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July 1, 2017

Forget The Liberals, The Greens Party Is Absolutely Blowing Up Right Now

Things are getting SPICY in the Greens right now.

Man Charged With Kidnapping International Student Visited An Online Forum Called "Abduction 101"

Yingying Zhang, 26, has been missing since June 9, and federal authorities said they believe she is dead.

37 Jokes That'll Make Every Introvert Think "Yep, That's Me!"

"First rule of introvert club: there is no introvert club. Thank goodness."

Design Your Dream Mansion And We'll Reveal Which Disney Princess You Are

Are you living that underwater life like Ariel?

17 Of The Most Perfect "Simple Life" Moments That Will Make You LOL Forever

TBT to when they only knew how to do laundry because they saw it in a movie once.

With New Evidence, Police Say Venus Williams May Not Be To Blame For Fatal Car Crash

Williams said she was "heartbroken" after being involved in the car crash in Florida on June 9, which resulted in a man's death.

築地と豊洲の市場”併存”は「選挙目当て」? 玉虫色の方針に3つの疑問


Clothes Guys Should Never, Ever Wear On A First Date

Ditch these and you'll be GQ in no time.

This Jewish Pride Flag Has Sparked An Ugly Fight Among The Left

Three women holding pride flags featuring the Star of David were ejected from the Dyke March in Chicago last weekend. The incident generated national outrage, as well as strained debate among the left.

Let's See If You Know Your Disney Princesses By Their Shoes

A really cute pair of flats is a wish your heart makes.

12 Makeup Tips From A Drag Expert You Should Know About

Tips from Ikaro Kadoshi for anyone who is looking to get a little more experimental with their makeup.

The White House Wants The Media To Talk About Policy. Trump Only Wants To Talk About The Media.

"The fake media tried to stop us from going to the White House, but I’m president and they’re not.”

If You Get 9/12 On This Food Quiz, You Can Treat Yourself To A Burger

Which came first: the chicken nugget or this country?

The Stages Of Eating Fast Food

The circle of life.

17 Things You'll Only Get If You've Had A Best Friend Since Childhood

You've long since lost your sense of disgust with one another, and each of your mothers considers you a part of their family.

Thousands Of People March For Equality In The Last Part Of The UK Where Gay Marriage Is Illegal

"These are our streets, these are our homes, these are our communities. That building behind us is ours, and we're getting married in it."

24 Inexpensive Rompers You'll Want In Your Closet ASAP

Or: "How To Wear Shorts Without Wearing Shorts."

"Enquanto houver bambu, lá vai flecha", diz Janot sobre investigar até o fim do mandato em setembro

Procurador-geral da República afirmou que prova maior de corrupção contra Temer seria "prova satânica".

15 Crazy Kids Who Are Hilariously Weird AF

Hey, we're all a little weird sometimes.

17 Cats More Beautiful And Instagram Famous Than You

Idk how and why these cats are more beautiful than me but that's just how it is.

The Responses To This "DJ Name" Tweet Are The Best Thing Twitter Has To Offer

"Your DJ name is 'DJ' + your biggest fear. Who are you?"

17 Egg-Cooking Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

Cooking eggs is easy once you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

I Lived Like A Minimalist For A Week

"The de-cluttering is merely the first step. The real purpose of minimalism has to do with the benefits we experience on the other side of the de-cluttering."

23 Easy DIY Projects You Can Do With Your Kids This Summer

Fill all the free time with these easy, adorable, and fun craft projects.

22 Amazingly Gorgeous Eyeshadows You'll Want To Add To Your Collection

Eyeshadows that are almost as amazingly bright and vivid as the sunshine itself.

24 Songs You Listened To On Your iPod Nano While Staring Out The Bus Window


Das Vorbereitungstreffen zum G20-Gipfel ist das Absurdeste, was diese Woche passiert ist

Neun Spitzenpolitiker. Acht superwichtige Themen. Und ungefähr keine Zeit zum Reden.

Tens Of Thousands March Against The Way China Runs Hong Kong

Tens of thousands of protesters came out to march against Chinese control of Hong Kong on the 20th anniversary of the handover of the former British colony.

17 Clever Ways To Spend Less Money This Month

Easy ways to keep up appearance without draining your checking account.

33 Things All Office Workers Secretly Do But Don't Talk About

"Happy birthday to [mumbles]. Happy birthday to [mumbles]."

Jay-Z's "4:44" Is The Revelation We've Been Waiting For

On his new album, the artist is more emotionally available than ever. And it’s about time.

These Three Very Good Police Dogs Overdosed On Fentanyl — And Lived

“The insidious this thing is that the amount of fentanyl that could kill you is so small it’s invisible,” a detective said.

Você vai amar estas 9 receitas de cookies

Não existe maneira mais fácil de fazer cookies.

28 People Were Wounded After A Mass Shooting In An Arkansas Nightclub

A shooter opened fire in the Power Ultra Lounge nightclub in Little Rock in the early hours of Saturday morning. Some of the injured were trampled while trying to escape the club.

19 Tweets That Are Kind Of Dark But Really Funny

[After standing in line staring at McDonald's menu for 17 minutes] "OK I'm ready. Can you help me not be sad all the time?"

Why Didn't Trump Mention Pride Month? We Asked 30 Times.

In June, the White House celebrated Great Outdoors Month, National Ocean Month, and National Homeownership Month — but not Pride Month.

Design A Dream Kitchen And We'll Tell You What Flower You Are

What flower is sprouting in your name?

15 Under-Rated Products On Amazon You Should Try Out

A solution to ingrown hairs, and 14 other favorite products from our recent posts.

Adele Has Cancelled The Last Two Shows Of Her Tour After She Damaged Her Vocal Cords

"You know I would not make this decision lightly. I have done 121 shows and I have 2 left. 2 left!!! And they are 2 gigantic shows! Who the fuck cancels a show at Wembley Stadium!?"

19 raisons pour lesquelles les festivals, c'est de la merde

Pourquoi se mentir tous les ans et penser que ça va être un bon moment?

17 moments que chaque personne munie d'un vagin a vécus en se masturbant

*On accomplit une petite tâche* PUIS C'EST LA PAUSE MASTURBATION.



マクドナルドの「ハンバーガーツイート診断」で偽物が拡散 対策は?




The Mormon Church Just Allowed Female Employees To Wear Pants. Here's Why That's A Big Deal.

New mothers working for the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also will receive six weeks of paid maternity leave.

The US Military Has Delayed Enlisting Transgender Recruits By Another Six Months

Branches of service had previously asked for a longer extension to integrate transgender recruits.

Germany Legalised Same-Sex Marriage And Australians Are Shook

"So Germany legalised same sex marriage and I'm here like 'OH HAI AUSTRALIA!'"

リッチな味わい♪ 特製フレーバーの手作りアイス


The Founder Of The Disastrous Fyre Festival Has Been Arrested And Charged With Fraud

Federal prosecutors accused Billy McFarland of promising a "'life-changing' music festival," when instead he delivered "a disaster."

What One Woman Experienced Inside “The X-Files” Writers Room

Weighing in on the backlash against Chris Carter’s all-male writers room, writer Kim Newton told BuzzFeed News: "Were women read? Were women considered?"

17 Phrases All Gay Men LOOOOOVE To Hear

Really, the more often, the better.

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