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    Guys, It's Time To Purge Flip-Flops From Our Closets Once And For All

    Everyone's been thinking it, but I'm here to say something.

    Psst. Hey, you there... Do you wear flip-flops as part of a normal, casual outfit?

    Have you been caught looking like this?!

    Well then, listen up, because I'm about to blow your mind.

    You should only wear flip-flops at the beach or pool.

    They're putting you at a disadvantage.

    If you are one of those guys that wears jeans and flip flops, you're starting out with two strikes against you.

    They've infected our bars and BBQs, and even coffee shops aren't the same any more.

    They've even infiltrated the workplace and restaurants.

    And for some unknown reason, they've also made their way into festivals?!

    Let's be real, 99% of the time flip-flops look all dirty and gross AF.

    You don't want to get caught looking like this:

    It's a crime against humanity.

    Idk why but I have a passionate hate for flip flops.Especially the plastic/rubber ones.ESPECIALLY if they look like..

    On top of all that, they're a hazard to your health!

    And they're even polluting the oceans!

    "But, they're comfortable and easy," you might say. And to that I reply, "Sorry, you're wrong."

    "So what do I do instead," you might ask. Consider an espadrille, which gives your toes full coverage and is super breathable. Perfect for the summer.

    If that's not your thing, then keep in mind the golden rule: Clean your feet up!

    Some guys feet are disgusting looking I don't know why they wear flip flops

    If you're one of the people who might scream "Who cares, guys, wear whatever you want!", that's fine, but at least don't have jacked-up feet.

    Get a pedicure. Or at the bare minimum, clip your toenails neatly and clean your feet.

    Don't just take my word for it:

    @Logan_Parks_ I'm fine with guys wearing flip flops, but for the love of god please keep your toenails trimmed & feet clean lol

    Guys will wear dark wash jeans with some Reef flip flops and have the nerve to speak to you

    You're worth more.