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July 30, 2017

Can You Find 5/8 Items On These Messy Desktops Without Your Head Imploding?

*Drags entire desktop to the garbage where it belongs*.

How Normal Are Your "South Park" Opinions?

Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptations.

What Character From "Rocko's Modern Life" Are You?

Do you have Ed Bighead's temper or Filburt's neurosis?

Can We Guess How Single You Are Based On Your Animal Opinions?

The real question is if there's someone you love as much as your pet.

27 Hilarious Netflix Fuck-Ups

Starring SpongeBob as the angriest man in Brooklyn.

28 Maps That Will Completely Destroy Your Worldview

Where can I move so that I'll be as far away from people as possible?

This Couple Did An AMAZING Spiderman-Themed Photo Shoot

Spiderman and Spider-Gwen completely CRUSHED this awesome photoshoot!

This Bogus Cancer Cure From The 1970s Is Finding New Life Online

Apricot seeds can cure cancer — or so thousands of cancer patients believed in the 1970s, despite lotss of evidence to the contrary. Now, in an era when natural remedies are no longer fringe and wellness is a multitrillion-dollar industry, this widely debunked theory has taken on a new life as a hydra-headed e-commerce ecosystem that regulators are virtually powerless to stop.

Tell Us How You Feel About These Hipster Foods And We'll Tell You How Cool You Are

Tell us how you REALLY feel about rainbow pizza or whatever.

21 Aggressively American Foods That Will Make Everyone Say, "Why?"

♫ O beautiful for deep-fried foods ♫

You Can't Call Yourself Lazy Unless You've Done 22/30 Of These Things

SOS — I can't get "The Lazy Song" out of my head.

What Is Your Food Alter Ego?

You are what you eat.

You Won’t Regret Taking This Quiz To Discover What Weird Fish You Are

There's a lot of weird fish in the sea, and you're honestly one of them.

Which Punctuation Mark Are You?

Are you an exclamation point or a dying en dash? This'll tell you. Period.

23 Recipes That Will Make Cooking Alone Fun

The best part: No sharing required.

Can You Guess How People Like Their Cupcakes?

Do you think more people trust an onion or a beet?

Pretend To Buy A Bunch Of Wine Based On How The Bottle Looks And We'll Guess Your Age

Taste and ABV are irrelevant — judge the wine by its label.

16 Completely WTF Old Pictures Of People At The Beach

Doing a puzzle at the beach seems like a great idea!

10 Inspiring Stories Of Finding Strength In Sobriety

"I know I can do so much better. I am made for so much more."

30 Beautiful Dresses So Cheap You'll Cry Tears Of Joy

We're just getting a little emotional over how cute these are.

Apparently We've All Just Been Cooking Mashed Potatoes Wrong

...according to Food Network chef Tyler Florence.

If People Acted Like Characters From Rebelde At Work

"Go back to work! We don't pay you to do your makeup!"

These Dinners All Have Tons Of Protein And No Meat

All with over 20 grams of protein per serving.

Thoughts Women Have During Vaginal Childbirth

There's so many people around my vagina right now...

Does Gordon Ramsay Think You're An Idiot Sandwich?

You better know how to make a lamb sauce.

These Models Are Covered Head To Toe In Body Paint And Yowza It's Pretty Amazing

All photos are from the 2017 World Bodypainting Festival, held this weekend in Klagenfurt, Austria. Imagine a burlesque cosplay convention thrown by Salvador Dalí and H.R. Giger and you've basically got it. WARNING: You might see a few **gasp** painted nipples.

30 Incredibly Useful Things To Keep In Your Bag

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. The products in this post were updated in July 2018.

23 Signs You're The Rachel Green Of Your Friend Group

It's just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic!

What To Expect When You're A Trans Dad Expecting

"We’ve heard, overwhelmingly from LGBT people, ‘Thank you for expanding what it means to be a man, to be trans, to be a family.’"

11 Powerful Images Depicting The Realities of Reverse Racism

It's a tough world out there for white people.

33 Delicious Recipes That You Need For Your Next Trip To Trader Joe's

Why do other grocery stores even bother existing?

Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: an old-fashioned snow cone maker, an erasable notebook, a hot dog slicer, and more!

25 Tumblr Posts About Bisexuality That Will Make You Cry With Laughter

"bisexual means u only have sex twice. in ur entire lifetime. 2."

Failing This Quiz Is A Health Food Violation And I'm Coming To Shut Down Your Kitchen

Will you undercook it, overcook it, or cook it just right?

Only A True Beauty Addict Has Done 26/38 Of These Things

Is getting ready one of the best parts of going out?

37 Awesome Things You Should Buy From Nasty Gal Right Now

That store that probably has a sale going on as you're reading this post.

18 Posts That Will Improve Your Mental Health

Basically everything you need to know about looking after your mental health.

17 Cute AF Products You Have To Buy If You Are A Woman Who Codes

I am woman, hear me [type furiously on my mechanical keyboard].

25 Things To Help You Transform A Rental Apartment

Spruce up the place and still get your security deposit back. (Updated February 16, 2018.)

Why Swimsuits Suck

They all fit weird!

Iran Is Outgunning And Outsmarting The US Across The Middle East

Iran has enlisted tens of thousands of young Shiite men into an armed network that is challenging the US across the Middle East. The Trump administration is not prepared.

13 Victorian Homes That'll Make You Say, "Did I Just Get Hard From Real Estate Porn?"

There are definitely ghosts in most of these, just FYI.

NASA's Mars Program Is As Sad As It’s Ever Been

While a flashy mock Mars rover parades across the country, the real ones have never been more in danger of losing touch with Earth. “NASA is barely keeping the Mars Exploration Program on life support,” a new review finds.

17 Completely Insane Pixar Movie Facts You Didn't Know Till Now

It would take more than 9.4 million party balloons to lift Carl's house in Up.

How Many Times Did These "Vampire Diaries" Characters Die?

In Mystic Falls, no one truly stays dead.

22 Fucking Funny Tumblr Posts Every British Person Will Appreciate

"Why do British people say "are you taking the piss?", what happened in Britain's history that fomented a cultural fear of piss theft."

Can You Tell If Spike Or Damon Salvatore Said These Lines?

Two snarky, extremely hot vampires coming up!

17 "Supernatural" GIFs That Will Make You Angry All Over Again If You've Ever Worked In Retail

You need supernatural powers to be able to survive in retail.

Meet The Woman Who’s Helping Refugees Have A Bloody Good Period

Gabby Edlin has given out thousands of sanitary towels and tampons to women who can’t otherwise afford them. “Sanitary products are as essential as food,” she tells BuzzFeed News.



The Hardest Game Of "Which Movie Must Go" Pixar Fans Will Ever Play

This poll will make you feel joy, anger, fear, sadness, and disgust.

Non, Theon de «Game of Thrones» n'est pas un lâche

Attention: cet article contient des spoilers sur l'épisode 2 de la saison 7.

Comment je me suis éloignée du mouvement body-positive

J'ai vu le mouvement body-positive naître avec enthousiasme, avant d'en devenir beaucoup plus critique.

19 choses que vous comprendrez si vous êtes une femme qui a horreur de se raser

Vous rêvez que les poils pubiens reviennent à la mode.

きゃりー、菜々緒… 「卒アル」と高校時代を公開した芸能人


Which Simpsons Family Member Are You?

Like, you know, whatever.

Can You Ace This "Friends" Quiz?

No one said this will be easy.

Police Reject Donald Trump's Comments About "Roughing Up" Suspects

Several police agencies are speaking out about what they said was Trump's 'wink and nod' suggestion that officers use unnecessary force against suspects in custody.

If You've Said 80/100 Of These Things, You're Definitely Australian

"Yeah, nah, gonna chuck a sickie and do a Macca's run."

It's Time To Test Your Fashion Knowledge

Queen of Fashion, or nah?

凸版印刷が組合との団交拒否 都労委に「今後、繰り返さない」と反省文の張り出しを命じられる


福島の高校生に「不幸」を押し付けていませんか 「普通じゃないけど普通です」




This 10-Question Personality Test Will Reveal Where You Should Actually Live

Just because you're born somewhere doesn't mean you have to stay there.

Build A House For You And Your BFF To Live In And We'll Reveal Which "Parks And Rec" Duo You Are

''We have to remember what's important in life: friends, waffles and work.''

Look Out Ashlee Simpson, Your Daughter Is Definitely Daddy's Little Girl

Grab your tissues, it's going to be an emotional ride.

This Is Literally Just A List Of Places Where You Can Get Free Food On Your Birthday

Surviving another year around the sun deserves a free dessert.

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