, including a child, the Associated Press reports.

Manchester City Fans Stage Huge Pitch Invasion After Winning The Premier League

Fans of other clubs soon started pointing out "better" pitch invasions.

"Parenthood" Is Coming Back For A 13-Episode Final Season

That was a narrowly-averted nightmare, Parenthood fans!

Nutella Bar Opens In New York

Now all your Nutella-based dreams can come true...

Esta serie de hermosas fotos muestran cómo los niños están redefiniendo las normas de género

"Ahora estamos desarrollando la capacidad de decir que está bien el no poner a todos en una impecable caja pequeña".

Meet Michael Sam's Boyfriend

Who's the guy Michael Sam kissed right after finding out he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday?

24 Delicious Filipino Foods You Need In Your Life

Break out the heavy duty rice cooker. It's time to feast.

Western Dioramas By William Rugen

William Rugen is a professional biologist and talented photographer based in Seattle, Washington who shoot a lot of fine art and commercial photography.

23 Reasons Moms Are The Best

As if you had doubts.

Gay St. Louis And City's Mayor Welcome Michael Sam With "Open Arms"

"Michael Sam scoring a touchdown, see Michael Sam tearing through an offensive line.... That will help take Missouri into the 21st century," says out state lawmaker Mike Colona.

7 Quick Dinners To Cook This Week

Fuck Sunday anxiety — you have a Pizza Grilled Cheese sandwich to look forward to.

Eric LeGrand's Biggest Fight

Four years ago, the promising Rutgers defensive lineman was paralyzed from the neck down during a game. Now he's battling to win back his body while becoming an inspiration to many.

13 Celebs Who Took Their Style Cues From Disney

If the glass slipper fits, wear it.

33 Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent's Job Easier

Raising a tiny human being is one of the hardest jobs out there.

Playlist : toutes les chansons de l'Eurovision

Pour écouter sous la douche.

The Woman Who KO’d Manny Pacquiao

One of the very few women judges in boxing history rose to the pinnacle of her sport, judging dozens of title fights, until two controversial decisions ended it all. This is the story of CJ Ross.

30 Healthy Food Habits To Share With Your Kids

It's not as hard as you think.

Here’s That "Look Up" Parody Everyone Was Calling Out For

“Look Down to your phones, turn on the display, press like on this video and live life the modern way.”

Are You Turning Into Your Mom?

Maybe not ~your~ mom, but definitely ~a~ mom.

17 Fabulously Easy DIY Beach Coverups

A little sun and a whole lotta style.

27 Album Covers Recreated With Socks

A charming little tribute to a dying art form.

This Table Tennis Player Has No Hands And Is A True Inspiration

Ibrahim Hamato lost his hands in an accident when he was 10 years old.

Cow Auctioneers Set To Hip Hop Beats Are The Jam You Need In Your Life

Cattle Rapping. That's: cattle rapping. (H/T: Metro).

The U.S. Air Force Has A Plan To Deal With A Real-Life Godzilla Attack

It involves slingshots, segways and George W. Bush.

Here's What Conchita Wurst Looked Like 7 Years Ago

Her talent was there for all to see...

15 nuevas formas extremadamente adictivas de comer espárragos

No puedo dejar de comer espárragos. Ayuda.

London Has More Billionaires Than Any Other City In The World

There are now over 100 billionaires living in the UK.

42 Bodacious Performances From 1986 You Must See

Every performance and song was released in 1986. As a result, it’s like you time-traveled into the audience at the time it was released!

J-Law Says K-Stew Jealousy Rumors Are Totally True On AmehKristine's Blog

Whaaaaaat?!?!? I'm a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart. The young actresses are super down to earth and have a DILIGAF attitude when it comes to fame. You would think the two would be the best of friends, but when Kristen took on a…

Inflamed Passions. The Weirdest Short Film Ever.

High in the Hollywood Hills a former porn star and an over- the-hill producer clash in an epic battle. This bizarre melodrama has blood, nudity and a Pilates ball.

15 Fabulous Tattoos By Nikko Hurtado

Nikko Hurtado is one of the world's most talented tattoo artists. He's moved into painting too, but it's likely he'll always be best known for stunning designs like this.

The 9 Worst Celeb Outfits Of 2005

We present to you, the fashion trends you forgot you hated — modeled by the biggest celebs of 2005.

Remarkable Photos Of Gangsters Through Time

Every picture is worth a thousand words.

This Local Commercial's Attempt To Be Hip Is Incredibly Awkward

How do you make a bad local commercial in Kansas City? Making it rain, of course.

Good Looking Young Women Want The Right To Breastfeed In Public

We have a scourge in this country. A widespread attack on women breastfeeding in public. The streets run red in America with the spilled blood of nursing moms. So a few good looking college kids in Texas began a campaign showing hot girls like…

7 Infamous Moms To Remind You How Amazing Yours Is

Because no mom is perfect, but at least she isn't one of these she-devils.

Modern Kimono Inspo Photo - Buzznet

Over the last year or so, the fashion world has taken inspiration from traditional kimonos and modernized them for today's fashionistas. You've probably seen them in stores like ASOS, Nastygal, TopShop and more. Whether they're boho fringe style,…

Jessica Paré "Mad Men" Spoilers

Megan Draper herself spills some secrets about the last season of "Mad Men."

Mountain Ski Resort Up For Sale

That's right: You can buy an entire resort for a little more than the cost of a McDonald's double cheeseburger.

The Susan Miller Drinking Game

Hallelujah! We have finally left the cesspool that was April, and Susan Miller has arrived with predictions of a May to remember. Yes, the horoscopes are a little belated (Susan, we're sending good vibes for a speedy recovery!), but the good news is…

9 Lessons From The 2014 Eurovision Song Contest

Let's hope the participating countries learn from these mistakes for the 60th edition in Austria next year...

Every Gay Man's Thought Process While Getting Ready To Go Out

Will this outfit get me a date with a hottie? A free drink? An awkward drunk make out session at least? Nope probably not.

The 24 Most Important Moments From Eurovision 2014

Did the UK win? Of course we didn't don't be silly.

Tesla Is Plunging, But It's Not Why You Think

NEW YORK (TheStreet) Tesla Motors (TSLA) may have posted first-quarter earnings that beat analyst forecasts and given investors an enticing update about its Gigafactory, but Wall Street has other issues on its mind: namely, that Tesla is going to…

McDonald's Seasoned Fries: It's About Time!

And it's not just fries we're talking about here. Wendy's and Burger King have started to attack different parts of the menu upon which McDonald's built its success: breakfast items, the dollar menu, and frappes and coffee.  Make no mistake about it, McDonald's was the king of fast food, but its throne has been under siege for the past few years.  I used to go to McDonald's solely for its fries. I liked Wendy's burgers, but its fries used to be horrible. But now that McDonald's competitors have brought their fries up to snuff, it doesn't matter much to me what fast food restaurant I eat at. For the most part now, I prefer stopping at a Panera Bread (PNRA) or a Tim Hortons (THI) (but the secular… So McDonald's decision to introduce a new fry -- Shakin' Flavor Fries -- is a great move. The company needs something, anything to get customers coming back in the door.  Trying to maintain the status quo is no longer working. New products are necessary, even if it's the successful original french fry that needs changing.

Rihanna's Selfie Fail Is Adorable

Two days off Instagram, and Rihanna's selfie skills are already getting rusty.

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