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July 12, 2017

Guys, It's Time To Purge Flip-Flops From Our Closets Once And For All

Everyone's been thinking it, but I'm here to say something.

You're A True Pennsylvanian Only If You've Eaten 20/28 Of These Foods

Cheesesteaks and scrapple and shoofly pie — oh my!

Esta tienda de ropa mexicana es el sueño de todos los amantes de las series de TV y el cine

Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, Malcolm, AAAAAAH.

The Haim Sisters Prove They Never Back Down From A Dare

Turns out the Haim sisters are Jenga pros.

21 Memes que solo te harán reír si eres un abogado

Etiqueta a tu amigo el "licenciado" para felicitarlo en su día.

17 Times Being Pregnant In Public Was Downright Hilarious AF

Because sometimes all you can do is laugh.

19 Tendencias de belleza que nunca debieron haber existido

Alguien que las borre de los libros de historia, ¡por favor!

19 mini-humilhações da infância que marcaram a vida das pessoas

"O movimento do balé me deu gases e eu soltei um pum na cara da menina atrás de mim!"

The Canadian Who May Have Admitted To Killing His Girlfriend On Reddit Was Just Arrested In Texas

Ager Hasan has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Melinda Vasilije.

Can You Remember Who's Still Alive On "Game Of Thrones"?

With all these characters dying, it can be hard keeping up.

Millions Of Verizon Customers’ Account PINs Leaked — Here’s Why You Should Still Have One

A security lapse may have exposed the account PINs of approximately 6 million Verizon customers.

This Couple Had A Surprise Wedding Where The Bride Was The One Who Got Surprised

"Is this happening right now? Are we getting married?"

20 livros que nunca mais vão sair da sua cabeça

Perguntamos no Facebook quais leituras mais marcaram a vida das pessoas, e estas foram algumas indicações.

15 Renter-Friendly Decor Tricks That Are Totally Gorgeous

"When they said you can’t buy love / Now I know you can rent it."

Defesa de Lula diz que ele é inocente e que julgamento foi "politicamente motivado"

Em post no perfil do petista, advogados criticam Sergio Moro e rebatem o juiz dizendo: "Ninguém está acima da lei, mas ninguém está abaixo da lei".

26 Tweets About Poop And Pee You'll Hate Yourself For Laughing At

You're never too old for a bit of toilet humor.

"America's Got Talent" Aired The Heartbreakingly Wonderful Audition Of A Contestant Who Recently Died

Singer Brandon Rogers was killed in a car accident on June 11, 2017.

Até agora, nenhum tucano se inscreveu para defender Temer no julgamento na Câmara

O presidente pode até contar com a maioria de tucanos na hora da votação, mas na primeira manifestação de um líder do partido foi contra Temer.

Who Will Be The Next Roger Ailes At Fox News?

Fox News insiders have spent the last few months raising possible names, like Wall Street Journal Editor Gerry Baker. But Rupert Murdoch is really enjoying the interim CEO job.

Responde 5 preguntas y te diremos qué Spider-Man eres

Averigua si eres Tobey, Andrew o Tom en tu corazón.

Dilma diz que condenação de Lula é "escárnio"

Petista mostra indignação com decisão do juiz Moro, que condenou Lula a 9 anos e meio no caso do tríplex.

These Two Democrats Just Filed To Impeach Trump — But Don't Expect It To Go Anywhere

Two House Democrats have filed articles of impeachment, but they won't be the ones who get President Donald Trump booted from the White House.

Do You Know The Color Palette Of Your Life?

Every Instagram account has a different color. What's yours?

The Rich Would Get The "Most Benefits" Under Trump's Tax Plan

Trump's rough tax plan would benefit America's "highest income households," according to a new analysis by the Tax Policy Center.

Wir vergiften uns seit 2000 Jahren mit Blei, zeigt das Eis aus einem Schweizer Gletscher

Seitdem Menschen Blei abbauen, vergiften sie sich damit. Das zeigt eine neue Studie. Nur als die Pest im 14. Jahrhundert halb Europa tötete – und deshalb niemand Blei abbauen konnte – sank der Bleigehalt in der Luft auf einen natürlichen Wert.

White House Official On The Rock 2020: "I'll Believe It When I See It"

Someone registered "Run the Rock 2020" to draft Dwayne Johnson to run for president against Donald Trump — but the White House isn't exactly worried about the Moana star as a potential challenger.

19 Jokes Anyone Who Loves Carbs Will Relate To

"So they won't show sex on TV but showing a hot pizza slice slowly being lifted up is just fine."

Why It’s Dangerous To Be A Political Cartoonist In Turkey Today

The free press in Turkey is facing its greatest threat in generations. Here's what they can learn from cartoonists who faced similar threats in the past.

Não, a condenação de Moro ainda não tira Lula da disputa pela Presidência em 2018

Para ser considerado ficha-suja, petista deve ser condenado também pelo Tribunal Regional Federal da 4ª Região, que demora de 10 a 12 meses, em média, para rever as sentenças de Moro.

A Teen Allegedly Shot And Killed Her Mother, Then Tried To Burn Down The House To Hide Evidence

Anna Schroeder was reportedly charged with first-degree homicide, concealment of homicidal death, and arson.

This Teen Held Her Boyfriend's Head For 20 Minutes While He Slept And People Are Damn Inspired

"Love isn’t buy each other Rolexes and Sephora, you wanna see love? HERE LOOK AT THIS."

19 Genius Beach Body Tips You Haven't Heard Before

All it takes is a plan and a can-do attitude.

18 coisas que todo universitário come até cansar

Ainda bem que depois tudo melhora.

US Officials Accused Of Illegally Turning Asylum Seekers Away At Mexico Border

A federal lawsuit accuses US Customs and Border Protection agents of systematically turning away asylum seekers.

Cuatro maneras deliciosas de preparar un coctel de ginebra

Perfectos para tu próxima cita o una fiesta con tus amigos.

Facebook Is Coming For Meetup, And Meetup Is Ready To Fight

Like other tech companies before it, Meetup is now squarely in Facebook’s crosshairs. Here’s how the group meeting pioneer is sizing up the social giant.

13 Cooking Segment Moments I Can't Believe Actually Happened

TBT to Gordon Ramsay almost slicing his hand off.

How Easy Is It To Hack Into An iPhone Camera?

"I'm in constant fear... but I'm also someone who watches porn on my work computer. So I guess I'm not that concerned!"

A Bear Attacked This Camp Counselor

He woke up to the sound of a bear crunching on his head.

9 Facts About Coffee That You'll Never Be Able To Unhear

Hot tip from our forefathers: Brew your coffee with eggshells and eel skins.

El nuevo elefante bebé de Africam Safari es lo más tierno que verás hoy

Te van a dar ganas de ir a Puebla y abrazarlo cuando veas las fotos.

We Animated This Woman's Most Embarrassing Moment

"I wanted to turn into a different form of matter."

Quão criança você ainda é?

No fim das contas todo mundo ainda é um pouco...

Can You Guess Where These Singers Were Born?

It's tougher than you think!

This Man Came Up With A Great Way To Help Feed People In Need

It's called the "Blessing Box" and it's proof there is still good in the world.

San Miguel de Allende fue votada como la mejor ciudad del mundo y con toda la razón

El primer lugar ya lo tenía ganado en nuestros corazones.

Diane Abbott Says She Receives Online Trolling Due To Mainstream Media Attacks On Her

"Any woman who goes into the public space can expect this kind of abuse," she said.

This Woman Did A Study To See How People Judged Her Based On Different Lip Colors

Fashion is about taking risks not matter what people think!

Você faz os outros de trouxa?

Você já mentiu que o celular não apitou, por isso você não viu a mensagem?

17 Gorgeous Rompers From Amazon That You'll Actually Want To Wear

Why choose a shirt to go with your shorts when you can literally have an all-in-one?

Quão gente boa você é?

Se você marcar mais de 25 itens neste teste, posso ser seu amigo?

German Conservatives Created A Fake Tweet From Merkel's Key Opponent

A political youth organization for conservative German parties faked a tweet from Merkel's socialist opponent.

Which Of Miley's Personas Are You?

Are you Miley Stewart, Hannah Montana, rebellious Miley, or new Miley??

How Well Do You Remember Music From 2008?

"But how do you expect me to live alone with just me? / 'Cause my world revolves around you / It's so hard for me to breathe."

31 Cats Who Are Probably More Outdoorsy Than You

Exploring the great me-outdoors.

Lula é condenado a 9 anos e 6 meses de prisão no processo do tríplex

Como o ex-presidente tem direito a recurso, ele só será preso se o Tribunal Regional Federal da 4ª Região confirmar a condenação.

24 Problems Every Girl With Thick Hair Has Gone Through At Some Point

Flimsy hair ties are no match for your ridiculously thick mane.

Can We Guess Which Unpopular Opinion You Have?

Warning: Highly controversial opinions listed below.

23 Songs That Are This Year's Gay Songs Of Summer

Alternate title: The Best Songs Of Summer.

Which "Game Of Thrones" House Were You Destined To Be In?

The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

The Government Still Doesn't Know How Many Residential Towers Have The Same Cladding As Grenfell

Communities secretary Sajid Javid said in an interview: "I don't think we can say that we have all the answers yet."

19 Things Harrods Employees Will Never Tell You

No, we don't get to sample everything from the food hall.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on packing cubes, a garment steamer, cosmetic pouch, and more!

21 Cheap Fitness Products People Actually Swear By

These oughta work out for you. The products in this post were updated in November 2017.

It's Time To Find Out What You Should Be Doing With Your Free Time

Everyone gets bored, here's something to do.

Contesta 5 preguntas sobre comida y te decimos por qué no te pela tu crush

¿Será que no se ha dado cuenta o que le intenseas demasiado?

How Popular Are Your Fruit Preferences?

The battle of nature's candy.

Estas bebidas vão te aquecer durante o inverno

Shhhhh, o segredo é o álcool!

Not Even The FTC Knows What Exactly #Spon Looks Like

The Federal Trade Commission recently went after 47 celebrities and brands for violating its rules on sponsored Instagrams. But many of them weren't even actually ads.

Les retrouvailles très émouvantes entre Chelsea Manning et une femme qui l'a inspirée

«Ça m'a beaucoup touchée d'avoir inspiré quelqu'un que je trouve moi-même très inspirant», dit à BuzzFeed News July Schulz. La photo de cette Française, prise lors d'une manifestation pour les droits des personnes trans, a inspiré Chelsea Manning avant de faire son coming out trans.

Quais são as melhores séries que você viu em 2017?

Compartilhe com a gente! As melhores respostas podem entrar em um post.

If None Of These Astrology Jokes Make You Laugh You're Probably A Scorpio

*is out with Gemini friend* table for three please

23 Things That Only A Really Awkward Person Will Appreciate

::Mentally prepares five hours for small greeting:: The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Esta criança pode ser o primeiro bebê a ter um documento oficial sem seu sexo discriminado

Kori Doty acredita que os médicos não deveriam ter o direito de atribuir o sexo de uma pessoa ao nascer.

Here's Why We're Probably Going To Have To Leave Euratom, Whether MPs Want To Or Not

The legal advice is conflicting and MPs disagree over whether Brexit means we legally have to leave the European nuclear regulator as well – although, practically speaking, we probably do.

What Do You Want To Know About Borderline Personality Disorder?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

What % Muggy Are You?

Are you a muggy mug who just mugs everyone off?

18 Things For Anyone Who Just Really Loves Harry Styles

"Cute as a button, every single one of you!" The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Tus gustos en ciencia ficción revelarán qué personaje de 'Stranger Things' eres

Escoge algunas películas y develaremos si eres más Eleven o Demogorgon.

McDonald's Is Giving Away Free Ice Cream For Life, Y'all

One cone a week for the next 50 freakin' years.

23 perrengues que quase todas as pessoas sofrem durante a menstruação

Levantar de manhã e sentir a calcinha toda molhada de sangue.

19 Quizzes To Test Your Knowledge On British Food

Who doesn't love a good food quiz?

Find Out If You Can Actually Afford To Have A Baby

Is it a "yes" or a "no" for you?

Choose A Hipster Outfit And We'll Reveal What Kind Of Friend You Are

Are you going to go for a full millennial pink look?

This Football Club Is The First To Pay Its Women And Men Equally

"A lot of clubs will applaud what we're doing, but will come up with reasons for why they can't do it too," Stuart Fuller, chairman of Lewes community football club, told BuzzFeed News.

21 Ways To Be A Better Adult In July

Skills, ideas, and products to help you have a non-bummer summer.

This Politician Was Told Her Natural Hair Was Unprofessional

Women are supposed to hold a third of the seats in Kenya’s federal legislature. But when they vie for political seats, they are often scrutinized more for their appearance and marital status than their platforms.

We Want To Hear Your Accent!

YOU could be in a BuzzFeed YouTube video!

18 vezes em que a Lisa Simpson nos representou

"Como será minha vida depois de eu me rebaixar à mediocridade?"

This Is What People Displaced By The Grenfell Fire Are Going Through Now

Anxiety attacks, sleepless nights, and missing home: BuzzFeed News spoke to people trying to rebuild their lives four weeks on from the inferno.

34 Fotos, die so widerlich sind, dass du wegrennen willst

Ein Post, der dich bis zum Schluss fertig macht. Alle Fotos von der Facebook-Seite „Things that are not aesthetic”.

Nur echte "Game of Thrones"-Fans können 75% dieser verstorbenen Figuren benennen

Ein kleiner Reminder, wer in der Show schon alles den Löffel abgeben musste.

À Mossoul, un homme essaye de reconstruire une bibliothèque brûlée par Daech

La bibliothèque de l'université de Mossoul a été brûlée par le groupe État Islamique lorsqu'ils ont pris le contrôle de la ville en 2014. Un homme fait tout son possible pour la garnir à nouveau de livres.

Apenas melhores amigas já fizeram a maioria destas coisas

O teste de amizade mais verdadeiro de todos.

19 Fotos, die einfach nur die Definition von “Perfektem Timing” sind

Tiere sind wirklich ein Geschenk an uns alle.

Only People Who Were Really Emo Have Listened To 24/36 Of These Songs

The mid-to-late '00s were a hell of a time.

If You've Seen 38/57 Of These Cartoons, You're An Old Millennial

Saturday mornings just aren't the same anymore.

Wary Latino Republicans Look To Mike Pence As An Ally

They're heartened by his appearances in front of conservative Latino groups and outreach to some nonpartisan Hispanic organizations. And they hope there will be something to show for it.

The EU's Negotiator Has Smacked Down Boris Johnson's Claim He Can "Go Whistle" Over The Brexit Bill

"I’m not hearing any whistling, just a clock ticking," Michel Barnier told reporters.

Las chicas de Instagram que me ayudan a sentirme mejor con mi aspecto

Entre tanta perfección, no me había dado cuenta de lo ávida que estaba por descubrir otros defectos idénticos a los míos.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Nasty Gal, Old Navy, Target, and more!

16 Bilder von Lebensmitteln, bei denen dir wahrscheinlich etwas unbehaglich wird

Was aber nicht notwendig ist, immerhin ist es NUR Essen, Leute.

Savez-vous où se trouvent vos organes?

Vite, pointez du doigt votre foie!

初見で読める? #難読ネーム声優 クイズ


11 Times Your Brain Was Your Worst Enemy

Is it just me or does your brain also hate you?

43 problèmes que toutes les femmes avec des gros seins ont connus

Haha, des hauts avec des soutiens-gorge intégrés, comme c'est mignon.



Si odias a Sansa Stark puede que tengas un problema de misoginia

En defensa de la legítima Reina en el Norte y superviviente del patriarcado.

SNSで絶賛の嵐!steady. 8月号付録のミニポシェットがまじで使える


Wahnsinn, hey, Johannes von der Bachelorette, ja, hey, Wahnsinn - ein Best-of

11 Sätze, die Johannes zum lustigsten Bachelorette-Kandidaten von allen machen

A Massive Chunk Of Antarctica Just Broke Off

And actually, climate change might not be to blame, scientists say.

The New Grenfell Council Leader Says She's Never Been Inside A High-Rise Council Block

“I haven’t been inside the high-rise council blocks before, but I am certainly doing that now,” Elizabeth Campbell told the BBC.

Mit diesem gigantischen BBQ-Rippchen-Sandwich kannst du locker eine bis 12 Personen satt machen

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

14歳少女、風呂で携帯電話を使おうとし感電死 手には火傷の跡が


Replongez en enfance en posant une question à notre boule magique

Laissez la boule magique prendre le contrôle de votre destin.

Disney Apparently Can't Find A Single Actor To Play Aladdin, So People Gave Them All The Options

"There is literally an entire second most populous country in the world with an industry of men who dance and sing!"

なぜ誤解を生むタイトルに?ネットの批判で邦題変更 映画「ドリーム」配給会社に経緯を聞く

「タイトルと内容が違う!」という批判を受け、邦題が変更になった映画「ドリーム」。その判断の経緯、そもそも邦題ってどう決めてるの? を配給会社に聞きました。

22 Times Comedians Got TOO DAMN REAL

The world is seriously quite a hilarious place.

American Tech Companies Are So Afraid Of Offending Indians That They're Censoring All Their Products

In the world’s largest democracy, Amazon Prime Video deletes most nudity and profanity, Google bans retailers from buying ads for erotica, Amazon and Flipkart refuse to sell adult products, and Tinder suggests its users should get parental approval for their dates.

"Get Ready To Get Fucked Up": Teen Who Died In Penn State Fraternity Hazing Received This Text Message

Tensions ran high on the second consecutive day of a hearing for 15 members of Penn State's Beta Theta Pi charged in the hazing death of 19-year-old Timothy Piazza.



People Are Angry With This Newspaper's Graphic That Appears To Show Same-Sex Attraction As Unhealthy

"I live in NSW, drink booze and occasionally take [drugs], but the most unhealthy thing is being a big ol' queer I guess."

Someone Tried To Accuse Kim Kardashian Of Doing Drugs And She Shut It The Fuck Down

Damn, Dylan's Candy Bar sounds like a hell of a place.

These Nine Questions Will Reveal Which Musical Theater Leading Lady You Were Destined To Play

Because your high school drama teacher probably didn't cast you in the right role.

21 Problems You'll Only Get If You Have Shitty Eyebrows

"Delete that pic of me, I don't have my brows on."

22 Experiences That People Who Move From The Country To The City Face

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of...

The Trump Administration Wants To Debate Climate Change On TV. Here’s What Scientists Think About It.

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency revealed plans for a TV debate on climate change. But scientists said that would be a terrible idea.

You're A True Kiwi If You've Eaten 26/30 Of These Foods

I could eat Hokey Pokey until the day that I die.

Joe Scarborough Is Leaving The Republican Party After Trump Called His Cohost "Crazy"

Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, told Stephen Colbert he is registering as an independent.

The Trump Administration Wants To Deport 1,400 Iraqis. A Judge Has Stopped It, For Now.

"Without a stay in place, deportations will begin immediately, which may mean a death sentence for some deportees," the court wrote.

27 Tweets That Will Make Parents Piss Themselves Laughing

"I wish someone would threaten to put me to bed for a change."

Flash Briefing For June 12, 2017

Here's what's in the news today.

Literally Just 19 Tweets You'll Find Funny If You've Ever Had A Mum

If your ma doesn't scroll this post with her index finger, is she really your ma?

Australia's Prime Minister Met The Queen And It Looked A Tad Awkward

"Although I am a republican, I am also an Elizabethan." Okeh.

Don Jr.’s Oppo Research Defense Is A Reminder Of The Trump Campaign’s Inexperience

Donald Trump Jr. has defended himself by saying the emails describing a meeting with a “Russian government lawyer” were just part of oppo. People with campaign experience say that's just not how it works.


This one is going to hurt.

We Tried Chipotle's New Queso To See If It Was The Real Deal

According to a Texan and Californian who've tried ~legit~ queso.

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