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What's The Coolest Gadget You've Ever Bought?

The time has come to tell us all about your favorite gadget EVER.

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But there's always little gadgets to save the day; gadgets that'll help you fix the issues that are driving you crazy.

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Seriously, I'll sneeze and my MacBook charger will fall out of the socket. The Blockhead is a nifty little solution to fix what Apple designers fucked up.

I've written a lot about small, cheap gadgets that have improved my life in one way or another.

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In fact the first post I ever wrote for BuzzFeed was about how much I fucking love my 10-foot charging cable.


Some of my favorite gadgets are ones that provide a real mild creature comfort, like my budget smart bulb.

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My smart bulb changes color temperature with the time of day. So when I go to bed, I actually FEEL more tired because my room is the color of a dim sunset.

Or a fidget cube that doesn't actually do anything other than give me those anxiety-melting clicks I need throughout the day.

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I never thought I would buy into the whole fidget craze, but here I am buying them up.

No matter how small or (seemingly) insignificant that little gadget in your life may be, we wanna hear about it!

So tell us about a gadget that has improved your life, and your submission could end up being featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!

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