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July 7, 2017

We Tested Out The New Cheeseburger At Costco To See WTF The Big Deal Is

"I like my burgers like I like my men, wet and meaty."

Sanctuary Cities Issued A Rebuke Of The Trump Administration's Latest Threats To Cut Funding

“This is another example of the Trump Administration acting before doing their homework," New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu wrote to the Justice Department.

What's Your Worst Experience As An RA In College?

They can never train you enough for the shit you see.

Trump Will Get To Pick A New Judge For A Key Appeals Court

Judge Janice Rogers Brown of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit is stepping down, a source familiar with the circumstances told BuzzFeed News. The DC Circuit hears challenges to federal agency actions.

Este examen de albures te dirá si te sobra o te falta barrio

¿Podrías sobrevivir a una conversación con un chilango purasangre?

Everything You Wanted To Know About "Dateline" But Were Afraid To Ask

Led by master of the macabre Keith Morrison, Dateline has been entertaining armchair detectives for decades — paving the way for massively popular true crime shows like Making a Murderer, The Keepers, and Serial.

31 Cosas que solo entenderás si creciste en Guadalajara de los 90

Leer esto te va a hacer extrañar tu infancia.

How Many Of These 69 Things Have You Done With Your Partner?

Take notes about what you haven't tried yet.

17 Señales de que ya estás listo para irte a vivir con tu pareja

Conocen sus defectos y hace mucho se perdieron el asco.

Fish Fingers With Avocado Dip

Dip that fish in the avo and have a good time!

The Hardest Game Of College "Would You Rather" Ever

Definitely harder than deciding whether or not to wear your lanyard.

9 Incredible Photo Stories From Across The Internet

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

You'll Never Have To Leave Facebook's New Campus If You Work There

Apartments, a grocery store, a pharmacy, seven parks, its own train station, AND a mall?!

If You Get 3/7 On This Quiz You're Getting Sucker-Punched By Fake News

Can you tell the real from the fake in these viral posts?

22 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

Sete coisas que você talvez não saiba sobre Rodrigo Maia, que assume se Temer cair

Primeiro na linha sucessória de Michel Temer, o presidente da Câmara começou a carreira política no PDT de Leonel Brizola e até apoiou Lula, em 1989 — quando tinha 19 anos de idade.

Water Cannons Vs. The Black Bloc: The Story Of The G20 Protests

Friday’s G20 summit in Hamburg was the first time in 16 years that the leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies had gathered in a city, and German authorities anticipated trouble. In the end, the clashes were milder than expected, thanks to tactics that isolated the most aggressive anarchists.

We Need To Discuss The Captain America PSAs In "Spider-Man: Homecoming"

How much wrangling did it take to get Steve to sit still for these? (Warning: Spoilers ahead.)

18 Preguntas que ni el sabelotodo de tus amigos podrá responder

Si un jabón se cae al piso, ¿se limpia el piso o se ensucia el jabón?

Una adolescente ha sido sentenciada a 30 años de prisión por tener un aborto espontáneo

La adolescente, quien fue víctima de violación, está entre un grupo de mujeres sentenciadas por violar las estrictas leyes antiaborto de El Salvador, a pesar de haber tenido un parto de feto muerto.

Trump's Immigration Talk Hasn't Deterred International Students

New data shows foreign students haven't altered their plans to study at US colleges in the wake of Trump's hardline immigration talk.

Si haces 10 de estas 18 cosas, eres oficialmente un malacopa

Quedarte dormido e intensearle al taxista, ¿te suena?

How Normal Are Your Jonas Brothers Song Opinions?

Is "Burnin' Up" still the bop of the century?

102 Things Anyone With A Penis Should Probably Know

Basically everything you need to know about having fun with your penis in a safe and healthy way.

A Judge Just Sent A Man To Jail For Rioting On Inauguration Day

Trials are scheduled starting in the fall for the 200-plus people charged with rioting on President Trump’s Inauguration Day. In sentencing the first defendant to plead guilty to felony charges so far, the judge on Friday signaled how she’s thinking about these cases.

A verdade por trás de "Procurando Nemo" vai desgraçar toda sua cabeça

A gente sabe que é ficção, mas se fosse realidade seria OUTRO FILME.

Here's What The "Forrest Gump" Cast Looks Like Today

Life was better than a box of chocolates for these guys.

Um carro pica x um Celta 2012 é a questão que está mexendo com o país

"Os dois a 80 km/h, tu acha q vai ficar um do lado do outro?"

No leas esta historia entre un futbolista y un niño con cáncer si no quieres llorar a mares

Jermain Defoe, seleccionado nacional de Inglaterra, protagonizó una historia que demostró que el futbol es mucho más que sólo un juego.

This Woman Accused Of Killing Her Family Smiled And Posed For Courtroom Cameras

Maria Isabel Garduno-Martinez was charged with killing her husband and four of her children in an alleged stabbing attack.

Governo Temer tenta convencer relator Zveiter a fazer parecer sem mérito

Com medo de um relatório duro e pela continuidade da denúncia contra Temer, integrantes da base tenta convencer relator da CCJ a fazer parecer técnico sem tratar do mérito da ação.

19 Small Victories That Will Make You Feel Like An Actual Adult Instead Of A Human Dumpster Fire

Growing up can be hard, so it's important to celebrate even the smallest of victories.

21 Veces en las que los hipsters fueron demasiado hipsters

Usan cámaras como floreros y pastas de dientes sin gluten.

Después de leer este post, te darás cuenta que tienes Hylophobia

Hay una razón por la que los cuerpos siempre son encontrados en el bosque.

27 momentos simplesmente deslumbrantes capturados durante o parto

O corpo humano é simplesmente incrível.

Este teste de cores vai revelar uma verdade profunda sobre você

Você só precisa responder a cinco perguntinhas.

16 confissões de pessoas que trabalham na indústria pornô que podem te surpreender

Por exemplo, existe um software para o rastreamento do ânus.

16 Cosas que haces si eres una persona un poquito emo...cional

Si ver películas independientes en un día lluvioso es tu mejor plan, sigue leyendo.

Quão classe média sofre você é?

As pessoas não acreditam, mas você passa por cada barra!

People Are Pleasantly Shocked By This Teen's Chinese Zither Cover Of "Redbone"

"This video just made my skin clear, deposited money in my bank account and gave me 8 hrs of sleep."

Waymo Drops Nearly All Of Its Patent Claims In Self-Driving Lawsuit Against Uber

The case is narrowing as it heads toward an Oct. 10 trial date.

17 Relatable AF Kris Jenner Memes That'll Make You Go "So Me!"

When you realize you and K.J. are basically the same person, except she's rich.

Melania Trump Couldn't Leave Her Guesthouse Because Of The Fierce Protests In Germany

The protests, which turned violent on Thursday, continued as the summit kicked off on Friday.

Este video viral de un niño que toca el piano en Liverpool está alegrando a todo Internet

Este niño de Querétaro nos recordó cómo se ve el talento.

Blac Chyna Files Request For Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian

The legal action comes days after Rob Kardashian went on a social media tirade against his ex, Blac Chyna, posting explicit photos of her on social media.

If You've Eaten 22/30 Of These Foods, Then You're A True New Yorker

Have you eaten your way through Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx?

Poem: "Buen Esqueleto" By Natalie Scenters-Zapico

"Life is short, & I show them how to talk / to police without opening the door / how /to leave the social security number blank / on the exam, I tell this to mis hijas."

28 Situaciones cotidianas que jamás vivirán esos a los que les falta barrio

Como abrir el bote de yogurt y encontrarse frijoles congelados.

We Tried Those Trendy "Diaper" Jeans And Oh Boy, It Was Weird

"It feels like my thighs are trying to escape!"

29 Gorgeous Sleeved Dresses To Wear All Summer

Sometimes your arms just don't want to go completely commando. The dresses in this post were updated in May 2018.

17 "elogios" que são verdadeiras ofensas racistas

Para uma negra, até que você é bonita.

22 Stages Of Mourning You Go Through When Your Favorite Show Ends

Why couldn't they just keep it on the air forever?!

16 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Ryan Reynolds helped a girl get back at her ex, The Rock shared a high school throwback, and more!

Novo Fies vai ficar parecido com empréstimo consignado, com desconto em folha

Hoje quase metade dos beneficiados não pagam o empréstimo; entenda o que muda.

Is This The Cast Of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3?"

What do these 13 queens all have in common?

Build A Hamburger And We'll Tell You Which G20 Leader You Are

Get it? Because they're meeting in Hamburg, Germany? Ah, you get it.

A Tory MP Has Been Accused Of Exploiting The Grenfell Tragedy In A Bid To Move The Notting Hill Carnival

In a letter to London mayor Sadiq Khan, Greg Hands, the MP for Chelsea and Fulham, said he wanted to "further explore the arrangements" for this year's carnival.

If You've Used 30/39 Of These Products You're A True Makeup Addict

Let's see how experienced you really are.

Do You Actually Know What Cajun Food Is?

Do you know your gumbo from your jambalaya?

18 TV Shows That You Should Be Getting Into In 2017

So many good shows and we're only halfway through the year.

People Rejoining The Workforce Are Keeping Wages Down

After giving up on finding a job during tough economic times, people have been streaming back into the workforce in recent years as growth picks up.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a Super Mario chess game, succulent plants, and skull shot glasses — plus Prime Day lead-up deals and more!

"Untreatable" Gonorrhea Is Most Definitely Becoming A Thing

A new report from 77 countries shows that the problem is becoming global in scale.

Solo un verdadero adicto a Instagram reconocerá cuáles son estos filtros

Porque hay un mundo de diferencia entre "Earlybird" y "Valencia".

17 Inexpensive Products You Need For Your Vanity ASAP

Even if your bathroom counter is your vanity, we've got ALL you need.

Quão rueiro você é?

Identifique onde você está na escala Ritcher de fogo no cu.

Livro por livro, este homem está reconstruindo uma biblioteca destruída pelo Estado Islâmico

A biblioteca da Universidade de Mossul, no Iraque, foi incendiada pela facção quando os terroristas tomaram a cidade, em 2014. Agora, um homem está liderando esforços para reabastecer suas prateleiras.

Tributes Are Pouring In For A 7-Year-Old Dutch Boy Who Died

Tijn was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in May last year.

25 Real AF Period Struggles Everyone With A Vagina Has Had

Sitting up in the morning and feeling the GUSH of blood into your underwear.

Ces poivrons farcis au crumble légumes-poulet délecteront vos papilles

Un dîner original et plein de saveurs qui en jette!

21 Things You Know If You're The Funny Friend

You can't say anything seriously without everyone thinking you're being sarcastic.

A Knife-Wielding Man Claiming To Be A US Senator Who Wanted To Meet Ivanka Trump Was Arrested At Trump Tower

Sixto Benitez was arrested on Thursday after he was found wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying two knives and a fake ID. He was hospitalized for a mental health evaluation.

21 Things You'll Want To Try For Yourself *Immediately*

It's 100% worth getting weird looks in public.

¿Puedes construir la casa de tus sueños por menos de 15 millones de pesos?

Se vale soñar y se vale volar, hasta la casa de tus sueños poder alcanzar...

Teenager Arrested In Connection With Manchester Bomb Is Released Without Charge

The 19-year-old was arrested at Liverpool Airport, and detectives also searched a house in South Manchester as part of the ongoing investigation.

30 Completely Adorable Cactus Products You Need Right Now

The cactus = the best plant. Forget about them for four months and they'll be just fine.

What Is It Like To Work As A Dentist/Dental Hygienist?

Spill all your dental confessions.

The Biggest Winners And Losers In Movies In 2017 So Far

After a breakneck start to the year, Hollywood has backslid into one of the worst summer slumps in its history. Here are the actors, filmmakers, studios, and franchises that have reason to celebrate, and the ones that really, really, really can’t wait for 2017 to be over.

31 Things You Should Cook In July

Cocktails, easy meals, and summer treats!

18 Things All Beauty Snobs Will Understand

Your makeup wishlist is way bigger than your paycheque.

11 TV Show Fan Theories That Prove Everything Is Just A Dream

Spoiler: It's all of them. All of the shows.

29 Badass Tattoos That Will Inspire Every Feminist

Nevertheless, she got some badass ink.

Algumas estatísticas impressionantes sobre a violência no Rio

Entre as vítimas está o menino Arthur, atingido por uma bala perdida ainda dentro da barriga da mãe. Ele corre risco de ficar paraplégico.

16 Clever Ways To Make Going To The Beach Even Better

BuzzFeed reader tips to let you coast through your next beach visit.

6 Important Things To Know Before Amazon Prime Day

Play your cards right and you could save a ton of $$$.

44 Gedanken, die ich als Westdeutscher habe, der in Ostdeutschland aufgewachsen ist

Viertel vor Zehn ist keine Zeitangabe. Dreiviertel Zehn aber schon.

15 vezes em que o Brasil ofendeu a culinária do mundo todo

A esfiha de cheddar e pepperoni existe e eu irei defendê-la.

13 Cool Things Canadians Are Buying On Amazon This Week

This week: Charcoal teeth powder, inflatable loungers, and sushi card games!

Theresa May's Opponents Are Planning To Make The Next Phase Of Brexit Brutal For Her Fragile Government

Passing the repeal bill will be the biggest parliamentary challenge of the prime minister's career. Opponents are plotting to "string it up like a fucking Christmas tree with amendments".

Une adolescente victime de viol a été condamnée à 30 ans de prison pour avoir accouché d'un enfant mort-né

L'adolescente fait partie des nombreuses femmes accusées d'avoir enfreint les lois très strictes sur l'avortement au Salvador, alors qu'elle a accouché d'un enfant mort-né.

The Woman Whose Powerful Grenfell Speech Went Viral Has Been Removed From Facebook

The local volunteer said all her video footage of the Grenfell community has been removed from Facebook because her account was deemed "abusive or spam".

39 problèmes que connaissent trop bien les filles aux cheveux fins

Passer trois jours sans se laver les cheveux et donner l'impression qu'on les a trempés dans un récipient géant d'huile d'olive.

Only A True "10 Things I Hate About You" Fanatic Can Get 8/8 On This Test

Because we still dream about a boy serenading us on the bleachers.

19 Painfully Real Tweets That Will Make Women Say "Yup"

"Starting a charity that buys men in their 20s hand towels for their bathroom so u don't have to dry ur hands on their nasty body towels."

9 Useful Hacks For Really Hot Days

Includes tricks that will help you get a good night's sleep.

Diese Videos zeigen, wie der schwarze Block die Elbchaussee in Hamburg-Altona zerstört

Viele brennende Autos rund um den G20-Gipfel. VIELE brennende Autos.

Emma Stone Was Just Schooled On Intersectionality

"If my male costar, who has a higher quote than me but believes we are equal, takes a pay cut so that I can match him, that changes my quote in the future and changes my life."

19 Food Fails All British People Have Experienced

Pray for those served a pie with hardly any filling.

14 Of The Most Bawaal Things To Have Ever Happened In Kanpur

Kanpuriya news stories ki rangbaazi toh dekhiye.

All The Best Deals On The Internet This Weekend

Deals at ApolloBox, Urban Outfitters, Gap, and more!

A Teenage Rape Victim Has Been Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison For Having A Stillbirth

The teenager is among a number of women sentenced for breaking El Salvador's strict abortion laws, despite having a stillbirth.

Is Artificial Intelligence Going To Take Your Job?

Fear not, humans. We’re in no danger of becoming irrelevant. For now.

Photobucket Is Holding People's Photos For "Ransom"

The company is now charging a $400 fee to hot-link images — which will break photos on tons of old websites and blogs.



16 images d'aliments qui vous mettront probablement mal à l'aise

Mais vraiment, ça ne devrait pas, parce que c'est JUSTE de la nourriture, les gars.

33 Pictures Of Pride In Different Countries That'll Make You Smile And Cry

What does LGBT Pride look like in different countries around the world in 2017.

Un troll llamó gorda a Kelly Clarkson y ella ha respondido como la DIOSA que es

No tiene ni tiempo ni ganas de que cualquiera la critique por su cuerpo.

Are These Actors British, American, Or Australian?

Have they been putting on an accent this whole time?

21 cosas que siempre has querido saber acerca del reparto de "Juego de tronos"

Se acercan desternillantes secretos del plató de la serie.

How Anti-Brexit Newspaper The New European Became An Unlikely Success Story

The paper's editor, Matt Kelly, didn't think it would last more than four weeks – but one year on he tells BuzzFeed News the title could be a long-term feature on newsstands.

ARRÊTEZ TOUT, ce petit génie a enfin trouvé ce qui est jaune et qui attend

Après de longues recherches, c'est Adrien, 8 ans, qui a enfin trouvé ce qui est jaune et qui attend.



22 truquitos para navegar por Internet que harán tu vida mejor

Ahorra dinero, aumenta tu productividad y mira más perritos y gatitos monos.

La hilofobia existe y, aunque aún no lo sabes, la sufres

Hay una razón por la que siempre se encuentran cadáveres en el bosque, y venimos aquí a contártela para joderte la vida.

Abandonnés par la France, les interprètes afghans en appellent à Emmanuel Macron

152 Afghans qui ont servi sous drapeau français pendant l'intervention française en Afghanistan sont abandonnés à leur sort, leur sécurité menacée. Pendant la campagne, Emmanuel Macron avait qualifié la situation de «trahison» et comparé leur sort à celui des «harkis». Interrogé par BuzzFeed News, le porte-parole du gouvernement promet de demander des éléments de réponse au cabinet du président.

Trois interprètes afghans racontent comment la France les a abandonnés

Ils sont 152 interprètes afghans. Ils ont servi sous le drapeau français pendant des années. Et à cause de cela certains sont en danger de mort. Mais la France refuse quasi systématiquement leurs demandes de visa. Trois d'entre eux ont accepté de répondre aux questions de BuzzFeed News.

34 Beweise, dass Deutschland das Land der Märchen ist

Willkommen im Land der Gebrüder Grimm!

災害後に寝たきりにならないために お年寄りが気をつけたい5つのポイント


おつまみにもぴったり! ガーリックシュリンプ焼きそば

食欲そそるにんにく 風味。レモンを絞ってめしあがれ!

This Is The Complex Web Of Companies And Government Agencies Facing Questions Over The Grenfell Tragedy

Three weeks on from the Grenfell Tower fire, BuzzFeed News asks what role fire regulations and a complex web of public and private agencies may have played in the disaster – and what could be done to prevent similar fires happening in future.

Hier findest du einen durchgehenden G20-Livestream ohne Kommentar

Der offizielle Livestream des Gipfels in Hamburg, am Freitag und Samstag.

Guys, Kylie Jenner Looks Exactly Like Kris In These Photos And It's A Vibe

Team bring back the momager wig and aviator sunnies 2k17.

Lo siento mucho, de verdad, pero ¿podríais decirme de qué color veis esto?

Son verde azulado y gris, y no hay más que hablar.

がん患者を惑わす「甘い言葉」とは? インチキ医療で命を落とす前にできること


香りもコクも全然違う! 本当に旨い輸入ビール8選


Blue Ivy's Rap From Jay-Z's Album Has Been Released And People Can't Handle It

First Asahd, now Blue? Kanye, you better get North into that studio ASAP.

If You've Eaten 40/42 Of These Foods Then You're Definitely Australian

There's nothing more Aussie than cabanossi and cheese cubes.

Hackers Have Been Targeting US Nuclear And Power Plants, And Russia Is Reportedly Suspected

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI said they "are aware of a potential cyber intrusion affecting entities in the energy sector." Russia is reportedly the chief suspect.



The Men Still Detained On Manus Island Say Conditions Are Getting Worse

"Sometimes there is not enough food for the people at the end of the queue."



Which Couple From "Skam" Are You And Your Significant Other?

Are you more of a Noora and William or an Isak and Even?

Lesvy Osorio, la joven muerta en la UNAM, se suicidó: PGJCDMX; su novio está detenido

La dependencia capitalina asegura que la joven se ahorcó a sí misma con el cable de un teléfono público en Ciudad Universitaria.

Trump's Poland Speech Shows That Stephen Miller Never Left

After several disastrous TV appearances, Trump's top speechwriter has avoided the limelight. But White House officials say Miller continues to be a key player who truly understands the Trump worldview.

12 Celebrity #TBTs You Need To See This Week

A David and Victoria Beckham wedding photo kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!

A Fox Business Host Accused Of Sexual Harassment Has Been Suspended

Fox News confirmed that Making Money host Charles Payne was suspended pending the outcome of a sexual harassment investigation.

How Well Do You Remember Music From 2010?

"I wanna celebrate and live my life saying 'Ayo! Baby, let's go!'"

Uber, Now In A Court Battle With Google, Once Tried To Be Its Partner

A new court filing shows ex-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick sought to meet with Google cofounder Larry Page in 2015.

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