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July 3, 2017

16 Cosas que entenderás si ser adulto no te sale muy bien que digamos

"¿Qué? ¿La basura no desaparece sola de la nada?"

Ginny Weasley se estuvo paseando por la CDMX y los Potterheads están perdiendo la cabeza

Bonnie Wright turisteó por Coyoacán, churros incluidos.

22 Times Celebs Proved They're Just Like Us

"Was rushin' home to take a dump and got caught behind a school bus..."

Una joven con discapacidad intelectual murió en Tabasco por negligencia médica en parto

El personal que la atendió dejó la placenta dentro de la matriz de la mujer; la CNDH iniciará una demanda penal por estos hechos.

YouTube And VH1 Star Stevie Ryan Dies At 33

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office ruled her death a suicide by hanging.

17 Things You Probably Never Knew About Fireworks

Baby, you're a — ah, well, you know.

Der CDU-Generalsekretär twittert, dass Minijobber etwas Ordentliches lernen sollten und die Leute sind fassungslos

"Wenn Sie was ordentliches gelernt haben, dann brauchen Sie keine drei Minijobs."

Isso é o que Jay-Z fala sobre sua traição à Beyoncé em seu novo álbum

"I'll fuck up a good thing if you let me / Let me alone, Becky!"

What People Expect 4th Of July To Be Like Vs. What It's Actually Like

"I put my hands up, they're playing my song..."

A arte de comer coxinhas está indo a um novo patamar

Essa paixão do brasileiro ultrapassa as barreirar do salgado de padaria.



23 Little Internet Browsing Tricks That Will Make Your Life Better

Save money, increase productivity, and look at more cute dogs and cats.

This Girl Tried To Pass Myrtle Beach Off As The Bahamas And People Dragged Her Hard

Don't lie on the internet. Don't even joke on the internet.

Whose Man Is This?

Man 'o man.

Aliado de Temer, Geddel, o "Carainho", é preso por obstrução da Justiça

Segundo o Ministério Público Federal, o ex-ministro atuou para impedir a delação de Lúcio Funaro, operador do PMDB.

16 Tutoriales para hablar con chaparritos que no sabías que necesitabas en tu vida

Etiqueta a esa persona chaparrita en tu vida con la que ya podrás hablar correctamente.

15 fotos sinistras e inexplicáveis que você não quer ver de madrugada

São só vultos ou você enxerga algo a mais?

Chris Christie Was Busted Enjoying A Beach He Closed Down And By God The Internet Didn't Disappoint

"Jersey Boor"? "Son of a Beach"? "Executive Overbeach"? "Beach Bum"?

It's Time To Find Out What Your Stripper Name Is

It's about time you find out.

21 Borderline Genius Packing Tips That Will Save Space And Your Sanity

1. Pack your bags. 2. Take out half of what you packed.

Segui uma dieta e um treino baseados no meu DNA e mal pude acreditar nos resultados

"No final, não se tratava mais dos números para mim. Eu só queria ser a versão mais saudável e feliz de mim mesma."

Quão trouxa no amor você é?

Você já tentou dar um gelo na pessoa e você que sentiu falta?

É assim que vai funcionar a cota racial e para alunos de escola pública na medicina da USP

Das 175 vagas, 50 serão preenchidas por meio do Enem. É a 1ª vez que o curso, um dos mais concorridos do país, adere ao programa.

17 provas de que 2017 já merece uma retrospectiva

"13 Reasons Why", "BBB", a sala da Ana Hickman e o Chupa-Cu aconteceram neste ano!!!

Nove tipos de assédio que as mulheres sofrem nas ruas

"Você é linda, mas ficaria mais linda ainda com um sorriso no rosto!"

Do You Still Remember The Final Episode Of "How I Met Your Mother"?

Regardless of how you felt about it, only a true fan will make it through this one.

Maria Menounos Is Stepping Down From "E! News" After Having Brain Tumor Surgery

"I want to help women realize that they have to put themselves first. I wouldn't have ever known or imagined that this was going on if I hadn't seen the symptoms in my mom."

Você precisa conhecer a ativista trans e cadeirante Leandrinha Du Art

O vídeo dela que viralizou durante o final de semana é uma aula de autoestima.

First Time Sex Is NOT What You Think It's Gonna Be

In the movies, losing your virginity is a romantic fantasy filled with champagne, roses and "I love you's." The reality is a little bit different. Peeps this vid to find out how things ACTUALLY go down.

A Gretchen foi a brasileira que mais trabalhou neste final de semana

Enquanto você estava vendo série, ela estrelou um vídeo promocional do Netflix e um clipe da Katy Perry!

18 Memes de mapaches que harán mucho mejor tu día

No hay lunes que no se arregle con un mapache.

181 Of The Tower Block Samples Tested So Far Have Failed Safety Tests

Communities secretary Sajid Javid says all of the cladding samples submitted for fire safety tests have failed.

Build A 4th Of July BBQ And We'll Guess How Old You Are

Okay kids, who wants a hot dog and who wants a hamburger?

40 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A raunchy AF coloring book, a floral sundress, and 38 other favorite products from our recent posts.

16 lebensverändernde Stopps, die alle Harry Potter-Fans in Schottland einlegen müssen

Kannst du dich wirklich als Fan bezeichnen, wenn du niemals Dumbledores Grab besucht hast?

26 Wrong Number Texts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

"Just a lady cave and an awkward text."

O quanto você é uma pessoa OGRA para comer?

"Serve duas pessoas", FAZ-ME RIR!

Haha! Donald Trump hat für G20 kein Hotel gefunden

Er ist der wichtigste Mann der Welt. Er kommt zum Treffen der 20 wichtigsten Länder der Welt. Und er hat ein Problem: Donald Trump hat für G20 kein Hotel gefunden.

Women Try An "Anti-Cellulite Cup"

"What the hell is this?"

21 Dinge, die dich zu Tode ängstigen werden

Hast du Angst vor Spinnen? Dann klick besser nicht hier drauf.

How Bobby Shmurda Got Busted With Help From Silicon Valley

"I believe it's the first time a Palantir-related case has been reported by TMZ."

Tell Us Your Disney Song Preferences And We'll Guess Your Exact Age

A tale as quiz as old as time, answer as old as rhyme, you taking this quiz.

This Mild-Mannered Accountant Is Challenging Turkey’s Erdogan

“Turkey has to find an exit from this authoritarianism,” said the country's main opposition leader, who has been leading a march for justice from Ankara to Istanbul.

21 Fragen, die homosexuelle an heterosexuelle Menschen haben

Was sagen deine Eltern zu deinem Lebensstil?

43 Things That Would Happen If I Went On "Love Island"

My introduction video would feature me wearing a slightly bobbly Speedo swimsuit, a swim cap, and goggles.

21 Piss-Funny Scottish Tweets That Will Make You Feel Better About 2017

"This cat is not for sale, she is 18 and has decided she wants to live in the window."

15 Really Obvious Ways To Tell If Someone Is A Millennial Parent

The Snapchat filters look way better on your kids.

21 Ways To Make Your Mess Of A Garage So Much Better

Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor would be so proud.

Which Spice Girl Are You?

All you have to do is answer a few questions about the Spice Girls!

The Parents Of A College Student Who Killed Herself After Reporting She Was Raped Have Filed A Wrongful Death Suit

A lawsuit accuses law enforcement and university officials of failing to give Megan Rondini, the subject of a BuzzFeed News story, the help she needed after she reported being assaulted by a wealthy man in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Only A Real Adult Can Get 11/14 On This Quiz

Are you an adult or just two kids stacked on top of each other in a trench coat?

O elenco de "The Walking Dead" na série x na vida real

Felizmente, ninguém está sujo de sangue na vida real.

How Do You Deal With Boob Sweat?

Ah boob sweat, a summer staple.

24 Places To Buy Impossibly Pretty Underwear Online

Dress up your drawers. The products in this post were updated in January 2018.

Donald Trump Offered To Help A Terminally Ill Baby At The Centre Of A Legal Battle

Trump has offered to help Charlie Gard if he can, but a series of judges have agreed with specialist doctors' assessments that the baby has no chance of survival.

I, An Awkward Human, Tried Vlogging And It Was An Experience

Spoiler alert: I am not the next Zoella.

22 Outrageously Hipster Foods That Must Be Stopped

The hipsters have done it again.

Diese Selbstverteidigungstipps kann jede Frau nutzen

Egal ob groß oder klein, jung oder alt, sportlich oder nicht.

18 dicas de homens gays para quem faz sexo oral em um pênis

Quem tem o brinquedo é que sabe brincar.

27 choses qui vont faire le ménage pour vous

Nettoyer devrait demander moins d'effort. Ou, mieux, aucun effort.

Facebook Is Fighting A Gag Order Over Search Warrants For User Account Information

Tech companies and civil liberties groups are backing up Facebook in its challenge to a court order that bars it from notifying users about warrants for their information.

12 Fakten über Pfefferspray, die du vor deiner nächsten Demo wissen solltest

Pfefferspray ist im Krieg verboten, verstößt gegen das Tierschutzgesetz, ist offiziell eine Waffe – und trotzdem wird es von der deutschen Polizei bei vielen Demos versprüht. Auch jetzt wieder, gegen G20-Demonstranten.

24 images qui montrent toute la beauté du vitiligo

« Je cherche la beauté dans ce que beaucoup dans la société perçoivent comme imparfait.»

19 Tweets About Dating That Are Way, Way Too Real If You're Single

"Done with dating sites. I'm now focusing on pizza delivery guys because at least I know they have a job, a car, and pizza."

26 Colorful Cooking Products To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Cook with ALL the colors of the rainbow.

19 Tweets About "Love Island" That Are So Fucking Funny It Hurts

"wish love island got played in the pub like football so i could go have a pitcher at spoons and watch it x"

What Percent Leslie Knope Are You?

In Pawnee, we trust.


… denn jedes einzelne Foto bringt dich auf die Palme –VERSPROCHEN.

9 Things We've Learned About The "Fantastic Beasts" Sequel

The sequel will contain some "surprising nods" to the Harry Potter series.

Pues este es el aspecto que tienen los bebés flamencos

¿Es adorable? ¿Es raro? Ni idea.

120 Nail Art Ideas To Inspire You

"If you a fly gal, get your nails done."

Here's How Britain's Authorities Are Trying To Tackle The Threat From Far-Right Extremists

Far-right extremists now make up a third of all referrals to a major government anti-radicalisation programme, but many in Britain still see terrorism as "a Muslim problem".



Ce mec s'est un peu tapé la honte à cause de la carte Snapchat (mais c'était drôle)

La nouvelle fonctionnalité de Snapchat a un certain sens de l'humour.

Three Big Things To Know To Start Your Day

President Trump tweeted an edited wrestling video of himself beating up the CNN logo, a clip that circulated in a Reddit channel a few days prior. Anti-abortion groups are drafting nearly identical bills across the US to "educate" the public and exhaust the opposition. And we bring you a sampling of the expansive world of (legal) online streaming.

What Clothing Tips Should Every Short Girl Know About Immediately?

Because buying clothes when you're short isn't easy.

15 Hilarious Tweets About People Dealing With GST

"I can't CA a single person who'd explain GST to me."

Das hier sind die saftigsten, klebrigsten und überhaupt besten Brownies der Welt

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

Here Are The Challenges Asian Muslim Women Face In Political Life

A new report urges political parties to sign up to a code to stop Muslim women being locked out of public life because of patriarchal clan politics.

G20: Was sich gestern in Hamburg abspielte, ist peinlich - und gefährlich

Gerichte haben entschieden: Das Protestcamp in Entenwerder darf aufgebaut werden. Die Hamburger Polizei sah das anders.



あざやかグリーン♪ チーズ入りえだまめコロッケ


A Mother Has Described The Night Her Daughter Was Allegedly Gang-Raped

"[Her daughter] said: 'Yes Mum, just come and get me as soon as you can'," the mother told the court.

This Dude Pointed Out Some Super Striking Similarities Between "Jagga Jasoos" And "Tintin"

Yeah, I know. It's a strange comparison, but hear me out.

The Chancellor Has Urged Tories To "Hold Our Nerve" On The Public Pay Cap, Despite Cabinet Splits

Philip Hammond said although people were "weary" of austerity, now was not the time for the government to take "their foot off the pedal".

36 cosas diminutas que molestan muchísimo a las personas ordenadas

Advertencia: Esta publicación contiene agresión pasiva intensa.

Teens In Victoria Start Watching Porn Pretty Young

Almost 70% of males surveyed had started watching porn by age 13.

Which Of These 28 Shows Must Go?

The best of the best.

These Astounding Photos Of The Outback Show There's So Much More To Australia Than Sydney And Melbourne

Northern Territory photographer Matt Wright has taken his helicopter deep into the Outback to show us how incredibly breathtaking Australia is.

The 100 Funniest Tweets Of 2017 So Far

A whole lotta LOLs, and there's still half a year to go.

Only An Australian Could Get 12/15 On This Snack Quiz

Warning: This'll make you hungry af.

Women's Wrestling Is Going Through A Moment Right Now

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) showcased every female superstar it could last week – and for good reason.



A 28-Year-Old Man Has Been Charged With Killing A Teen In A Road Rage Shooting

A four-day, multi-state manhunt concluded Sunday when David Andrew Desper turned himself in for allegedly shooting 18-year-old Bianca Roberson in the head during a road rage incident.

The Interns For Jobs Numbers Are A Total Dog's Breakfast

Employment minister Michaelia Cash said the government has had 1,200 young people "go through" the program. In fact, that just happens to be how many jobs had been advertised.

自民党の歴史的大敗 新聞各紙はどう報じたのか


Add 12 Clothing Items To Your Closet And We'll Tell You Which "Sex And The City" Character You're Most Like

I couldn't help but wonder...did I really need a BuzzFeed quiz to tell me this?

Chris Christie Spent The Day At An Empty Beach After He Closed It To The Public

The New Jersey governor spent Sunday lounging at the shore after shutting down many of the state's beaches and parks during a budget fight.



Show Us The Most Perfectly Timed Photo You've Ever Taken

God bless the iPhone's quick shutter speed.

Apple Watchの最高の待ち受け画面を発見した


If You've Eaten 20/28 Of These Foods Then You're A True Texan

From queso to barbacoa and Big Red soda!

Looks Like Katy Perry Has No Idea How To Eat A Meat Pie

Next thing you know she'll be eating fairy bread with a knife and fork.

29 Tweets About Pizza That Will Make You Say "Honestly Same"

Honestly still not sure if pineapple belongs on pizza though.

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