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    19 Quizzes To Test Your Knowledge On British Food

    Who doesn't love a good food quiz?

    1. Can You Identify These Chocolate Bars Based On Their Inside?

    2. This British Food Quiz Will Reveal Your Age And Location In The UK

    3. How Well Do You Know These UK Food And Drink Logos?

    4. Can You Pass This Very British Food Quiz?

    5. Can You Guess The Crisps Before We Sat On Them?

    6. If You've Eaten 30/39 Of These Foods Then You're A True Brit

    7. Only A Brit Can Score 10/12 On This Food Close-Up Quiz

    8. Do You Prefer British Or American Snacks?

    9. What Does Your Favourite Quality Street Sweet Say About Your Personality?

    10. The Hardest Game Of “Which Food Must Go” For British People

    11. Do You Eat These British Foods The Same Way As Everyone Else?

    12. What's The Right Way To Eat These Classic British Snacks?

    13. Can You Guess If These Waitrose Essential Products Are Real Or Fake?

    14. Good Luck Guessing Which Of These Greggs Items Contain The Most Calories

    15. Can You Guess The Weatherspoon's By Its Carpet?

    16. Pick A Meal Deal And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Friend You Are

    17. Can You Identify The Drink When Out Of Its Bottle?

    18. Do You Eat Toast Like A Normal Person?

    19. How Many Of These Regional British Foods Have You Tried?