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Apple Has Removed A Mapping App That Let Protesters In Hong Kong Track Police

"This app violates our guidelines and local laws, and we have removed it from the App Store."

Pranav Dixit 12 days ago

India Is Creating A National Facial Recognition System, And Critics Are Afraid Of What Will Happen Next

“Unless we all get plastic surgery at the same time, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Pranav Dixit 12 days ago

Instagram Won’t Say Whether It Will Protect The Identity Of An Anonymous Account Sharing #MeToo Allegations

Emails seen by BuzzFeed News show that Instagram offered support and reassurances to anonymous accounts naming sexual harassers — and then walked back when the courts got involved.

Nishita Jha 18 days ago

Juul Said It Will Stop All US Advertising And Not Fight Trump’s Plan To Ban Vape Flavors

The company's CEO, Kevin Burns, also stepped down Wednesday.

Pranav Dixit 27 days ago

Google Is Allowing People To Dial A Phone Number To Talk To Google Assistant

The feature will let people in countries like India where millions of people still use feature phones ask Google Assistant for sports scores, weather forecasts, and more.

Pranav Dixit One month ago

A Huge Market With Millions Of Smokers Just Banned Vapes Entirely

Violators will be jailed for up to three years and fined up to $7,000.

Pranav Dixit One month ago

Apple Unveils New iPhone 11, Pro And Pro Max, Apple Watch, Apple TV+, More

BuzzFeed News is at the Steve Jobs Theater with all of the latest.

John Paczkowski One month ago

This Is What It’s Like Living Through Kashmir’s Communications Blackout

“Human rights are being snatched away as we speak.”

Pranav Dixit One month ago

Twitter Invested In A Social Network Accused Of Spreading Misinformation And Hate Speech

Earlier this year, ShareChat took steps to clean up the platform, including removing accounts and content that violate its community guidelines.

Pranav Dixit 2 months ago

WhatsApp Is Fighting To Keep Millions Of Users Untraceable

WhatsApp is “a space for private conversations online.” An Indian court could make it public.

Pranav Dixit 2 months ago

WhatsApp Is Now Letting Users Know When A Message Has Been Forwarded Too Many Times

The new feature is part of WhatsApp's efforts to curb how misinformation spreads on its platform.

Pranav Dixit 2 months ago

Netflix Is Rolling Out A Low-Cost, Mobile-Only Subscription Plan For Users In India

The announcement comes at the same time the company said it lost 130,000 subscribers in the United States from April through June.

Pranav Dixit 3 months ago

American YouTubers Are Making Videos Reacting To Indian Pop Culture To Go Viral

"Brace yourself. Indian subscribers are coming!!!"

Pranav Dixit 4 months ago

A Video Game Went Viral Across India. Then Police Started Arresting Its Young Players.

Fears about PUBG’s violence and addictiveness led officials in the Indian state of Gujarat to ban the video game. But things didn’t stop there — soon young men were being arrested for gaming.

Pranav Dixit 4 months ago

Facebook Has Tightened Its Facebook Live Rules After The New Zealand Terror Attacks

Months after the man who shot 51 Muslims to death inside two Christchurch mosques streamed the attacks on Facebook Live, Facebook wants to clamp down.

Pranav Dixit 5 months ago

Sri Lanka Has Blocked Most Major Social Networks After A Facebook Post Sparked Anti-Muslim Riots

This is the third time in weeks the country has banned social media in the wake of religious tension.

Pranav Dixit 5 months ago
Pranav Dixit 5 months ago
Pranav Dixit 5 months ago

Twitter Will Let Users Report Tweets That Mislead Voters

The tool will be rolled out in India, where general elections are already underway, and in the European Union, which holds elections in May.

Pranav Dixit 6 months ago

TikTok Just Got Banned In India Over Fears It Is Exposing Children To Porn And Sexual Predators

More than 120 million of the app’s 500 million users are from India.

Pranav Dixit 6 months ago