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July 19, 2017

This Twitter Bot Will Tell You Every Time The Trumps Unfollow Somebody On Twitter

Your new favorite way to keep track of which senior White House officials are looking at corgi pics.

Masi Oka Wants To Set The Record Straight About Those "Death Note" Comments

“I am a geek. I am an otaku,” Death Note producer Masi Oka told BuzzFeed News. “I grew up on this, so I got into producing so I could protect that.”

The "Game Of Thrones" Team Is Making A Show About Slavery And People Have Some Feelings

"I'm lowkey already triggered by a show about slavery never ending and the pilot hasn't even aired yet." (UPDATE: The creative team behind the show has responded.)

These Are The Top Tweets From The 25 Most Followed People On Twitter

See if you're on the list! (Just're not.)

Here's What 43 Of R. Kelly's Former Collaborators Said When Asked If They'd Work With Him Again

After BuzzFeed News reported that parents told police Kelly has been holding several women against their will, we reached out to some of his former collaborators.

Boots Says Dropping The Price Of The Morning-After Pill Would "Incentivise Inappropriate Use"

The high street chemist charges £28.25 for the emergency contraceptive drug Levonelle, while similar retailer Superdrug charges £13.49.

17 Cosas que entenderás si ir a la playa es lo peor que te puede pasar en la vida

Sudor y arena al máximo, por todos lados, todo el tiempo.

Here’s A Hotline For Sharing Stories Of Harassment In Tech

For every story that makes the news, many stories go untold. We want to hear them.

Answer These Questions About Sex, And We'll Tell You Which "Game Of Thrones" House You Belong To

Hey baby, are you in House Tyrell? Cause you've got me "growing strong."

¿Que hijo Stark eres?

Eres todo un honor.

A Top Democrat Investigating Russia Has Been Absent From Congress For Nearly Two Months After Surgery

Rep. Elijah Cummings had "minimally invasive" heart surgery in late May and was expected to leave the hospital within a "few days," but hasn't voted since. Staff say Cummings has been in touch regularly while at home doing physical therapy, but would not say when he will return.

15 Cosas que seguramente no sabías de Jodie Whittaker, la nueva Doctor Who

Se graduó con honores de la carrera de actuación y salió en la primera temporada de Black Mirror.

朝ごはんに♪ 4種のアボカドカップ


We Skinned The Acne Off Our Backs

"It's like someone is gently skinning me alive."

Repealing Obamacare Without A Replacement Would Lead To 32 Million More Uninsured, CBO Says

The individual markets would be thrown into turmoil — with premiums doubling and insurers fleeing the markets — if Republicans repeal Obamacare without a replacement plan, according to a new Congressional Budget Office report.

Acusação de uso de jatos d'água contra morador de rua desata onda de críticas contra Doria

Funcionários terceirizados teriam molhado pertences de moradores de rua na praça da Sé, segundo reportagem da CBN. O prefeito negou que o episódio tenha ocorrido: "Não houve jato d'água em ninguém, houve uma interpretação de uma rádio."

Thai Basil Peanut Pesto

OMG! Is this real life?

Ed Sheeran Says The "Game Of Thrones" Backlash Was Not The Reason He Quit Twitter

There has been more ~drama~ around that cameo than on the actual episode of the show.

The US Is Furious Turkey Published Location Of US Troops In Syria

A senior State Department official tells BuzzFeed News that the US has raised “strong concerns” to senior Turkish officials after a report details the location and numbers of US troops in Syria.

Tennis Authorities Say Three Wimbledon Matches Aroused Suspicions

Official concerns about tennis's most famous tournament are rare.

This Is What Your Summer Will ACTUALLY Be Like

Sun, sun go away, come again some other day.

28 WTF Pictures From Vladimir Putin's Crazy Life

He's a judo master, deep sea diver, and tamer of wild beasts — you can't make this shit up.

What Kind Of Bagel Are You?

Life's most hard-hitting question.

Another Victim Of "Killer Clown" Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy Has Been Identified

James “Jimmie” Byron Haakenson called his mother in August 1976 to tell her he was in Chicago. He was never seen or heard from again.



18 Memes que te revelarán qué tipo de persona eres

A ver, ¿qué pancito dulce eres?



17 dicas de quem superou um pé na bunda para você sair da bad

Valendo jogar LoL, dormir abraçando o cachorro, ou se permitir tudo o que você não fazia no relacionamento.

These State Attorneys Are Demanding Betsy DeVos Keep Campus Rape Rules In Place

Democratic state attorneys sent the letter days after the education secretary signaled she was open to rolling back Obama-era directives on how schools handle sexual assault reports. "That's simply un-American,” one said.

Can You Spend Under $7.82 On This Vending Machine?

Candy: The dinner of champions.

29 Albums Only Gays Know Were Years Ahead Of Their Time

Gays meaning --> people with taste.

The Suspension Of A College Student For A Viral Tweet Has Been Lifted

Nick Lutz graded and annotated an apology letter his ex sent him, then tweeted it. It went viral. After his university suspended him, Lutz appealed the decision.

Video Appears To Show Police Planting Drugs At A Crime Scene

The charges against the defendant have since been dropped.

Valentina, de Rupaul’s Drag Race, es la nueva imagen de la campaña de un diseñador mexicano

Es la primera vez que sucede una colaboración de este tipo y la gente no puede de la emoción.

House Republicans Might Be Screwed If The Senate Can’t Repeal Obamacare

“At this point, we’re a little incompetent."

I Feel Weird After Looking At Liam Payne's Abs

*Plays Hoku's "How Do I Feel" on repeat*

It’s Time For Democrats To Stop Defending Obamacare And Start Replacing It

The Affordable Care Act will not be killed off from the right. But Democrats should accept that the time has come for universal health care.

37 Fotos tan satisfactorias que te harán feliz

Respira profundamente. Aquí vamos.

Here Are Some Of The Best Deals On Electronics Right Now

Unearthed via intense internet scouring.

"Game Of Thrones" Director Is Surprised By The Ed Sheeran Cameo Backlash

TBH, this scene has probably had more backlash than the Red Wedding.

Si hiciste aunque sea 10 de estas 24 cosas, sin duda usaste brackets

Las ligas de colores nunca compensaron el dolor de las aftas.

What's The Coolest Gadget You've Ever Bought?

The time has come to tell us all about your favorite gadget EVER.

Junot Díaz Has Written A Picture Book

The Pulitzer Prize–winning author has written a children's book about Dominican girls in the Bronx that will be released in March 2018.

Qual Homem-Aranha é você?

Descubra se no fundo você é um Tobey, um Andrew ou um Tom.

Here's What We Know And Don't Know About The Mysterious Police Shooting Of An Australian Bride-To-Be

Minneapolis officials have left several questions unanswered about why Justine Damond was fatally shot by an officer after calling 911 to report a possible sexual assault.

Após condenação, Moro bloqueia R$ 606 mil de Lula

Ordem é um desdobramento do processo que condenou o ex-presidente no episódio do tríplex do Guarujá.

What Are The Best Sandals For People With Flat Feet?

If you have flat feet, we want to know about the most comfortable pair of sandals you own!

This Is How Much Plastic Humans Have Made – And How Much We've Thrown Out

A new study reveals that humans have produced over 8,300 million tonnes of plastic since 1950, and thrown out over 6,300 million tonnes.

There's A Historical Drama About Gender And Race, And It's Not "The Beguiled"

Lady Macbeth shows how the costume drama can expand beyond whiteness.

Why I Can’t Quit The Chainsmokers

My body doesn’t seem to care if the pop duo are robots trying to convince us they're human, or just garden-variety idiots — it still wants their music, which (for better or worse) is everywhere.

Desmentimos 12 mitos comuns sobre como preparar macarrão

Vamos parar de jogar macarrão na parede, por favor.

Todo México está tuiteando #AyudanDog para ayudar a los perros… pero de Colombia

¿Podemos hacer lo mismo para los albergues mexicanos?

30 Stylish Bathing Suits You Can Get On Sale Now

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

New Report: About A Third Of Democratic State Party Staffers Are Minorities

But, according to the new report from advocacy firm Inclusv, almost 40% of the staffers of color came from either Florida, California, Ohio, North Carolina, or Virginia.

Colleges All Across The US Are Closing At An Accelerated Rate

Many more closures may be yet to come.

The Woman Who Steals Every Scene In “Girls Trip”

With Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish is making sure she's someone audiences won't forget.

What's The One Thing You Always Carry In Your Bag?

Tell us your favorite thing that you ~a l w a y s~ have with you!

Quantas destas coisas você ODEIA?

Menos amor, por favor.

Republicans Quietly Killed An Effort To Change How The US Fights Terrorism

Just a few weeks after progressive Rep. Barbara Lee convinced Republicans to repeal the 2001 legal basis for the war on terror and debate a new one, her amendment was stripped from a House bill without a vote.

21 Things Gingers And Redheads Are Fucking Sick And Tired Of

Yes, it's true. We don't have souls *eyeroll* H/T Ginger Problems

This Is How That Second Putin–Trump Meeting Really Went Down

Informal chats between world leaders are normal. Long informal chats between world leaders aren’t.

17 Questions That Will Make You Say, "Huh. Good Question."

If a bar of soap falls on the floor, does it clean the floor, or does the soap get dirty?

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on a tankini set, nonstick pan, mini speaker, and more!

La nueva película de Guillermo del Toro te llegará justo al corazón

The Shape of Water es una historia de amor que sólo el director mexicano podría contar.

This Tory Minister Says It's Fair For Students To Pay £9,250 A Year To Go To University

Jo Johnson told BuzzFeed News that Jeremy Corbyn's plan to abolish tuition fees "breaches every single aspect of fairness".

As Banks Make Huge Profits From Higher Interest Rates, Savers Earn Pennies

Banks are hiking up the rates they charge customers for loans and credit cards, but haven't kept pace raising interest rates paid on savings.

How Documentaries Can Make Climate Believers Out Of Christians

Religious leaders and documentary filmmakers are preaching the same sermon about the environment, connecting glaciers in Greenland to clean air in Atlanta in order to convert the unconverted.

The Scottish And Welsh Governments Are Formally Challenging The DUP Deal

The £1 billion of funding given to the DUP to support the Conservatives has started yet another clash between the governments of the UK.

18 Hilarious Posts That Show The Highs And Lows Of Being A Teacher

"Some kid in my English class goes by the name squash and my teacher done fucked up and called him zucchini."

Quão cafona você é nos relacionamentos?

Você fala com voz de nenê?

This Social Media Star Is Making His Street A "Living Hell" For His Neighbors

"I feel bad for them... There's nothing we can do though."

25 Practical Sandals That Are (Shockingly) Not Hideous

Give those throbbing trotters a rest.

Contesta estas 18 preguntas y te diremos tu IQ en cultura pop

¿Eres un genio al que Pati Chapoy recurriría para los chismes o ni siquiera te acuerdas qué eran las "Eres"?

Acompanhe esta treta na qual um boneco dos Vingadores fez duas adultas brigarem e uma criança chorar

Inclui: "E se ele ficar doente?". "Filho é que nem peido, eu só preciso aguentar o que sai de mim".

21 Reasons British People Are Actually Fucking Terrifying

We might be polite but we can still fuck you up.

Ach du Scheiße, Köln!

"Wenn dein Auto plötzlich das Schwimmabzeichen Seepferdchen hat ..."

It Seems The Videos Of A Weird Thing Appearing In The Cornwall Skies Were A PR Stunt

UPDATED: Boo. The least fun answer – it appears to be a PR stunt by the Eden Project.

Faça este teste vocacional e diremos qual hobby mais combina com você

É muito importante ter algo para descansar a cabeça.

What Kind Of Snob Are You?

It's a good thing.

The Trump Administration Says It Will Allow More Property Seizures Without Criminal Charges

The new policy expands federal reach into asset forfeitures from people suspected of illegal activity.

People Are Amazed By This 5-Year-Old Who Is A Photographer

"But my grown ass mates are taking blurry pics of me on common iPhone."

19 People Who Are So Savage It's Hilarious

"We just stole David Duchcovny's cab while he was taking a selfie with someone."

Can You Turn Yourself From Loser To Prom Queen In Just Six Weeks?

"Give her the right look, the right boyfriend, and bam! In six weeks, she's being named prom queen."

The Council That Owns Grenfell Tower Made Millions In Affordable Housing Deals But Didn't Build Many Houses

The council has built 336 affordable homes since 2011-12 – despite an annual target of 200.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Trump’s “Election Integrity” Commission

Widespread voter fraud isn’t real, but Trump’s commission is. It convened for the first time on Wednesday.

The "Life With Derek" Cast Then Vs. Now

"This is life with Lizzie, Edwin, George, Nora, Marti, and Casey."

PMDB ameaça expulsar quem votar contra Temer, mas não pune seus presos

Sigla fechou questão para punir quem for favorável ao andamento da denúncia contra Michel Temer, mas seus filiados presos – como Eduardo Cunha, Sérgio Cabral e Henrique Eduardo Alves – seguem sem punição.

7 Life-Changing Beauty Products You Need To Try ASAP

Tried, tested, and loved by BuzzFeed editors and writers!

Auf Twitter zeigen New Yorker Fotos von ihrem Sommer der Hölle

"5 Stationen nacheinander, an denen keiner mehr in die Bahn gepasst hat"

Impressionnez vos enfants avec ces biscuits aquarium!

Ils sont presque trop beaux pour être mangés.

32 Funny Tweets 100% Guaranteed To Make British People Laugh

"Are you even British if you don't say 'let me come in your suitcase' when anyone you know is off on holiday?"

It's Karantly Saif To Say Apologising Is Dhawan Place Where These Men Ranaut Of Ideas

If Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan, and Saif Ali Khan's IIFA joke didn't convince you they're dumb, these apologies will.

Unimos o pão de queijo com o misto quente em um lanche só

É só colocar tudo na sanduicheira e esperar a luz verde ascender!

Mecker nicht, mach Brezel mit 'ner Wurst drin und fertig

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

Só um verdadeiro cinéfilo vai acertar mais de 8 perguntas deste teste

Você se lembra qual ator estava em todos esses filmes?

People On Twitter Are Freaking Out About This Life-Changing Corn Hack

We've been struggling with teeth for no reason all this time.

12 graphiques à garder en tête pour vos barbecues cet été

La saison des barbecues est définitivement ouverte!

This Shocking Video Appears To Show Baltimore Police Planting Drugs At A Crime Scene

The defendant charged in the case involving the drugs shown in the video was scheduled to go to trial this week. The case has been dropped.

17 Bilder, die alle wiedererkennen werden, die in den 00ern Make-up benutzt haben

Hallooooo... Strassteine auf den Zähnen. Das waren noch Zeiten!

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at BaubleBar, Tarte Cosmetics, Boohoo, and more!

Emma Watson Has Lost A Family Heirloom And Is Begging Fans To Help

She's lost a ring she's worn every day since her mother gave it to her on her 18th birthday.

Kylie Jenner Revealed Her Wax Figure And It's Creepily Accurate

Madame Tussauds, you have outdone yourself.

19 Tattoos For Secret Mermaids

Watery perfection.

If You've Eaten 47/66 Of These Snacks, You Definitely Grew Up In Britain

Are you even British if you've never eaten a Flump?

外国人男性急死で問われる日本の「身体拘束」 世界と大きく隔たる現状とは?


17 Weird Scottish Quirks That Make Americans Say "What The Fuck?"

"Tonight I ordered a cheeseburger and a burger filled with cheese deep-fried in batter arrived. What is Scotland?"

Le détail qui vous a certainement échappé lors du dernier épisode de «Game of Thrones»

Le détail que vous n'avez pas vu... sauf si vous avez mis l'épisode en pause au bon moment et pris le temps de déchiffrer ce qui est écrit dans le livre de Sam.

Get Your Daily Brief On News And Culture

Listen to Reporting to You, a new mini daily news show!

Here Are The Most Excruciating Facts For The BBC In The Stars' Salaries They've Had To Publish

Chris Evans has been revealed as the highest-paid BBC star, earning nearly £2.25 million in the last year.

Answer These Random Questions And We'll Tell You What Ice Lolly You Are

Are you absolutely Fab, or a bit of a Twister?

Flash Briefing For July 19, 2017

The Republican plan to repeal Obamacare is dead, an American PhD student has been sentenced to prison in Iran, and there's a new 2017 version of the "Thong Song."

Seuls les vrais pros de la mythologie grecque auront plus de 10/15 à ce test

Un test aussi facile qu'une ascension du Mont Olympe.



La Vuelta Ciclista quita los besos de las azafatas y hay un montón de hombres llorando

"Esto está llegando a un punto que no comprendo", un señor.

«Macron Affame les migrants»: des activistes dénoncent la politique migratoire du gouvernement

Un collectif a déployé mercredi matin une grande banderole sur le pont des arts près du Louvre à Paris pour protester contre la politique migratoire menée par le gouvernement. Ils dénoncent «un double discours».

11 Low-Budget Products That Will Make Nurses Say "That's Genius"

Including a hard-working hand cream that will nourish constantly washed hands.

日本の精神科病院で外国人男性が急死 身体拘束の影響か


「警備ロボット」が自殺した Twitterの人々はSF的な未来を想った


This Travel Firm Was Forced To Backtrack After Trying To Turn Away Customers Who Weren’t British Or Irish

Love Holidays recently changed the terms on its website to say that those who booked holidays with the company must hold a British or Irish passport, but rowed back on the changes following questions from BuzzFeed News to the association of travel agents.

たくさんの労働者を救った「ラジウム・ガールズ」 その忘れられた物語


バター香る♪ 炊飯器で作るとうもろこしごはん


Shop At Zara And We'll Tell You Where You'll Meet Your Soulmate

Because love is beautiful when it's unexpected.

This Manus Detainee Will Donate His Government Compensation To Charity

"The Australians who did not even know us but instead of ignoring us they chose to support us with whatever they had and they could."

Rebecca Maher's Family Are Still Calling For Answers One Year After Her Death In Custody

Rebecca Maher was 36, Aboriginal, and had committed no crime.

Google Wants You To Spend A Lot More Time In Its App

Google's "feed" will now have trending news topics, a follow button, and more machine learning integration.

Political Journalist Sends Legal Letter To Mark Latham Over A Quote Tweet

It's the latest action taken against the former Labor leader-turned-YouTuber.

Here’s How Legal Experts Say The Grenfell Inquiry Can Avoid Becoming A Whitewash

Survivors and victims’ groups have expressed concern that the inquiry into the deadly blaze could become a whitewash. BuzzFeed News spoke to three barristers who have acted in similar-scale inquiries to find out how that can be stopped.

A Republican Senator Told His Muslim Opponent To "Hang In There" After She Came Under Attack

"Sorry you have to put up with this. Lots of wonderful people across AZ. You'll find them."

New Orleans Is Not Warning Residents About Possible Lead Exposure, Says A Scathing New Report

Construction projects could be exposing New Orleans residents to lead in their water, the city inspector general has found. It’s only the latest of several reports documenting failings of the city’s water monitor.

This Senator’s Same-Sex Marriage Solution Is A Non-Compulsory Postal Plebiscite

"For some [politicians], they hold it very near and dear. So near and dear that I think that they would vote on the basis of their own interests and not necessarily on the interests of their constituents."

Aboriginal Communities Continue Treaty Calls Following Referendum Council Report

"You've got to have a rallying point. Aboriginal people don't have a maypole, we are just dancing in the wind."

Airbnb, Uber, And Ola Are Considering Using India’s Creepy National ID Database

Using the system would let the companies easily validate the identities of drivers and users. But experts say that the system isn’t foolproof, and has serious privacy risks.

Only A True "Mean Girls" Fan Can Match 8/11 Of These Burn Book Descriptions To Their Character

Every female student at North Shore High School is in the Burn Book except Cady, Gretchen, and Karen.

A Fake Antifa Member Trolled A Fox News Host, And The President May Have Watched It

The host of Watters' World thought he was interviewing the leader of a radical anti-fascist group, but he was speaking to a known, self-identified troll.



13 Indigenous Musicians To Add To Your Playlist

From catchy beats to powerful messages.

33 Problems You Go Through If You Love Makeup But Also Kinda Suck At It

Oh, how I wish I could beat my face like a REAL makeup blogger.

Shave Your Legs And We'll Tell You What Color Your Aura Is

Because you know you've waited a little too long.

NSW Labor Will Debate Gay Conversion Therapy Policy At Its Conference

"There are still some dinosaurs hanging around who don’t represent the majority of what Labor members think."

The Long History Of The Greens Trying To Change Dual Citizenship Laws

In a stunning coincidence, the biggest winner of the Greens' epic stuff-up over Section 44 of the constitution is one of the men who spent years trying to change the law.

Are You Actually An Adventurous Eater?

No picky eaters allowed.

17 Fucked-Up Facts You’ve Probably Never Heard About Serial Killers

Besides the fact that, y’know, they killed people.