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July 24, 2017

22 Tumblr Posts That Went Downhill Real Quick

"This post is a mess" should really be Tumblr's tagline.

What Is A No-Fail Item That Always Makes A Great Gift?

Together, we can ensure that no one gives or receives a bad gift again!

How "Game Of Thrones" Feeds Its Own Thinkpiece Industry

In the era of peak TV, the thinkpiece as a tool to keep us watching has never been more effective.

Vegetarians, What Are You Sick Of Hearing?

"But, like, how do you get protein?"

21 Imágenes que resumen lo que es vivir en Guadalajara en tiempo de lluvias

Nada se compara con el miedo que sientes cuando estás en Plaza de Sol y empieza a llover.

Luis Fonsi y Daddy Yankee no quieren que el gobierno de Venezuela use "Despacito" y la gente los está aplaudiendo

Denuncian al presidente Nicolás Maduro de plagiar "Despacito" y... el chiste se cuenta solo.

Democrats Think They Have Finally Figured Out A Counter To Trump's Message

Trump swamped Democratic messaging in 2016. Now the party thinks it has an answer.

OMG, The Next "James Bond" Movie Is Coming In 2019

And yes, Daniel Craig will be back.

Henry Cavill's Mustache Will Have To Be Erased From "Justice League," And It Is Very, Very Funny

"2017 has been hard enough. Just let Superman have a goddamn mustache."

Fact-Checker Met Its $500,000 Crowdfunding Goal In A Day

Snopes is locked in an ownership dispute with a web-management company.

21 Estrenos de Netflix que no vas a querer perderte en agosto

Nuevo mes, nuevos estrenos como Argo, The Walking Dead y Marvel: The Defenders.

Si haces 10 de estas 19 cosas, tienes una fuerte adicción a tu celular

Tu teléfono duerme a tu lado y lo primero que haces al llegar a casa de alguien es pedirle su contraseña del WiFi.

People Are Seriously Thrilled That Kem And Amber Won "Love Island"

When Kem won £50,000, someone in the audience shouted ‘Share it with Chris.‘

6 Useful Body Hacks

Do any of these hacks work for you? Let us know in the comments!

Paying To Promote News Stories On Facebook Is The Ad World’s Favorite New Tactic

Ad dollars once earmarked for publishers are now being used to promote favorable news coverage on Facebook.

Native American Tribes Want A Bigger Role In Choosing US Attorneys Under Trump

The National Congress of American Indians passed a resolution last month asking that tribes be “included in the selection, interview, and decision making process” for US attorneys, who prosecute major crimes in Indian Country.

If You've Done 22/30 Of These Things, You Have A Venti-Sized Starbucks Problem

It's time to open up about your relationship with the mermaid.

49 coisas sobre Taís Araújo e Lázaro Ramos que você vai amar saber

Por exemplo, o casal já foi chamado de Beyoncé e Jay Z brasileiros pelo jornal inglês "The Guardian".

RIP MS Paint (1985–2017)

A eulogy from BuzzFeed's designers for soon-to-be-dead MS Paint.

夏休みが忙しい。 小学生の親たちがプランニングに奔走する理由


After Heated Clash With White House, Tillerson Eyes New Pick For Top Asia Envoy

The White House is resisting Rex Tillerson’s candidate to become America’s top diplomat to Asia amid reports that the secretary could leave Foggy Bottom. But a top aide says Rex isn’t going anywhere.

Can You Spend More Than $1 At McDonald's IN THE YEAR 1955?

Time traveling sure does work up an appetite!

Hilary Duff's Home Was Burglarized After She Posted Photos From Her Vacation

The Younger star was vacationing out of the country at the time of the break-in.

Para todos los que no pueden superar la escena de sexo en "Game of Thrones" de esta semana

Advertencia: contiene spoilers y comentarios bien calientes.

19 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Watching "Descendants 2"

"No offense but the Descendants 2 soundtrack is art..."

18 Unanswerable Questions I Have About Disney Movies

Why do we keep calling her "the little mermaid" after she grows legs? Why don't we call her "the little person" instead?

People Could Not Stop Making Jokes During Jared Kushner's Rare Public Address

"'I have never sought the spotlight' –Jared Kushner, who was in an episode of Gossip Girl."

15 pequenas mudanças que ajudaram pessoas a serem mais organizadas

Testadas e aprovadas pelos comentaristas do BuzzFeed Brasil!

This Canadian Anti-Muslim Media Personality Was Just Charged With Promoting Hate

Kevin J. Johnston suggested a Muslim MP could be "shot by a Canadian patriot."

17 Bizarre Facts That'll Fuck With Your Perception Of Time

Anne Frank, Barbara Walters, and Martin Luther King Jr. were all born in the same year.

This Emoji Quiz Will Tell You What You Did In Your Past Life

Your favorite emoji says a lot about the you who came before you.

18 Mágicas experiencias que nos regaló Microsoft Paint

No estoy llorando, los envidiosos dirán que es Paint.

14 tuítes que mostram a revolta dos brasileiros com o fim do Paint

A Microsoft anunciou que vai descontinuar a versão clássica do programa.

Can You Avoid The Mayo-Filled Chocolates?

A color quiz with high stakes.

Man Pleads Guilty To Driving Undocumented Immigrants Locked In A Hot Trailer, Killing 10

The 60-year-old driver of a trailer truck in Texas pleaded guilty to transporting immigrants illegally into the US and causing the death of at least 10 people.

This Hot Guy Is Allegedly 50 Years Old And It Will Actually Blow Your Mind

Get your water ready, sweeties, we're dropping the thirst pics now.

Está sendo bem difícil lidar com aquela cena comovente com a Arya em "GoT"

Eu não estou chorando, você está chorando. Aviso: spoilers.

29 Easy And Unexpected Ways To Make Your Home A Better Place

Break out the ruby slippers because there's about to be NO place like home.

19 Tatuajes entre madres e hijas que te inspirarán a hacerte uno

Etiquétala para que vayan haciendo la cita.

Five Protesters Who Disrupted The Supreme Court Will Spend A Few Days In Jail

A judge on Monday sentenced protesters arrested for staging a demonstration at the US Supreme Court in 2015.

Ditch The Dairy With These 7 Incredibly Delicious Desserts

Going dairy-free is a piece of cashew cheesecake.

Literally Just Some Great Tweets About "Girls Trip"


Here Are The Important Things Rodrigo Duterte Covered In His 2017 SONA (And The Things He Didn't)

War on drugs, human rights, and Martial Law, just to name a few.

É oficial, já podemos fazer uma festa à fantasia com o tema "anos 2000"

A moda da virada do milênio daria um bug em todo mundo hoje em dia.

If You Check Off 39/48, You’re A True '90s Kid

Was there a more incredible time to be kid? Nope.

Os fãs de "Game of Thrones" estão ansiosos pelo encontro de Jon Snow e Daenerys

O pessoal está imaginando como tudo vai acontecer.

An Unsung Hero Of The AIDS Crisis Is Finally Getting The Spotlight

Rose McGowan's new short film, Ruth, tells the story of Ruth Coker Burks, an Arkansas woman who cared for hundreds of dying gay men.

The Cast Of "Black Panther" Saw Footage From The Film For The First Time At Comic-Con

Just like the fans at Comic-Con, it was the cast's first time seeing the new film footage.

Estas são as teorias mais épicas sobre a Muralha de "Game of Thrones"

Aviso: contém alguns spoilers e especulações.

Can You Answer These 14 Questions That Were So Hard, They Divided Everybody?

From Disney to dicks and everything in between, people's opinions can be... interesting.

Fizemos um ranking das principais teorias de fãs de "GoT", da menos provável para a mais provável

Definitivamente, Tyrion Lannister NÃO é um feto viajante do tempo.

No Driverless Cars On India's Roads, Says Country's Transport Minister

“How can we allow such vehicles when we already have a huge number of unemployed people?”

12 Increíbles cosas que se anunciaron en Comic-Con 2017 y que te harán perder la cabeza


10 Mitos y realidades que no sabías sobre el 'squirting'

Y no, no es lo mismo que la eyaculación femenina.

People Are Obsessed With This Teen Dancing In A Costume Shop

"This is what my friends send me on the regular basis and I just have to show it to the world."

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a CamelBak, airbed, Cuisinart knife set, and more!

Host A Celebrity Dinner Party And We'll Rate It Out Of 10

Will Beyoncé think you're a good host?

Only A True Jamaican Can Get Over 75% In This Quiz

Time to separate the real from the fake.

18 Delicious International Foods You Can Buy On Amazon

"Been around the world, don't speak the language." **But I ate the food.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Joss & Main, Eloquii, Dormify, and more!

Vous ne le savez peut-être pas, mais il y a de grandes chances pour que vous souffriez de thalassophobie

Et peut-être même un peu de bathophobie, pour faire bonne mesure.

19 Memes That Will Make Every Woman Piss Themselves With Laughter

For anyone who expected their skin to be clear after one glass of water.

Qual música de corno é você?

Pra enfiar o chifre na terra e sair arrastando.

38 Summer Dresses You'll Basically Never Want To Take Off

Pants are prisons for your legs—let them be free!

18 Memes de Barbie que vas a querer usar una y otra vez

¿Dónde está Barbie? Ken sabe...

14 Beautiful, Cosy, And Unique Scottish Airbnbs That Are Under £35 A Night

Want to relax in a hot tub for under £35? Come to Scotland.

Você só pode transar se acertar mais de 6 perguntas neste teste sobre gravidez

Bem-vindo(a) a um curso intensivo de educação sexual.

19 mulheres contam como foi sair de relacionamentos abusivos

Conseguir perceber que se está vivendo um relacionamento abusivo pode ser muito difícil, e mais ainda ter força para se livrar dele. Estas histórias provam que é possível superar, e voltar a ser feliz.

Quantas dessas coisas meio nojentinhas você já fez?

Todas nós temos um lado porquinho.

Nove pessoas são encontradas mortas dentro de caminhão estacionado em supermercado no Texas

Dezenas de pessoas — incluindo ao menos duas crianças — estavam no veículo. "É um crime de tráfico humano", disse o chefe da polícia de San Antonio, William McManus.

Just 33 Hilarious Dog Memes

The goodest boys there ever were.

Which Book Needs To Be Turned Into A Movie Immediately?

Recommend any books you've read that you can't believe haven't had the film treatment yet.

19 Long German Words Straight Outta Hell

The devil speaks German.

Would You Make A Cool Teacher?

Or would you be the strict one?

13 Commuting Horror Stories That Will Make You Shudder

"He proceeded to pee in an arc across the aisle."

19 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Water beads, inexpensive liquid eyeliner, a hammock chair, and 16 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

34 Tweets That Made "Love Island 2017" Fans Laugh, Cry, Or Possibly Both

Would you sign a petition to give Chris full custody of Cash Hughes?

Charlie Gard's Parents Have Ended A Legal Fight To Continue His Treatment

The barrister representing the parents of Charlie Gard told a court on Monday they now accept it's "too late" for him.

What Do You Want To Know About Nutrition And Weight Loss?

Like, how do you eat healthily if you're literally always hungry? Or can you drink alcohol if you're trying to lose weight?

19 Absolute Legends Who Deserve A Fucking Medal

Give these guys a gold, because they're winners.

El Gobierno de la CDMX no quiere hacer público cuánto dinero ha recibido de Uber y Cabify

Uber informó que ha dado al menos 100 millones de pesos a la Ciudad. "Es un fideicomiso privado", alega la Secretaría de Movilidad.

28 choses à savoir sur le sommeil qui vous aideront sûrement à mieux dormir

Faire l'amour et envoyer des textos tout en dormant, c'est possible, alors maintenant je vais probablement ne plus jamais dormir.

This Woman Says She Was Left Humiliated After EasyJet Staff Questioned Her Boyfriend's Travel Documents

The couple were travelling from Amsterdam to London when easyJet staff questioned Marlon Thiel Perez's right to travel with an EU residency card.

Sunny Leone Has Adopted A Baby Girl And Some People Have Sickening Responses To It

Yet another evidence that the world is a giant dumpster fire.

Loads Of Your Favourite Chocolates And Other Snacks Are Getting Smaller – But Their Prices Aren't

Official figures show thousands of products have shrunk over the past five years, but stayed at the same price.

22 Actually Funny Tweets About The "MasterChef" Finale

I'm 99% sure Ben's cut thumb got more screen time than Diana, tbh.

Louis Tomlinson Just Denied ~Larry Stylinson~ Once And For All

Louis says that there's "obviously no truth" to the conspiracy theory that he and Harry Styles are in a secret relationship.

Wir haben mit Ehefrauen von IS-Kämpfern in Syrien gesprochen. So zeigen sie ihre Reue.

„Wir haben das Paradies gesucht, doch wir fanden nur die Hölle.”

This Visual Celebrity Quiz Will Reveal A Deep Truth About You

Click on the celebrity pictures to learn more about yourself.

12 Summer High Street Dresses On Non-Models

Floaty dresses for the season.

DIE IS-KILLER – doch der Sieg hat die Special Forces fast alles gekostet

Die irakische Stadt Mossul gilt seit Juli 2017 als weitestgehend vom IS befreit – nach fast zwei Jahren verlustreichen Kämpfen. Das ist die Geschichte der Männer, die dafür alles gegeben haben.

Putin Gives The US One Month To Cut 755 Diplomatic Jobs In Russia

This week in Washington: The Obamacare repeal is dead after three Republican senators voted against the 'skinny' amendment, Trump is laying into his own attorney general, and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus was replaced.

14 preguntas que el resto de los españoles tenemos para los cántabros

¿Por qué ahora que llamamos muffin a las magdalenas no dais el salto internacional y llamás sleepers a los sobaos?

The "Game Of Thrones" Cast Sort Celebrities Into Houses With Hilarious Results

Sophie Turner put her boyfriend Joe Jonas in Stark, of course.

This Little Girl Cried Meeting Gal Gadot And It's Proof Representation Matters

The little girl burst into tears when confronted with her idol at San Diego Comic-Con – and Gal Gadot's reaction was completely adorable.

Jared Kushner Says "I Did Not Collude With Russia" After Testifying Before Senate Investigators

"I did not collude," Kushner said in an 11-page statement issued to congressional committees ahead of his testimony on Monday.

Just 23 Tweets That Are Way, Way, Way Too Relatable

"Every voicemail I leave sounds like English is my second language."

Baisse des APL: voici ce qu'on peut acheter avec 5 euros

Cinq tubes de dentifrices, 4 kilos de frites surgelées, 10 steaks hachés, 18 yaourts, 3kg de spaghettis...

17 völlig durchgeknallte Dinge, die man Babys in früheren Zeiten angetan hat

Ein beliebter Sirup, um Kinder zu beruhigen, bestand aus Alkohol, Cannabis, Morphin und Chloroform.

ビールを片手に映画鑑賞! 新宿中央公園の野外上映イベントが楽しそう


Pouvez-vous résoudre ce problème mathématique en chocolat?

Comment vous débrouillez-vous en calcul mental?

Donald Trump's New Communications Director Thinks Brexit Is A Bad Idea – Unlike His Boss

"Brexit goes against 71 yrs of progress, peace and prosperity," Anthony Scaramucci tweeted last year, putting him at odds with the president over the UK leaving the EU.

The Old Order Of Bollywood Is Under Threat And They Can't Handle It

Tone-deaf jokes, half-hearted apologies, and fumbling explanations are a sign of how fragile Bollywood's dynasty-born stars are right now. And for good reason: Outsiders are fighting them with winning weapons – hard work, hustle, and talent.

Diese Frau erzählt, wie es ist "zu fliegen, wenn man sehr fett ist." Es bricht dir das Herz.

"Egal, was passiert: Wenn sich jemand beschwert, wird mein Körper lautstark und mit offener Ablehnung kommentiert, ohne Rücksicht darauf, wer es hört."

19 Menschen, die so brutal sind, dass es zum Schreien ist

Linda, hast du verdammt nochmal Augen im Kopf?!

Poland's President Will Veto A Controversial Law That Critics Said Would Weaken Democracy

Under the law, all judges on the Supreme Court would be required to resign and replaced by justices picked by the ruling party — a move the European Union said would break fundamental democratic rights.

This "Game Of Thrones" Writer Just Addressed An Important Missing Character

Where is Ghost?! Warning: contains spoilers for Season 7, Episode 2.

42 Dinge, die Freundinnen machen, ohne auch nur darüber zu sprechen

Sei dir bitte bewusst, dass jede Nachricht, die du bekommst, von einem WhatsApp-Komittee verfasst wurde.

痴漢被害の「ブラックボックス展」 女性側が民事訴訟へ


Paren las rotativas: Bershka ha sacada una camiseta de 'Despacito' porque ya nos da todo igual

Es por una cancioncita que quizás te suene de oirla de pasada.

21 Hilarious Reactions To The "Game Of Thrones" Scene With Jon And Littlefinger

It was so damn satisfying. Contains mild spoilers.

21 series que toda mujer debería ver

Porque el poder de las mujeres lo es todo.

The UN Just Claimed The Aussie Government Broke A Promise To Resettle Refugees On Manus And Nauru

"Families have been separated and many have suffered physical and psychological harm," the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said.

Build A House And We'll Reveal Which "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills" Housewife You Are

You're only designing some of the house, you're too busy to design it all.

The Former Buddhist Monk Who Is Now A Tibetan Queer Icon

Tenzin Mariko is an aspiring makeup artist and dancer and perhaps the biggest star in a community that, until her arrival, had been bereft of LGBT idols.

For Everyone Who Isn't Over That Sex Scene On "Game Of Thrones" This Week

Here for this. Warning: contains mild spoilers.

An 18-Year-Old Is Accused Of Driving Drunk And Livestreaming When She Crashed And Killed Her Sister

Authorities say Obdulia Sanchez was driving drunk when she veered off the road and crashed. The teen was live on Instagram and recorded her sister's death.

Aboriginal People Fear For Lives Of Their Children After Killer Sentenced To Three Years In Jail

"The fact he was run over, because of the bike, does this not resonate with everyone across the country?"

15 Questions You've Probably Been Asked If You're The Only Gay Guy In Your Office

Being the magical unicorn of your office can be tough.

Something Emotional Happened On "Game Of Thrones" And People Aren't OK

I'm not crying, it's just raining on my face. Warning: spoilers.

What Chub Rub Fighting Product Do You Swear By?

Nothing burns more than your inner thighs on a hot summer's day.

Tell Us About Your Love Life And We'll Give You A Celine Dion Song To Listen To

Are you all by yourself or filled with the power of love?

How Rough Is Your NYC Housing Struggle?

The struggle is toooooo real.

あの有名人の誕生日がお休み? 日本にはない世界の祝日がすごすぎる


19 Of The Funniest Tweets About This Season Of "MasterChef"

"My favourite part of MasterChef Australia is when the judges mansplain the contestant's dishes to each other."

Flash Briefing For July 24, 2017

The White House is contradicting itself on Trump's pardon powers, Polish people are marching to defend their democracy, and Wonder Woman 2 is officially happening.

Anthony Scaramucci On Hot Mic: I Called On CNN To Send A Message To Jeff Zucker

“I have to call on CNN and send a message to Zucker that we are back in business,” Scaramucci said on a hot mic Sunday in between morning show appearances.

Design Your Dream Bedroom And We'll Guess Which Pop Fandom You Belong To

Because your room choices may reflect if you're a die-hard Belieber.

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