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July 5, 2017

I Am So Sorry But Could You Tell Me What Colours You See In This Picture??

They are teal and grey and that's the end of it.

The Travel Ban's Cut-Off Date For Many Refugees To Enter The US Has Been Pushed Back

Refugees traveling to the US could be allowed to enter the country up to July 12 — a week later than the deadlines the State Department originally set.

18 Tweets que te harán decir "¡ese soy yo!" si tu debilidad son las notas de voz

Taggea a tu amigo, el que te manda audios de media hora.

El cadáver de una niña fue abandonado en la carretera a Cuernavaca y las autoridades lo investigan como feminicidio

La menor tenía entre 4 y 9 años de edad. La familia de la víctima ya fue notificada, de acuerdo con la Fiscalía estatal.

Only Real Foodies Can Get Perfect On This “Odd One Out” Quiz

Spot the thing that isn't like the others!

Which Movie Musical Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

"The hills are alive with the sound of music."

Este quiz de cine te dirá qué tan mexicano eres

A ver cuánto conoces del nuevo cine mexicano.

Working Families Are Getting Worse Off Under Theresa May

When she entered office a year ago, Theresa May pledged to help those "just about managing" – but new research shows these families are getting further away from having enough money for a normal life.

Hobby Lobby Will Give Up Thousands Of Ancient Artifacts That Prosecutors Say Were Smuggled

Hobby Lobby has agreed to forfeit thousands of ancient Iraqi artifacts that federal prosecutors say were smuggled into the United States. The arts and crafts retailer will also pay $3 million as part of a settlement.

16 Stories From 9-1-1 Operators That'll Make You Question Humanity

"I got a call from a drunk teen crying because she's never lived in Bikini Bottom."


おつまみにぴったり♪ 甘辛チキン

19 TV And Film Characters Asexual People Relate To On A Deep Level

"It means a lot to see your own experiences reflected in a TV show that you love."


野菜がたっぷり食べられる♪ 9種目のサラダ

Here's Why Jay-Z's 4:44 Album Went Platinum So Quickly

Turns out the only fan he needed to impress was Sprint.

Where Would You Be During The Riot On "Orange Is The New Black"?

Would you be fighting on the front lines or hiding under your bunk?

This Man Only Got "A Slap On The Wrist" After Sharing Intimate Photos Of His Female Friends

Toronto writer and photographer Ren Bostelaar agreed to a peace bond limiting his internet usage.

This GOP Congressman Is Being Criticized For Filming A Video Inside An Auschwitz Gas Chamber

The Louisiana congressman later removed the video from YouTube and apologized. Not everyone has accepted his apology, however.

There's Finally Some Good News (Kinda) For The Great Barrier Reef

It may not officially be "in danger", but it's not doing great.

If Silicon Valley's Billionaires Want To Fix Our Rotten Politics, They Should Start At Home

We've returned to the point where the enlightened businessmen decide to save the Democratic party. It never works.

17 Objetos que van a despertar a tu Selena interior

"Y se emociona, ya no razona". <3

The War In Afghanistan Just Got Harder To Follow In Real Time

The US commander in Afghanistan will no longer issue an initial statement within hours of a US combat death. Instead, deaths will be announced by the Pentagon 24 hours after family members have been notified.

26 Lugares a los que la gente no puede ir sin desear tener sexo

Desde tiendas de alimentos hasta castillos del siglo XVII, aquí hay algunos lugares que hacen que la gente tenga ~ganas~.

Gugu Gaiteiro tocando "Sweet Dreams" é o melhor encontro de dois memes

2017 pode não estar lá essas coisas, mas no que diz respeito a memes está show.

Jonny Sun Melts Our Cold, Cold Hearts

An extremely sweet episode of Another Round.



Rob Kardashian May Have Broken A Revenge-Porn Law With His Explicit Blac Chyna Posts

Chyna attorney on Thursday said he is exploring "all legal remedies and protections available to my client at this time."

How Well Do You Actually Know Selina Meyer?

She was our president, after all.

What's The Most Insane Disney Movie Fact You Know?

It's true: A biologist sued Disney for defamation after The Lion King depicted hyenas as villains.

Taylor Swift's 2017 4th Of July Party Was Very Different From Her 2016 Party

Uncle Joe and Aunt Pam got drunk and started saying fucked-up shit.

14 Cosas que necesitas saber antes de ver 'Spider-Man: De regreso a casa'

Mándale este post a la persona que te va a invitar a verla.

15 celebridades antes e depois de serem contaminadas pelo rycka vírus

Alguns dos sintomas são cabelo de salão, pele jovem e dentes perfeitos.

Você espera o carnaval chegar pra ser vadia?

Cada um faz o que achar melhor!

16 Images Of Food That Will Probably Make You Feel Uncomfortable

But really shouldn't because it's JUST food, guys.

19 mulheres fodas dão dicas de carreira que podem mudar sua vida

"No fim das contas, você tem que se lembrar de que você é a CEO de sua própria carreira e precisa pensar sobre suas necessidades, tanto a curto quanto a longo prazo."

35 coisas que só quem tem black power entende

As pessoas pegam no seu black sem autorização, mesmo que você nunca tenha visto elas antes.

EXCLUSIVO: Eduardo Cunha e Lúcio Funaro já entregaram roteiro de delações que envolvem Temer

Próxima denúncia de Rodrigo Janot contra Temer deve ter depoimentos de ex-presidente da Câmara e de operador do PMDB. Eles dizem que estavam em silêncio enquanto recebiam dinheiro da JBS.

OMG, Jonathan Groff Gave Us A Small Update On What's Going On With "Frozen 2"

An update about the upcoming sequel, in what feels like the first time in forever.

Vamos jogar jokenpô?

Pedra, papel ou tesoura?

Lula diz que não quer morrer enquanto a Globo não lhe pedir desculpas

Em entrevista à Rádio Arapuan, de Campina Grande, o ex-presidente falou que os procuradores da Lava Jato estão "numa encalacrada" e que Michel Temer "é uma margem de erro".

What Do Dogs Do Alone?

A 360 look at what your pup gets up to when you’re not home.

CNN Is Standing By Its Controversial Reddit User Story

CNN executives thought they were showing restraint by not identifying Reddit user HanAssholeSolo. But a strange contingency line has set off the pro-Trump social internet.

Venezuelan Lawmakers Left Bloodied After Government Supporters Stormed Congress

“We are living through a coup d’etat that is trying to reinstate a dictatorship,” opposition lawmaker Miguel Pizarro wrote to BuzzFeed News.

Here’s How Much Money B-List Celebs Made Sponsoring This Bogus Food Intolerance Test On Instagram

How do you persuade B-list celebrities to plug your scientifically bogus food intolerance test on Instagram? Former employees at Pinnertest say it involves buying social media followers and paying stars thousands of dollars.

Can You Get Through This Post Without Spending $50?

A hairy swimsuit, Himalayan salt shot glasses, and cube-shaped fidget spinners. How far can *you* get without buying something?

This Bridesmaid Staged A Whole Photo Shoot In Her Dress From 1995 And It's So '90s It Hurts

"What do you mean sorry about the dresses? I wear mine all the time."

31 Celeb Moments From "Ellen" That Are Impossible To Not Laugh At

I can't hear "whirlpool" without hearing Cynthia Nixon's voice.

Did This All Really Start With The Zapatistas?

Zeynep Tufekci, author of Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest talks about how social media has shaped modern protest movements, censorship and surveillance—plus whether Mark Zuckerberg should run for office, and why activists always hang out at McDonalds.

Which "Chopped" Judge Are You?

And for that reason, we had to chop you today...

12 museus do Brasil que são lindos demais por dentro e por fora

Não precisa de passaporte para conhecer essas belezas.

Women In VR Really Hope Their Industry Can Avoid Becoming Just Another Sleazy Tech Story

After a series of sexism and sexual harassment scandals, VR is vowing to do better. The industry's women are cautiously optimistic.

17 Products Under $15 That'll Make Cooking So Much Easier

Need I remind you that ANYONE CAN COOK? The products in this post were updated in August 2018.

The Cast Of "Game Of Thrones" On The Show Vs. In Real Life

There....are a lot of people in this show.

Uber And Lyft Are Back In Austin, And Drivers Say It’s Hurting Their Wallets

After a year away, Uber and Lyft are back in Austin, bringing lower prices and competition for riders with them.

Hylophobia Is A Very Real Thing And You Definitely Have It

There's a reason that bodies are always found in the woods.

27 Inexpensive "No Reason" Gifts Just To Show You Care

Because you're an amazing friend, dammit. (Updated March 19, 2018.)

17 Películas en Netflix para llorar haciéndote bolita

Prepara los pañuelos porque vas a derramar lágrimas al máximo.

Here's How Your Favorite Celebrities Spent The Fourth Of July

Miley Cyrus had a ~Party in the USA~, Mariah Carey posed with a flag, and more!

People Are Freaking Out About This Photo That Might Show That Amelia Earhart Survived Her Crash

The History Channel has found a photo that some experts say shows the female pilot alive on a Pacific island controlled by the Imperial Japanese Army.

Por que a decisão da igreja dos mórmons de permitir que suas funcionárias usem calças é importante

Além disso, as mulheres que trabalham na Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias nos EUA passaram a ter direito a uma licença-maternidade de seis semanas.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a cordless drill set, women's underwear, and dumbbells — plus Prime Day lead-up deals and more!

Dieses Hotel versteigert eine Trump-Suite und die ist leider unfassbar hässlich

Wer immer die Idee hatte, war klug: ein Hamburger Hotel bietet pünktlich zu G20 die "Donald Trump Suite" auf eBay an. Die ist grausig eingerichtet, aber für einen guten Zweck.

Este cara narrou o bafômetro do seu motorista de Uber como se fosse uma partida de futebol

O passageiro pareceu torcedor de futebol comemorando um gol importante de seu time.

How Obsessed With "Love Island" Are You?

Have you cancelled plans just so could watch it?

25 coisas que aconteceram em "Friends" e que nos deixaram putos

Sinceramente, todo o relacionamento da Rachel e do Joey.

You Can't Watch TV If You Get Less Than 14/17 On This Quiz

Seriously, we take away your TV if you don't pass.

The Most Annoyingly Addictive Capital City Quiz You'll Ever Take

Nothing less than a perfect score will do.

It's 95 Degrees. Here's How To Stay Cute.

Your Another Round friends are here to help you take over summer '17!

21 Tweets About Cats That Will Cleanse Your Soul

Our love for them is almost as strong as their ambivalence towards us.

This Is Probably The Twitter Account Of Melania Trump's Lawyer

Charles Harder, the lawyer who brought down Gawker, appears to have a little-followed Twitter account where he once discussed how he’d deal with cyberbullies and media organizations on behalf of his client, the first lady.

This Baked Alaska Is The Ultimate Dessert

Ice cream cake with a meringue top? Is this real?

¿Qué porcentaje de Minion eres?

Porque todos llevamos a un pequeño monstruo amarillo muy dentro.

Wie durchschnittlich ist dein Humor?

"Guten Tag, mein Name ist Lohse, ich kaufe hier ein".

Here's Why Thousands Of People Are Calling On Zara And H&M To Drop Some Of Their Suppliers

A report by the Changing Markets Foundation claimed that factories in Asia supplying some of the UK's biggest brands were linked to "devastating air and water pollution".

Only A True '90s Kid Will Pass This Cartoon Trivia Quiz

Put those thousands of hours you spent watching TV as a kid to good use.

24 Must-Haves For People Who Pretty Much Spend Their Lives In The Bathroom

Now you'll never have to leave again. The products in this post were updated in October 2017.

Esta moça tirou uma jiboia da rodovia com as mãos e ainda posou para fotos

As definições de mulherão da porra foram atualizadas.

This Is Why Not Everyone In Scotland Thinks Free Uni Tuition Is A Great Thing

Jeremy Corbyn has reignited the debate about free tuition in England, but the policy isn't without its problems north of the border.

How Middle-Class Is Your Kitchen?

Are your cupboards full of quinoa?

Diese News über kostenlose Führerscheine für Flüchtlinge ist fake aber sehr erfolgreich

Neues aus der Kategorie: Glaub nicht alles, nur weil es im Internet steht.

40 problemas que toda garota com cabelo grosso e com volume já passou

Um monte de cabelo vai parar na sua bunda durante o banho.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at American Eagle, Look Human, Missguided, and more!

European Officials Are Worried Trump Will Make A Big "Paris-Style" Announcement On Trade After The G20

After his last visit to Europe in May, the president pulled the US out of the Paris climate agreement. Now European negotiators fear he's planning a similar move on trade after this trip.

La nueva película de Netflix está convirtiendo a la gente en vegetariana

Okja crea conciencia sobre la industria alimentaria y el trato a los animales.

11 Fakten zu G20, die dich ratlos zurücklassen

Wir haben Zahlen zum Mega-Gipfel recherchiert, die niemand braucht, aber jeder weitererzählen wird.

O São João produziu um Harry Potter brasileiro e foi maravilhoso

Pelo amor de Deus, não façam isso em casa.

17 Easy July 4th Recipes That Are Borderline Genius

Easy and patriotic, but make it tasty.

Go On A Sugar Spree And We'll Guess Your Age And Location

Your sweet tooth will reveal the truth!

15 Legitimately Cute Shoes For Ladies With Big Feet

Featuring zero kitten heels, promise.

25 BuzzFeed Post Ideas That My Parents Came Up With

"Recipes These Days Have Too Many Ingredients."

Quantos % de cada Casa de Hogwarts você é?

Não há nada em sua cabeça que este teste do Chapéu Seletor não possa ver.

The Government's Housing Minister Broke Down When Talking About Grenfell Survivors

"Hearing the experiences of the survivors has been one of the most humbling and moving experience of my life," Alok Sharma told the House of Commons.

This Is Why Avocado Toast Is Highly Overrated

"I'm not gonna get a boner over it," said Anthony Bourdain, who is 100% correct.

24 Amazing Hair Products That Really And Truly Work

Products to get your 'do done right. The products in this post were updated in July 2018.

17 faits sur la nourriture qui devraient mettre tout le monde d'accord

Le Coca est TOUJOURS meilleur quand il sort d'une bouteille en verre.

So trieb der Vergewaltigungs-Vorwurf gegen einen einflussreichen Mann eine Studentin in den Selbstmord

Die Studentin dachte, sie würde das Richtige tun. Nur kurze Zeit später beging sie Selbstmord.

If Ryan Gosling Had A Twin It Would 100% Be This Guy

Meet your chance to kind of marry Ryan Gosling.

L'élève qui a fait un hors-sujet sur l'homophobie en Tchétchénie pour son bac d'histoire a eu 2/20

Faustin avait tout misé sur la géo mais c'est l'histoire qui est tombé. Du coup, l'élève de Laval a pris l'initiative de faire un hors sujet et d'écrire sur les exactions homophobes en Tchétchénie. Faustin a eu 2/20.

21 Photos That Prove You Should Never Fuck With Scottish People

"Just been at the airport to meet my boyfriend with the two other girls he was seeing."

Jeremy Corbyn Says The Government Is Exploiting Public Sector Workers

The Labour leader said Theresa May is "recklessly exploiting the goodwill of public servants".

夜間の野外避難は危険 福岡・大分に特別警報 「これまでに経験したことのない大雨」


Which Currently Popular Song Must Go?

It's time to put the music charts to the test.

Putin Says Trump Is “Very, Very Different” IRL Than On TV

After meeting with a bunch of world leaders in Germany, including Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump's G20 trip is officially over. He returned to the White House Saturday night.

A Judge Has Ruled Against A Legal Challenge To The Government's Air Pollution Plan

The government published the draft air quality plan in May, but experts said it was "weak" and "toothless".

Dying In The Desert Is Easy — These Activists Are Trying To Change That

Last month, border patrol agents arrested four undocumented immigrants seeking medical care at an aid camp outside Tucson. Humanitarian groups who offer help to people crossing through the desert fear it was the start of a new crackdown.

It Looks Like Sophie Turner Opened Up About Her Relationship With Joe Jonas And It's Adorable

"The things I tortured myself about before, I can forget about."

26 carteles que son graciosos porque te explican cosas que ya sabes como este titular

El titular es gracioso porque te explica por qué son gracioso los carteles, pero tú ya lo sabes. ¿Entiendes?

The Person Who Killed An NYPD Officer In An Ambush Previously Posted Anti-Police Messages On Facebook

Officer Miosotis Familia, 48, was sitting with her partner in a marked police vehicle when the suspect, Alexander Bonds, fired through the window, police say, striking the officer in the head.

What Gross AF Things Did You Used To Do As A Kid?

We were all pretty gross as kids, to be fair.

19 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up A Girls' Night Out

"Delete that picture I hate it."

This Celeb Just Announced Her Pregnancy In The Cutest Damn Way

Baby number two is on the way for Sam Faiers.

Here's What It's Like To Meet Your Online Friends IRL

Online I created a persona based on the person I wanted to be. It was a better version of me; it didn’t have all the ugly bits. But I’ve since learned it’s the ugly bits that make us interesting.

Voilà pourquoi vous devriez toujours vous doucher avant d'entrer dans une piscine

Selon une étude, la plupart des adultes vont nager après avoir eu la diarrhée.

Lilly Singh Rapping As An Indian Mom About Indian Childhood And Immigration Is So Fire, I Can't

"Back in the day, there were no cookies in the tin, just sad buttons, but now we counting our blessings."

「ひとりで闘わず、今すぐ助けを」 鬱病の男性を表現した10枚の写真




Los 26 animales de Internet en las situaciones más incómodas

Si sufres la incómoda sensación de que no eres adecuado/a, prepárate para sentirte un poco mejor.

Can Someone Please Explain Why The Fuck A Side Of Bacon Is So Expensive?


Yash Raj Films Sleeps On The Nepotism Debate And Launches Raj Kapoor's Grandson With Tweets About His Lineage

"What if Yash Raj Films just goes to houses of famous actors when the first child is born and makes them sign blood contracts?"

Nada te jode tanto emocionalmente como lo hace "Toy Story"

"Aunque el tiempo pase, nuestra amistad nunca morirá".



【ランキング】Tasty Japan 6月に最も見られた動画は…


Taylor Swift Didn't Have A 4th Of July Party And Now I Have No Idea How Long Her Hair Is

What's the point of Independence Day without a Taylor Swift party?

27 Tweets That Will Make Women Piss Themselves Laughing

"If you think women are the weaker sex, try pulling the blankets back to your side."

NPR Tweeted The Declaration Of Independence And Some Trump Supporters Were Offended

"Literally no one is going to read 5,000 tweets about this trash."

News Network Apologises For Asking Facebook Followers If An Author Should Leave The Country Or "Face Her Critics"

Yassmin Abdel-Magied recently announced she was moving from Australia to the UK "to partake in the Aussie rite of passage".

ぜんぶ食べたい♪ 4種のフルーツパフェ


This Sums Up How Muslims Are Treated On TV News In 2017

"Well I am asking you to repeat them."

It's Time To Find Out Which "Skins" Generation You Belong In

Do you fit in more with Tony or Effy?

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